It’s time to Question CNN’s fitness to be a Network When CNN’s position as a news network is tainted, the network is in trouble.

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By Lynn Woolley

The Collusion News Network had been promoting this meme for a while – that President Trump is not fit for office.

But following Mr. Trump’s rally in Phoenix, the network went full bore. Host Don Lemon – the guy who once wondered if the missing Malaysian jetliner might have disappeared through a black hole—turned his wisdom to psychiatry.

Don Lemon

Lemon said:

“Trump’s Phoenix speech is a total eclipse of the facts.”

Ana Navarro, a CNN contributor and so-called Republican tweeted:

“Only possible defensible explanation for Trump’s disgusting, unpresidential, narcissistic behavior, would be early-on-set dementia. Maybe.”

And James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence said:

“I really question his ability … Maybe he is looking for a way out.”

It’s interesting to watch a once-respected network lose its mind – and in the process, most of its audience.

Video: After the Phoenix rally – Don Lemon questions Trump’s sanity

The three cable news nets used to each occupy a specific “position.”

That is to say that when you tune into a network, you expect to see a consistency in the way it reports. The 3 nets used to be perceived this way:

FOX News: In keeping with its “fair & balanced” mantra, FOX has always had a competent, down-the-line news department that is separate from its political hosts like Sean Hannity. Sean is free to lean right while, for example, Bret Baier sticks to news and rarely presents an opinion. FOX News, by virtue of its opinion hosts leans to the right but not to the point of total absorption. Hannity is the most conservative of the lineup, and the most overtly supportive of President Trump. But even Hannity will interview people with whom he disagrees. So FOX News is the network that leans right but is fair and balanced.

Video: Ana Navarro on her anti-Trump tweet

MSNBC: Some years ago, the powers-that-be at NBC decided to adopt a radical position on this cable channel. By bringing in far left liberals like Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz, and Rachel Maddow, the network slid into a rabid style that mirrors the liberal mobs that throw rocks through windows and tear down statues. Trump-hatred has elevated MSNBC in the ratings. There is never a question as to where MSNBC host will fall on an issue. They will always be on the very far left and viewers can expect that. MSNBC is the progressive, Trump-hating network.

Video: James Clapper with Don Lemon on Trump’s fitness

CNN: Through the years, CNN carefully cultivated a reputation for having the best reporters and the best coverage. When big news broke out – like the attacks of 9/11, America would collectively tune into CNN. I tuned in too, knowing that CNN had a bigger budget to cover actual news, and a bigger stable of reporters. But when Jeff Zucker came to CNN, he wanted to be more like MSNBC – far left, and even more hating on Donald Trump. Under Zucker, CNN began to fixate on stories for ratings’ sake – like the missing jetliner, and Russian collusion, and they bring in huge panels and beat these stories to death. CNN is now the obsessive Trump-hating network whose news department can no longer be trusted.

When CNN’s position as a news network is tainted, the network is in trouble.

Hard news is CNN’s bread and butter. CNN has long depended on “breaking news” to being in upswings in its ratings. Now, as you may have noticed, “breaking news” is a constant theme even when the news is hours or even days old.

Worse yet, CNN’s down-the-line news reporters – like Jim Acosta – have become fierce, anti Trump zealots. Since more than half of the country is not liberal, and since not everybody hates Trump, CNN has perfected the art of alienating a great swath of American news consumers that used to be its audience. They’re gone and they may not come back.

Video: Jim Acosta’s now-famous pressroom debate with Trump adviser Stephen Miller over immigration

CNN is no longer fit to be a news network. As long as the current airstaff is openly biased, obsessed with anti-Trump fervor, and committed left-winger Jeff Zucker remains in charge – that is not likely to change.

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