Texas Tribune whines over ouster of Planned Parenthood funding Alexa Ura, a born human, and the writer in question, editorializes throughout what is supposed to be a straight news story.

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Dec 21, 2016 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

Abortion mill Planned Parenthood doesn’t lose many battles – but when it does the left-wing media likes to write smarmy stories.

Case in point – the online newspaper Texas Tribune carries a story about Texas dropping Planned Parenthood from the state’s Medicaid program.

The Texas tribune

The Texas Tribune

This, of course, will make it harder for poor women to have their unborn babies destroyed.

This is a good thing for babies – that may very well want to be born. But liberal orthodoxy holds that babies in the womb are not human beings and are essentially worthless.

Alexa Ura, a born human, and the writer in question, editorializes throughout what is supposed to be a straight news story.

She writes of how this will affect thousands of low-income women and how abortion services are kept separate from other services. There’s nothing in her piece about the hopes and dreams of the unborn.

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A biased story from start to finish.

This story could have been “just the facts.” But that’s not where Ms. Ura wanted to go. She whined about how this hurt poor women. She pointed out early in the story that PP’s $3.1 million in federal funding did not go to abortions. (But of course, it freed up other money to go to abortions.)

She complained about outrage sparked by what she called “controversial” undercover videos of PP officials appearing to sell fetal tissue, and she blames Republicans for bringing up “unspecified” allegations of billing fraud as proof of acts of misconduct.

She praises PP for well-woman care to roughly 11,000 low-income women. That’s well and good and perfectly wonderful — if they weren’t cutting babies out of other women on the other side of the building.

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She reports on how the organization allegedly discussed the use of fetal tissue for research and how Texas Health and Human Services Director Stuart Bowen charges that PP has a history of “deviating from accepted standards” to procure tissue samples for research. He also charged that PP has exhibited “a willingness to charge more than the costs incurred for procuring fetal tissue” among other violations.

Ah, but our intrepid reporter does not let that go unchallenged. Ms. Ura notes that PP has “vehemently” denied those claims – and insists that the undercover videos were heavily edited. She notes that PP claims it does not “currently” donate fetal tissue for research.

She also notes that pushing PP off the state’s Medicaid program could put the state at odds with federal law – and that the courts have ruled that PP cannot be legally removed fro the program.

And, of course, other papers picked up the Texas Tribune story.

texas-tribune-logoThe Texas Tribune is an experimental online newspaper, heavily subsidized in order to keep it alive and functioning. It would be a better experiment if it were a serious attempt at straight, unbiased journalism. But you cannot read Ura’s article without noting the left-wing bias that permeates it.

She does not seem to get the point that babies in the womb might want to live if given the chance. She fails to note the racism involved since most aborted babies are black. She questions the State’s point of view only by quoting boilerplate answers from Planned Parenthood. She never questions the PP quotes. The article is written with a fervent assumption that providing abortions to poor women is something every state should do.

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She fails to explain why the undercover videos are “controversial” except to parrot what PP said about them being heavily edited. She not does seem to understand that every news video on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and FOX News are “heavily edited.” That does not mean the content is not valid.

If NBC News shoots twenty minutes of footage showing violence in the Middle East, and only airs thirty seconds of it, there is still violence in the Middle East. On the networks, we call this “journalism.” Planned Parenthood sees it as meddling.

Apparently so does the Texas Tribune.


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    One must remember that the Texas tribune is a prime example of fake news.

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