Tapper-Clapper Caper ought to get CNN boss Jeff Zucker fired Clapper is almost certainly the official that leaked to CNN – and then later accepted a paid position with the network.

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By Lynn Woolley

CNN has hit a new low.

The network is famously anti-Trump and now it’s implicated in what appears to be a pay-to-play scheme. In a just-released report from the House Intelligence Committee, we learn that Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, had been leaking information about the Steele Dossier to CNN – and possibly other media outlets.

CNN CEO Jeff Zucker conceded in a recent interview that his network has traditionally leaned to the left. (Washington Examiner)

Apparently, Clapper lied to the committee about that and he could face charges.

Even worse, after leaking to Jake Tapper, Clapper was hired in August of last year as a paid analyst. CNN never disclosed that Clapper was the major source behind the leak of the Dossier – full of salacious and unproven dirt on Trump.

Under the leadership of Jeff Zucker, CNN has fallen to a poor number three in the cable news race – and now this. It’s past time for Zucker to be fired.

CNN wins an award for “journalism.”

This is so strange.

At the ill-fated White House Correspondent’s Dinner, CNN was honored for its reporting in making public a briefing about the Dossier to President-Elect Trump. CNN, always delighted to smear Mr. Trump, jumped at the chance to have an exclusive on allegations that the Russians might have compromising information on the new president – including personal and financial data.

Clapper on Meet the Press

The CNN reporters that shared in the Merriman Smith Award are Jake Tapper,
Jim Sciutto, Evan Perez, and Carl Bernstein.

Thanks to the House Intelligence Committee (HIC), we now know two rather amazing things:

• Clapper provided “inconsistent testimony” to the HIC regarding his leaks to the media. [That means he lied.]
• Clapper is almost certainly the official that leaked to CNN – and then later accepted a paid position with the network.

How’s that for honest journalism?

You hire the source of your leak, and do not disclose.

How is this not worse that NBC faking sidesaddle gas tank explosions in GM pickups? How is not just as bad as NBC’s Brian Williams’ untrue descriptions of his newsgathering exploits? Isn’t this somewhat reminiscent of Dan Rather’s fake story about George W. Bush’s military service?

In all those cases, someone paid a price for bad journalism.

In this case, the person who should pay is CNN’s boss Jeff Zucker – an open leftist and Trump hater.  Zucker has a right to hate Trump, but no right to spread rumors about a fake Dossier from an inside source that he later hired.

MSNBC is no better.

They hired former Obama CIA Director John Brennan as a paid analyst. Brennan goes on the far left network and blows up the old tradition that former senior agents of an outgoing administration should maintain a professional non-partisan stance. They can always write a book in their old age.

But in these days of three 24-hour cable news networks, officials seem to go directly from public service to hyper-partisan commentator. Republicans go to FOX News and Democrats go to CNN or MSNBC.

There ought to be a 5-year “cooling off” period.

Video: Sean Hannity with Sara Carter and Gregg Jarrett on Clapper’s leaking to CNN.

CNN was looking for a “news hook.”

There can be no doubt that the leak of information to CNN and other media was done in order to provide a “news hook” so that the networks could conduct endless panels about the Dossier – thereby undermining Trump.

Clapper went to work for CNN as an analyst in August 2017. That’s about a month after his executive interview with the HIC. According to the report, his leak to Tapper was in early January 2017, around the same time that the Intelligence Community was briefing President Obama and President Elect Trump about the Dossier. On January 10, CNN went public with the story.

The HIC report also tells us that, on the day after CNN broke the story, Clapper released a statement expressing his dismay at the leaks that had been coming out in the press. He said that he did not believe the leaks cam from the Intelligence Committee.

He knew very well where the leaks came from. So did Zucker.

The CNN honcho offered him a cushy analyst job, proving that it pays to leak to CNN.

So what should happen? Mueller, if he had a shred of integrity, would add at a few people to his investigation:

• James Clapper for leaking this information and lying about it.
• James Comey for leaking information leading to the naming of the Special Counsel.
• Hillary Clinton for her part in paying for the Dossier and her illegal server.
• James Brennan for what role, if any, he played in leaks.
• Jake Tapper for not disclosing the source of the leak and to see if he discussed a future job for Clapper.
• Jeff Zucker for engaging in a pay-to-play scheme in which he hired his leaker.

Mueller will not do this.

But the suits at Time-Warner should act.  Jeff Zucker has led CNN to new depths in ratings, and now he’s led the network to a new journalistic low. Fire him now.


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