“Separation of Families” & “Asylum Seekers” are New Democrat Talking Points Democrats have latched onto the idea of “separating families” to show how evil and uncaring President Trump is.

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by Lynn Woolley

Have you noticed how, suddenly, virtually all migrants trying to get into the United States are seeking asylum? Those who want in seem to have learned that, given our laws, this is best way to do it. That’s why they pass through Mexico, and cross our borders, hoping for the best.

This opportunity arose because of the Trump administration’s crackdown on illegal crossings.

When some are arrested, and they have children with them, they are naturally separated. That’s what happens when you break the law. It’s been that way going back to ancient Rome.

But Democrats have latched onto the idea of “separating families” to show how evil and uncaring President Trump is.

If this were really about asylum, it might be seen as a world crisis. But it’s being seen – by Democrats — as way to get into the United States and not be deported.

The Dallas Morning News is playing the game – with an interesting twist.

Todd J. Gillman is a political reporter in the News’ Washington bureau. I have come to realize that when I see his work, I know before I read it that it will be left-wing propaganda. In a front-page story (6/12/18), Gillman uses these two new talking points to demean Sen. Ted Cruz – and build up his opponent, the Irishman from El Paso, Beto O’Rourke.

Todd J. Gillman of the Washington Bureau of the Dallas Morning News

This headline appeared in the front page, just below the paper’s coverage of the Trump-Kim summit:

Cruz defends policy to separate parents, kids

As I have explained, the Dallas Morning News will have a daily boost of some type for O’Rourke. It may be a letter, an editorial, a column, a story, or as in this case, a negative story about Cruz. It will be there in some form, every day until the election.

Understand that the headline could just as easily be written this way:

Cruz supports enforcing U.S. immigration laws

But that headline would not fit the left-wing narrative supported by Gillman and his bosses at the News – a once-great newspaper that has gone off the rails with a reporting staff that is virtually all left-wing.

Gillman’s story was generated by an interview Cruz did with public radio station KERA in Dallas. In that interview, Cruz explained that taking kids away from parents is tragic, but it happens because people break our laws.

“There’s actually a court order that prevents keeping the kids with the parents when you put the parents in jail. So when you see reporters, when you see Democrats saying don’t separate kids from their parents, what they’re really saying is don’t arrest illegal aliens.”

Nailed it! That’s exactly right – but that wasn’t headlined. Kudos to Gillman for running the quote, but the article deteriorates into liberal pushback after that.

Gillman explains Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ order barring claims that a migrant is fleeing domestic abuse or gang violence. What Gillman doesn’t explain is that virtually all of them can say that. South America, Central America and Mexico are hotbeds of violence, drugs, and gangs. If I lived there, I would want out. The question is – how many can we take?

Beto & Cruz (CNN)

Gillman’s piece regularly references Democrats as objecting to the policy – and how President Trump has attempted to shift blame for this back to them. But Trump is undeniably right that he is enforcing laws that have been passed by past Congresses and signed by past presidents – though ignored by recent ones.

The real reason we’ve never gotten “comprehensive immigration reform” is not that Republican and and Democrats don’t want it. It’s because when Republican members hold town halls, their constituents put the fear of God into them if they pass such a bill.

Perhaps Deroy Murdoch said it best.

Mr. Murdoch, a FOX News contributor and writer for National Review Online writes a cogent column detailing what happens to people (and their families) when they break the law. When a criminal is put behind bars in some prison, he or she is necessarily separated from his or her family.

That’s a good reason not to do the crime. Crossing our borders illegally is a crime. If caught, you might be separated from your family. So don’t do it.

The sanctified (by the media) Beto is SO much better!

Gillman was quick to give O’Rourke a quote reasonably high up in the article, so as to let his readers know that Beto is compassionate while the law-enforcement minded Cruz is a cad for even thinking of the law.

“You are either for separating children from their parents or you are against it. I am against it.”

Well, of course you are. Screw the law. You’re a Democrat and the law means nothing if you don’t agree with the law. Gillman goes on to run O’Rourke’s tweet on the issue:

“Enough is enough. We are the wealthiest, most powerful nation. Now taking kids from their parents and turning our back to asylum seekers. This requires immediate action. I’m going to the border to get answers and confront this head on. I know that we are better than this.”

I’ll call O’Rourke’s hand on this. Go ahead and draft a bill – you’re in Congress – draft a bill that prevents separation of children from their families. See if you can get it passed. See if the next guy convicted of murder, rape, or white-collar crime uses the law to avoid the consequences of his crime. In the real word, criminals are going to be separated from their families. That’s what happens when you break the law.

Video: Left-wing TV. PBS and what happens to children at the border.

All this means is that the far-left and the media have found new talking points.

Liberal Democrats and left-wing reporters like Gillman clamor for open borders. They see how California has gone left, and they want that for the country. They’re willing to say anything and print anything to get their candidates elected.

This latest outcry is about as fake as anything I’ve ever seen them do. I can sort of understand O’Rourke. He’s running a desperate campaign to unset a popular senator – and he’s willing to say anything to differentiate himself from Cruz.

Gillman isn’t running for anything – and yet he prints this tripe as if it’s real. The Dallas Morning News is better than this – or used to be. The least they could do is print opposing viewpoints – right on the front page where they put Gillman.


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