President Trump fact-checks Blasey Ford & the Media goes nuts I’ll predict here that Ted Cruz will win by 8 points in Texas with Brett Kavanaugh safely sitting on the Supreme Court...

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By Lynn Woolley

I should have known.

When President Trump called out Christine Blasey Ford during a rally in Southaven, Mississippi, I thought he was simply stating the facts. But CNN’s Anderson Cooper didn’t see it that way.

His network ran vast panels about how Trump was “mocking” Blasey Ford.

There WAS a mocking of Ford this week, but it came from a voice actress that imitated her now-famous “little girl voice” she used the Kavanaugh hearing.

POLITICO: President Donald Trump’s attack at a rally in Southaven, Mississippi, came just four days after he praised Christine Blasey Ford from the Oval Office as “a very credible witness.” | Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

But Trump used his own voice to note that Blasey Ford does not have any corroborating evidence whatsoever. Nothing. Not a shred.

The New York Times published a long “analysis” disguised as news claiming that Trump may have aliened crucial GOP votes for Kavanaugh.

This is rich coming from a media that fact-checks Trump all the time – and deems him untruthful most of the time. Call it “Trump’s Revenge.”

Trump gets this treatment daily.

CNN runs large panel discussions in primetime that usually contain a left-wing anchor like Anderson Cooper, a left-wing lawyer like Jeffrey Toobin, several left-wing commentators like Kirsten Powers (Kirsten-the-Glum), and maybe – maybe – one conservative such as Rick Santorum.

These panels are little more than Trump bashing sessions – and they consume CNN’s primetime every weeknight.

In addition, the left-wing Associated Press routinely fact-checks Trump – and it never ends well for the President. Add in Politi-Fact and Snopes, and you’d think Trump is lying when he says “good morning.”

If it weren’t so serious, it would be funny that Trump spoke obvious things about Blasey Ford — and the media dumps on his for doing it. Trump was doing what the left-wing media will not – a summation of the facts – a final argument — if this were a court case.

What did Trump say that was not correct?

Nothing, actually. But here’s what Peter Baker of the Times wrote:

…at a rally in Southaven, Miss., on Tuesday night, he pretended to be Dr. Blasey struggling to answer questions during the hearing. “How did you get home? I don’t remember,” he mimicked. “How’d you get there? I don’t remember. Where is the place? I don’t remember. How many years ago was it? I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.”

This is typical NYT BS – but just so you’ll hear it for yourself, we’ll post the video.

Video: CBS News says – Trump mocks Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s Senate testimony

Trump was being Trump. He was not pretending to be Blasey Ford. He did this in his usual voice. The items outlined by the President are all true – and apparently remain unchallenged after the new FBI investigation. Baker’s only real argument for this piece was that the GOP has three wimpy senators named Collins, Flake and Murkowski. (I’ll bet all 3 of them vote for Kavanaugh.)

So Trump fact-checked Blasey Ford. We’re fact-checking the New York Times, and we find the Times, CNN, the AP and most of the left-wing media lacking.

Video: Rachel Butera, a voice actress, mocks Christine Blasey Ford (So is her career over?)

One more thing! And this is key!

The original Times headline for this piece was:

In Risky Shift, Trump and G.O.P. Directly Assail Christine Blasey Ford

This is left-wing fantasy.

I’ll predict here that the Kavanaugh hearings, assuming he gets on the Court, will energize Republicans, and demoralize Democrats. I know that I am excited and can’t wait to vote for Ted Cruz here in Texas and other Republicans on the ballot. I want no part of the violent smear-merchants on the Left that worked so hard to destroy Kavanaugh with uncorroborated charges.

I was worried about a blue wave, and then came the Kavanaugh smear from Feinstein and Blasey Ford. It’s just too easy to see through, and even thinking Democrats, if any of them remain, must understand what just happened. And they must be embarrassed about it.

If they wanted to preserve their precious “woman’s right to choose,” they should have picked a better candidate to go up against Donald Trump. That they chose Hillary Clinton will go down in history as a major blunder.

I’ll predict here that Ted Cruz will win by 8 points in Texas with Brett Kavanaugh safely sitting on the Supreme Court and totally immune to impeachment. Trump nailed it with Blasey Ford, and the media knows it. The blue wave is in trouble.

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