Newspapers collude in outrageous display of Herd Journalism With great print runs come great responsibility to report objectively.

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Aug 16, 2018 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

The Boston Globe came up with the idea that all newspapers should run anti-Trump editorials on Thursday, August 16 – and about 350 of them did.

This is ridiculous.

Many of these same newspapers balked at the idea of Sinclair Broadcasting merging with Tribune Media – because they didn’t want a pro-Trump broadcast group getting larger as the stations might collude in favor of Trump. They also ran stories –without protest – when social media seemingly colluded to ban conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

But when THEY all get together – no problem.

Dallas Morning News editorial 8/16/18

This is what’s called “herd journalism.” That means that a story (in this case, an editorial) is only a story because somebody else ran with it. Think about the Steele Dossier and how Buzzfeed finally carried it – and that broke the logjam. Perhaps newspapers ought to think independently.

I was disappointed to see that my newspaper of record participated in this nonsense.

The Dallas Morning News is my “newspaper of record” because I use it on a daily basis for radio show prep, and because it’s published dozens of my columns. It’s still a good paper, but it has lurched leftward.

Often, in the News, you’ll see a positive Trump story slanted negatively and with a strange anti-Trump headline.

It’s not surprising that the News would be a part of this “collusion” (that’s the word of the year, apparently), but I had hoped they would rise above it – and maybe run a fair and balanced piece instead.

Their headline was:

“We the People Hold Our Elected Officials Accountable”

That’s what newspapers are supposed to do. It’s their calling.

But with great print runs come great responsibility to report objectively.

That’s what’s missing in the News and in other newspapers that ought to be fairer and more factual. The News sometimes runs the Associated Press “fact checks” which are without exception anti-Trump screeds.

What the News said in its editorial was all boilerplate and there is no need to mention it here. Instead, I’ll offer an alternate headline that I wish they had used:

“America’s newspapers should pledge to cover President Trump truthfully and objectively”

I could have written that editorial for them – but I’m not sure they have anyone on their current staff that would have known where to start. Understand that there is plenty of space in a double-truck op-ed section to run anti-Trump columns, but even in that space, there should be balance.

The News likes to run a plethora of stories about how Trump’s trade policies are hurting Texas — but I’m still waiting for a story in the news section detailing Trump’s grievances on trade and how we might be better off with better trade deals.

As a conservative, I know that Mr. Trump is given to bluster and conflicting statements from time to time. So cover that, but also make a big deal out of the successes like the latest jobs numbers. They often carry these types of stories but quote “experts” who almost always say the sky is falling.

If you’re going to write about “Trump’s policy” to separate parents from children at the border, talk about what the law requires – and how Obama did it too. The “separation” story was fabricated by the Left and newspapers ran with it. That’s herd journalism.

Video: Another one-sided panel from CNN – a network that is all-Trump hatred all the time

CNN is the best example of unbalanced, unhinged coverage on TV, as proven by the panels the day that Trump correctly took away John Brennan’s security clearance.

The next few days will tell us whether herd journalism will invade our big metro newspapers on this issue as well. Note that there is a cornucopia of reasons to remove such clearance from Brennan and from James Clapper – two former high-ranking intelligence officers who now blab incessantly on cable news.

Fair-minded newspapers would give both sides on climate change, immigration, Russian collusion, abortion, the Kavanaugh nomination – and so forth. But, like the Borg on Star Trek, newspapers seem to be of one mind. That’s what we call herd journalism, and it ought to stop.

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  1. admin says:

    Posting this for a reader who was not able to get past the login:


    Your blog hit home for me because the night before I proposed a new President Trump and supporter blog/social media platform. I have the free word press blog and app on my phone. But was not able to leave this comment without logging in again with my two factor login. I don’t understand why word press requires a user to log in again a 2nd time to leave a comment. So here’s my comment.

    Yesterday, after reading that Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler asked that Donald Trump stop playing his music at rallies, I posted a proposal on Carlos Vazquez Facebook post that Trump supporters create and manage a web page, blog, or new social media platform to share information and organize against the radical left. I suggest it feature (3) components:

    1) List of Hollywood & other elites who have publicly trashed the President that supporters can boycott or avoid patronizing;
    2) A daily or weekly list of news stories by each media org that publish false or misleading stories about the President; and
    3) Partner offerings and discounts by companies, restaurants, and organizations that support the President and his supporters.

    I normally do not mix my political interests with my neuroscience activities. However, I am fed up with the level of dishonesty and what Democrats are doing to our country. A page or platform like I have proposed could generate quite a bit of traffic and ad revenue. Perhaps this might stimulate your interests.

    Stephen M. Dolle
    mHealth Designer
    Drum Circle Facilitator

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