News Media promotes TRUST while CNN, ABC, and CBS retract FAKE NEWS stories Whom do you trust? Talk Radio? FOX News? CNN? Newspapers?

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By Lynn Woolley

The ad in the Sunday, December 10th edition of the Dallas Morning News, slapped me in the face. I literally could not believe it. Scant hours before, several “trusted” news organizations had been forced to admit that they’d been running stories that were simply untrue.

Among these were CNN, ABC and CBS. And yet, this full-page ad was instructing me to believe only what I see in the “trusted” news media – presumably major organizations with editors and filters. You know, like CNN, ABC, and CBS.

I read this ad, laughing at the absurdity of it all, before the humor turned to disgust.

This ad was, amazingly, asking me to believe news sources that I knew were running what has become known as “fake news.” The ad was headlined:

SUPPORT REAL NEWS – How do I know if a news story is real?

I answered this question in my mind. If it’s on CNN, I thought, I believe nothing of it. If ABC News’ Brian Ross reported it – count me out. His body of work is littered with fake news. In fact, with newsrooms stacked with anti Trump reporters, I might watch for only for hurricane coverage.

But if they’re reporting on Russian Collusion, the Mueller investigation, anything to do with President Trump, the Roy Moore debacle, the Environmental Protection Agency, Global Warming, Texas politics, Republicans, or transgenderism – forget it. They lie. In fact, I’m rethinking their hurricane overage.

This ad, by the way, goes on to say this:

The media landscape has become littered with false new stories making it much harder to find the real news. By seeking news from reputable news sources, you are receiving information from quality journalists.

ABC’s Brian Ross

Maybe they mean like Brian Ross. Or Jim Acosta, a CNN reporter that demonstrates his hatred of Trump every time he asks a question or files a report. Maybe they mean Chris Cuomo, part of a left-wing New York political dynasty who reads the “news” on CNN. Maybe they are referring to the Face of ABC News, George Stephanopoulos, who was part of the Clintons’ War Room.

On the other hand, any fake news organization rots from the head down – and at CNN, the head is a left-wing zealot named Jeffrey Zucker who hates Trump uses his network as a tool to get the President impeached.

This ad, by the way, was sponsored by eight organizations in the News Media Alliance, identified in logos below the copy block. They are:

• The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
• The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University
• Inland Press Association
• World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers
• Local Media Consortium
• World Editors Forum
• Southern Newspaper Publishers Association
• The Center for Public Integrity

Fake News from CNN, ABC, and CBS. 

CNN President Jeff Zucker at the Museum of Modern Art on September 3, 2013 in New York City. (Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

It’s sad that just last week, CNN was out with their latest “we got Trump this time” story. It was about a report that President Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. had received an email providing a web address and a decryption key from Wikileaks before such documents were made public.

For the umpteenth time, CNN thought they had evidence of Russian collusion.

The problem was, that the date on an email provided by CNN’s latest “unnamed sources familiar with whatever” got the date of the “smoking gun” email wrong by ten days. They had it as September 4, 2016. It was actually September 12 – a day after the Wikileaks material went public.

That destroyed the CNN story because there could have been no collusion at that point in time. CNN made a correction. Nobody got fired. The unnamed sources were never named. But the damage to Trump had spread around the globe for hours.

George Stephanopoulos disclosed $75,000 contribution to Clinton Foundation (Photo: Politico)

You’d think Special Counsel Robert Mueller would want to know the names of those sources. Who could they be? Members of Congress? Congressional aides? Mueller’s own staffers? CBS News, which had corroborated the CNN report, also had to retract. CBS, wisely, refrained from commenting further.

You may recall, also, that CNN was forced to retract a story about former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. Three CNN staffers resigned to avoid firing.

Video: CNN “corrects” the fake Wikileaks story

Then, there’s ABC’s Brian Ross –the guy that tried to link the shooting at Aurora,Colorado to the Tea Party. Ross reported a few days ago that Michael Flynn was prepared to testify that, as a candidate, Trump asked Flynn to contact the Russians. That wasn’t true – and ABC corrected to say that this occurred while Trump was President-elect.

As in the case of CNN’s report, the date makes all the difference. ABC’s attempt at proving Russian collusion went down the drain without even circling.

ABC makes an interesting revelation. 

Beverly Young Nelson

Remember that woman, Beverly Young Nelson, who appeared with left-wing lawyer Gloria Allred to charge that Roy Moore made unwanted advances on her when she was a teen?

She had an inscription in her yearbook, signed by Moore, as the only tangible proof that she even knew him. It turns out that she had added “notes” to the inscription, while passing off the whole thing as having been written by Moore.

Perhaps that’s why Allred did not want a handwriting analysis done. That didn’t stop CNN from mounting panels on this yearbook – even though we now know that Ms. Nelson was not entirely truthful. Good for ABC’s Tom Llamas for exposing this. I’m pretty certain that “trusted” CNN would not have reported that.

Video: ABC’s Brian Ross Links Aurora, Colorado Mass Killer to Tea Party 7-20-12

News organizations can blow their own horns – but YOU have to decide.

Whom do you trust? Talk Radio? FOX News? CNN? Newspapers?

I’m asked that from time to time. And as perhaps the ONLY radio talk show host who spend more than 30 years covering news for big radio stations like KNOW & KVET (Austin) and WFAA, KRLD & KAAM (Dallas). I can tell you that the idea of reporting Just the Facts is long gone. In my day, we tried to be straight down the line and avoid all forms of bias. That seems so quaint now.

Here’s whom I don’t trust:

• CNN as long as Jeff Zucker is running it.
• Most daily newspapers because they can’t set their hatred of Trump aside.
• MSNBC because it is a joke of a network.
• CBS & NBC because they employ too many left-wing journalists.
• ABC because the face of their news operation is a Clinton operative.
• Any media that openly advocate for left-wing causes like climate change, abortion, and open borders.
• The Associated Press because of Seth Borenstein and other biased reporters.
• Social Media – none of it is reliable.
• Any story I get in an email that instructs me to pass it on.

I do trust Talk Radio – assuming I know the political persuasion of the host and his or her record for truth is established. FOX News makes mistakes, but is by far the best of the five TV news operations. FOX’s reporters are the best in network TV by far. The Wall Street Journal and National Review are usually reliable. Certain websites have proven to be trustworthy most of the time.

You’ll have to make your own list. But check out even those you come to trust. The Mainstream Media’s record is not good in the Era of Trump – and it gets worse by the day. As our old buddy Fox Mulder used to say – trust no one.

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