New York Times runs vile race-based attack on Republicans & Conservatives I had just written a column about Democrats being the party of socialism and violence.

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By Lynn Woolley

This article, written by Jeremy W. Peters of the Times, slapped me in the face when it leaped off the front page of the Dallas Morning News.

I’ve been a critic of the left-wing media for a while – but this article was the most appalling I’ve seen.

Jeremy Peters

In it, Peters postulates that Democrats are diverse – therefore, good.

They have lots of African-Americans, Muslims, women, gays, and transgenders running for office.

But Republicans, taking cues from President Trump are embracing a message with racial appeals. Translation: Democrats are pure while Republicans are racists.

I had just written a column about Democrats being the party of socialism and violence.

I might add that Democrats are the party that is consumed by identity politics. No surprise that this type of garbage came from the Times. But I was shocked that the News ran it on page one.

First, let’s start with how this piece of trash was headlined.

In it’s original incarnation, the New York Times ran it under this headline:

Democratic Embrace of Diverse Candidates Collides with Barbed Politics of Trump Era

So it was presented as an embrace of diversity.

DeSantis and Gillum

But, consider this: the Democrat Party is nothing more than a loose alliance of left-wing communities –each with a separate agenda that stakeholders believe can be better serviced in a left-wing party.

(Stuff like abortion on demand, the gay agenda, normalizing sex change, eliminating gender, obliterating borders, global warming, socializing medicine and other nutty ideas.)

The Republican Party is about preserving traditional America and building on those values given to us by our Founders. So gays, lesbians, transgenders, people whose religious beliefs include honor killings, and such are not going to fare well in Republican circles.

The Dallas Morning News, with space at a premium, truncated the headline to read:

Voters will face stark choices

A dull headline that almost caused me to skip reading the story. But read it I did – and cringed at the bias and hate contained within.

Where to begin on the tripe that is contained in this article.

Some samples of Peters’ thought processes are in order. Let’s start with the charge that Trump is calling the Party of Violence the Party of Violence. Peters writes:

“Trump and his Republican allies have made crime, violence and society unrest a centerpiece of their attacks against Democrats, often linking them to causes that have a common racial thread…”

Mr. Peters, it would be impossible not to link violence in American politics with Democrats.

With rare exceptions, you guys are the ones that suppress speech, can’t be offended, embrace identity politics, break windows, attack people you oppose physically, occupy university offices, raise hell at political convention, blow up things and such. Most Republicans have jobs and make our voices heard at the polling place.

Peters talks about the Democratic nominee for governor of Florida, Andrew Gillum, who is part of the new breed of Democratic-Socialist that the Left is embracing. His opponent, Ron DeSantis, made an unfortunate choice of words – and was immediately branded a racist. Peters wrote:

“Gillum’s opponent, Ron DeSantis, described Gillum in an interview on Fox News, as an ‘articulate spokesman’ for far-left views and said ‘the last thing we need to is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda and bankrupting this state.’”

Rule #1: Republicans should never use the word “monkey.” Rule #2: If they do, Democrats will automatically brand them as racists. It’s been that way since Howard Cosell used the term many years ago. Even though Cosell worked closely in sports with many blacks, he was lambasted.

Video: You decide if this was racist. DeSantis with FOX’s Sandra Smith on August 29th

Peters didn’t miss his chance either:

“Democrats immediately denounced DeSantis’ words, which are freighted with a condescending and racist meaning for many blacks.”

“Monkey” is a term used ubiquitously in the 50’s and 60’s to mean “fool around with” – as in “Don’t monkey with my TV settings.” It’s highly unlikely that DeSantis meant it in any other way as evidence by the context. But that doesn’t matter to Democrats or to Peters.

Still, there are words that white men cannot use. I’m not sure whether there are any words that black left-wing liberals cannot use, but I haven’t found the list.

Video: Gillum responds to DeSantis’ ‘monkey this up’ comment

If this article had been placed on the op-ed page – who cares?

It would have just been another of thousands of daily featurepaper diatribes against Trump in which left-wing media smears conservatives as racists. That’s typical stuff for them. But this should never have been presented as a straight news article. It never should have been on a front page.

It is laden with errors and innuendo, and presupposes that all of Trump’s supporters are racists.

We’ve linked to this piece of crap.

But I should warn you: if you’re a MAGA type that believes President Trump is doing the right thing, and if you believe skin color should not be an issue – it will make you boiling mad.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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