Mika, Morning Joe & all of CNN collude in never-ending attack against Trump We should be marching in Atlanta & New York, chanting hey, hey, ho, ho. Jeff Zucker has got to go.

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Jul 3, 2017 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

It’s more than just an attack by the left-wing media.

These networks pick at him hoping to create an open sore.

Hacks like Mika, Joe, and Anderson Cooper work hard to provoke him. CNN, operating under a far-left CEO named Jeff Zucker, are encouraged to promote the Russian collusion meme to diminish the President and to bring in big viewer numbers. Trust me; journalism plays no part in network coverage of Trump.

Video: CNN media critic Brian Stelter on Trump’s wresting CNN tweet — I know! Let’s have a panel!

CNN typically will not carry a Trump speech – unless they have to.

ABC and CBS are almost irrelevant.

These networks have no cable presence, so they have only their news programming and their Sunday morning shows. Still, they get into the Trump-bashing. The endgame appears to be the forced removal of a sitting president. Here’s who SHOULD be removed. CNN boss Jeff Zucker who has ruined his network’s brand.

CNN President Jeff Zucker at the Museum of Modern Art on September 3, 2013 in New York City. (Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Why does CNN keep Zucker?

Zucker is a left-wing ideologue. We have written about him in this space – and about how he announced that he would not be “shamed” into carrying the Benghazi hearings. On the other hand, Zucker will carry bizarre news items until the cows come home.

Under Zucker’s reign, CNN has fixated on odd stories like the missing Malaysian jetliner. Under Zucker, CNN has pretty much given up on finding strong primetime personalities to counter what FOX News puts on the air.

Note that FOX News (even without O’Reilly) is personality-based with hosts like Bret Baier, Martha MacCallum, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity.

But under Zucker, CNN now has about three recognizable names – Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, and Don Lemon – and they simply moderate panels. Endless panels. (Erin Burnette and Jake Tapper have shows on CNN, but are not breakout stars.)

So Zucker gave us the CNN obsessions, a giant-panel oriented primetime, and an openly leftist agenda on a network that claims to be the most “trusted” name in news. He has killed the CNN that we all tuned to on days like 9/11 when people had it in their heads that CNN was the first and the best network on a big story.

That ought to be a fire-able offense. 

Is it the Brady Bunch? Or is it CNN?

CNN is part of Time-Warner, a company that may be about to become another part of AT&T – so maybe TW bosses are not rocking the boat until after the merger (if it actually gets by the Justice Department.)

As much as I despise these megamergers, the new ginormous AT&T might not be amendable to a Zucker-style of mismanagement. We’ll have to wait and how that all comes down.

(Note that this merger would combine AT&T, DirecTV, Warner Bros. (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Bugs Bunny) and much more, along with CNN.)

Video: Mika & Joe picking at Trump.

Meanwhile, MSNBC, CNN and the alphabet networks will continue to pick at Trump.

CNN is the worst, because it’s supposed to be a straight news network. MSNBC has positioned itself as a left-wing propaganda network. Trump hatred on MSNBC is what you expect from them – and only the most left-wing among us can stayed tuned in for more than 5 minutes. MSNBC is a joke of a network – but it is what it is.

Video: CNN ( and MSNBC) picking at Trump on its favorite subject — Russian collusion.

CNN is a new embarrassment.

It’s always leaned left as part of the MSM – but under Zucker, it has become a caricature of MSNBC. We should be marching in Atlanta & New York, chanting hey, hey, ho, ho. Jeff Zucker has got to go.

That’s what the Left would do.


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  1. don76550 says:

    These fake news propagandists make a case for requiring occupational licenses to practice journalism, just as we do for health care providers and a multitude of other professions. The purpose of those licenses is to protect the public from malpractice. Then, just as a physician could lose his license for malpractice, these lying disciples of Joseph Goebbels could lose theirs for habitual lying, false propaganda, and staging bogus news events, which ABC and CNN are famous for.

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