Media Matters giddy at chance to destroy Sean Hannity in Cohen affair Media Matters has a link to Hannity’s sponsors – in yet another attempt to bring him down.

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By Lynn Woolley

Let me say from the start that I do not know details of FOX News host Sean Hannity’s dealings with Trump lawyer Michael Cohen except what has been reported. But upon learning that Hannity was a “client” of Cohen’s while, at the same time, being a fierce defender of President Trump’s, the hypocrisy is flowing.

Sean Hannity

Media Matters, the Soros-funded site that works to destroy talk radio and FOX News is shocked – shocked – that Hannity did not disclose this fact, writing:

“That association raises many questions, not least of which is how Fox could have allowed Hannity to vigorously defend Cohen on the network’s airwaves without disclosing that he had been Cohen’s client.”

How ironic.

Rush Limbaugh needed a full hour today to go through all the conflicts involving network correspondents, none of which Media Matters has objected to.

Yet, Media Matters has a link to Hannity’s sponsors – in yet another attempt to bring him down.

But Hannity will not likely go down. Media Matters tried recently in the Seth Rich murder case affair. Unlike Bill O’Reilly, who was forced out by a smear campaign, Hannity fought back vigorously.

More recently, FOX’s Laura Ingraham was targeted over her comments about 17-year-old anti-gun activist David Hogg’s unsuccessful attempts to find a college. Ingraham was on vacation when Media Matters tried to get her ousted, and she lost sponsors, but FOX announced quickly that she was not going anywhere.

That’s important. If FOX buckles once, that’s one thing. Twice or three times, and Media Matters smells blood.

Video: Conflicted CBS News reports on Sean Hannity

Of course, Media Matters only attacks those on the right.

Media Matters reports that “the rules are different at FOX,” stating that it often seems there are no rules for top talent. This is from the MM website, concerning the alleged conflict of interest in not disclosing that Hannity had sought (apparently unpaid) legal advice from Cohen:

That is a serious breach of journalistic ethics that, in any normal newsroom, would lead to a suspension or even firing. “Going to find out what kind of org Fox is today,” NBC News’ Chuck Todd tweeted this morning. “No serious news org would allow someone this conflicted to cover this story.”

The fruitcakes at Media Matters have got to be kidding. In his monologue today, Mr. Limbaugh recounted conflict after conflict within the Mainstream Media – that has gone mostly undisclosed.

Video: Conflicted CNN’s Brian Stelter breaks down the relationship between President Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen and Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

Start with the fact that ABC News’ top political correspondent, in fact the “Face of ABC News,” is George Stephanopoulos, a member of the Clinton Machine and participant in the Clinton War Room. Limbaugh mentioned that CNN’s Jake Tapper has been a fierce partisan and anti-gun activist. Who knew? Some people may know that David Rhodes, head of CBS News is the brother of Ben Rhodes, a top Obama adviser. It goes on and on.

Washington is a big town, but the tight little circle around the three branches of government is a cesspool – and much of the conflicts have to do with left-wing activists masquerading as down-the-line journalists. Few of them are.

At least Sean Hannity admits his politics.

As for the non-disclosure, he may have erred, but only in an information sense. He says there is no third party involved and the advice was related to real estate. He would have been better off to have noted the relationship and moved on. On the other hand, we used to have something called “attorney-client privilege” before the Russian Collusion mess destroyed it.

Trump is weathering a big storm – and so is FOX News.

Trump has had Mueller on his a$$ for his entire presidency – and still has outperformed Obama by any measure. FOX News has Democrats, the rest of the MSM, and good old Media Matters trying to destroy the entire network so they can move on to destroying Rush Limbaugh and talk radio. Yet FOX runs more serious news than CNN day in and day out.

There ought to be a concerted campaign to do away with Media Matters. That would take a lot of money from some right-wing “angel” to compete with the deep pockets of the hypocrites on the Left.

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