Media aims fire at Manafort & Page but not at Rice & Clapper Paul Manafort & Carter Page are the only hope of Media/Democrats to force Trump out of office.

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By Lynn Woolley

This is why I call them featurepapers.

They run features on people like Paul Manafort and Carter Page – because those two people are the Democrats’ great hope of ousting President Trump. Manafort and Page are businessmen who had business ties in Russia.

Paul Manafort

The media and the Democrats are colluding to find something – anything – that will tie Trump to Russia.

But two top officials of the Obama administration, Susan Rice and James Clapper have been revealed as liars – and the featurepapers rarely cover that part of the story.

Rice is the National Security Advisor who is implicated in “unmasking” the names of citizens caught up in government surveillance.

Clapper has been caught lying about FISA warrants on Meet the Press – but that story hasn’t made the mainstream media yet. If you want full coverage, you’ll need to find it elsewhere.

28 January: President Trump speaks to Vladimir Putin on the White House phone (Photo: Reuters)

Manafort & Page are the only hope of Democrats.

The problem that the Democrats and the media have is that doing business in Russia is not against the law. In fact, you would expect a real estate developer worth $9 billion like Trump to have investments all over the globe. Manafort has worked for a long list of foreign companies as a consultant or lobbyist. Page is an investment banker who has openly been pro Russia. That, too, is not illegal.

Carter Page (CNN)

Somehow, the media/Dems must find a way to take legal business transactions, connect them to Trump, and find something about them that is illegal. Maybe they can. The MSM and the featurepapers, plus the broadcast and cable networks are working hard to do it.

Now try to find the Rice and Clapper stories anywhere other than FOX News, conservative websites, or Talk Radio.

They have covered Rice to a point, but have essentially let the story go. They consider it (as Mark Steyn once said) a distraction for their distraction.

Video: a “gotcha” report on NBC ties Manafort to Russia

The Clapper lie is obvious and provable, but so far, the best story on it is from WBDaily’s Ben Barrack. When you look at the video of Clapper telling NBC’s Chuck Todd that there were no FISA warrants, you can almost see his nose growing.

Video: Apr 12, 2017 — Carter Page tells CNN the Washington Post’s report that said there was probable cause to believe Page was acting as an agent of Russia, is a joke.

What Rice did and what Clapper said, together, represent a possible invasion of privacy and law-breaking (the surveillance of American citizens and leaking their names to the media) and a cover-up. President Obama might very well be involved.

Video: MSNBC was the go-to network for Susan Rice in early April as she tells Andrea Mitchell that she “leaked nothing to nobody”

You cannot trust the MSM.

The moral to this sordid story is that news is not always found in featurepapers – or on the 5:30 network news and certainly not on CNN and MSNBC. If you want real news, you’ll have to dig for it.

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