Why so many people hate CNN more than MSNBC CNN, on the other hand, can be distilled down to two words: “GET TRUMP.”

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By Lynn Woolley

MSNBC actually has a larger audience than CNN – so how come most right-wing hatred of cable news is directed at CNN?

I put some thought into that and came up with this answer: MSNBC is all about left-wing causes – stuff like climate change, growing government, social justice, the homosexual agenda, and socialized healthcare. The network is part of the progressive movement and makes no bones about it.

CNN, on the other hand, can be distilled down to two words: “GET TRUMP.”

CNN’s radical White House correspondent, Jim Acosta, acts up at press briefings, and nearly gets himself thrown out, to make a name for himself and his network. CNN is no longer news — fake or otherwise.

It’s just hour after hour of “Get Trump” with the latest anti-Trump narrative repeated over and over in prime time – and it draws significant blowback.

A CNN infobabe succeeds in getting herself tossed out of a Rose Garden event.

I’d never heard of Kaitlan Collins before she screamed question at Trump at the pool spray. Collins learning from Mr. Acosta and others in the MSM that yell out silly questions to the President – and to other presidents before him. Trump should totally ignore these question, although he sometimes get the urge to answer.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins asks a question during a press conference by President Donald Trump and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the East Room of the White House on February 13, 2017. Mandel Ngan / AFP – Getty Images file

In this case, Collins yelled boilerplate questions about former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen about the secret taping – that, of course, Trump was going to ignore.

But she wouldn’t give it up. She would not shut up. So she was barred from the later event in the Rose Garden.

In the White House’s defense – there are a finite number of slots, and sometimes, some reporters don’t make it in. Besides that, Collins had just demonstrated a childish urge to misbehave in the process of asking questions. There are times that any White House wants a more dignified press corps.

On the other hand, President Obama made it quite clear that he had a strong dislike for FOX News, and would have preferred that they never even existed. Knowing that, FOX News issued a statement of “Strong Solidarity” with CNN that came from FNC President jay Wallace.

Video: In this contentious interview with Bill O’Reilly, President Obama repeatedly accuses FOX News of bias

FOX was not so much defending Collin’s reprehensible behavior as much as it was indemnifying itself against a future left-wing White House that might try to ban it.

Video: Wolf Blitzer brings on Collins to blister Trump over the CNN snub. This includes video of the shouted questions.

The Collins affair does not help CNN’s image.

Collins – and more important, Jim Acosta, gives CNN a bad name. The self labeled “most trusted name in news” is essentially a special-interest network with a mission similar to that of MoveOn.org or MediaMatters.org – to work for the impeachment and removal of President Donald Trump.

Video: Jim Acosta refuses to allow Sarah Huckabee Sanders to move on to another questioner.

CNN – which depends on its airport monopoly and overseas networks to stay afloat – might have better ratings with a more balanced presentation. MSNBC’s lineup of Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell and Chris Matthews has pretty well sewed up the coastal elites – and that doesn’t leave much audience for CNN.

They’ve tried moving Chris Cuomo into prime time to provide some energy that Anderson Cooper, frankly, doesn’t have. That may help as his show is far more interesting than Cooper’s, and, so far, Cuomo has eschews the endless anti-Trump panels headed up by left-wing lawyer and Trump hater Jeffrey Toobin.

Video: Typical Toobin. Trump is a racist and that’s why his followers like him.

CNN’s nightly parade of Trump haters has become too tedious to watch.

CNN has become like the Food Network. If you are a foodie – you watch the Food Network. But for fans of climate change, abortion, socialism, and other let-wing causes, you watch MSNBC. Just as the Food Network is all food all the time, CNN is all “Get Trump” all the time. If that doesn’t interest you, you don’t watch.

CNN boss Jeff Zuckers’ big problem: while Trump haters are loud (including Acosta), there’s aren’t enough of them to create a viable audience. People who want Trump hatred and tune into MSNBC are satiated. Conservatives, moderates, and others who want actual news and analysis and tune into CNN are disappointed.

One thing is for sure: Something at CNN has got to change. And soon.


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