The Many Obsessions of CNN Worry not about coverage of Trump and the Russians. It’s another CNN obsession.

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By Lynn Woolley

If you are so to mind to binge on CNN, you might be aware of something going on involving the Russians. If fact, if you watch CNN, you have more information about the latest Russians stories than even exists.

CNN is obsessed with the Russians.

The Russians may have interfered in our presidential elections. If they did – that’s a story worth covering. When Obama was president, we did the same thing to Israel. That’s a story.

What ISN’T a story is wall-to-wall coverage on ONE thing, bringing in panel after panel to discuss so-called “collusion” with the Trump administration that may or may not exist.

You’ll remember that CNN fizzled out on its coverage of the missing Malaysian jetliner. It was wall to wall and CNN became the butt of jokes as they recycled the same information over and over.

So worry not about Trump and the Russians. It’s another CNN obsession.

Video: CNN and their latest obsession.

CNN is going for ratings – on the left side of the political aisle.

President Trump’s supporters have tired of the Russian story long ago. But Hillary Clinton’s supporters see it as the best excuse for her having lost to a political novice. And the Ruskies probably DID try to mess around with out minds during the election. The likely goal was not a Trump presidency – but rather to create chaos in our politics.

CNN is happy to oblige.

They’ve gone wall to wall many times in the past – going tabloid to get ratings. This probably got started with the O.J. Simpson murder case when the slow-speed-chase fascinated Americans. Simpson and his crimes were a ratings bonanza, so CNN covered it ad nauseum. OK, fine. CNN was the Cable News King in those days.

Video: The missing jetliner — over and over again for weeks without end

But if Simpson captured the fancy of most Americans – other cases captured CNN’s fancy.

Here’s a partial list of stories that the Cable News Network has gone nuts over:

• The OJ Simpson murders/trial
• The Jon-Benet Ramsey murder case
• The Natalee Holloway case
• The Lacy Peterson case
• The British au pair (Louise Woodward) case
• The Amanda Knox case
• The Jodie Arias case
• The Casey Anthony case
• TWA 800
• Ferguson & the Michael Brown case
• Baltimore and the Freddie Gray case
• Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman
• Death of Michael Jackson
• Death of Prince
• Anna Nicole Smith death

(Thanks to Lou Ann Anderson for helping me remember some of these cases – and this list is by no means exhaustive.)

Of course, the missing Malaysian jetliner was the granddaddy of all of these since the O.J. case.

CNN made the entire network into a laughing stock with endless droning on about a story that affected no one other than the countries involved. Anchor Don Lemon even suggested it had disappeared into a black hole.

Video: The clip that made Don Lemon famous.

Note that Lou Dobbs — when he was on CNN – was somewhat fixated on illegal immigration. The network ran him off. CNN only binges on weird police cases, violence, or stories that will do potential harm to conservatives. So let them cover the Russians all they want. Lots of people are already sick of it.

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