Mainstream Media plays down threat from Kim Jong Un & North Korea World War III is staring us in the face and the featurepapers and the networks are giving the story short shrift.

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By Lynn Woolley

Sure, some featurepapers put the NoKo story on page one – down at the bottom for a few graphs and continued on page 10-A. That’s an actual example [Dallas Morning News 9/5/17].

But take the story on illegal immigrants brought into the United Sates as minors. Does anyone doubt that every paper in America will trumpet: “TRUMP ENDS DACA” in two-inch headlines above the fold?

My theory is that the DACA story suits the liberal agenda to a T.

It shows Trump being insensitive to a politically correct group of (gasp!) children. The North Korea story, on the other hand, might serve to unite the country against a common enemy – and we can’t have that. I guarantee you that the MSM will treat the DACA story as the end of the world – and that North Korean nukes, which could lead to the end of the world – as in World War III – will be downplayed. Journalism is indeed dead.

North Korea is “begging for war.” 

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley spoke Monday during a UN Security Council emergency meeting over North Korea’s latest missile launch. KENA BETAKEN/AFP/Getty Images

Kim Jong Un is crazy in the sense that Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi are crazy – but there is a method to his madness. What is it? Why is he, as Nikki Haley, the U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations, stated: “…begging for war.”

I can see three possible reasons for his actions – all cloaked in the understanding that he is Dear Leader, a deity to his people, and they are ignorant of the outside world.

1. He may want the respect and (in his mind) security that comes from being a nuclear power.
2. He may want to use his nukes as bargaining chips in a play for blackmail money and a pledge that the world will not seek regime change.
3. He may want to go down in history by going out in a blaze of glory.

The first two scenarios are at least rational in the case of a third-generation Communist dictator with absolute power. Remember, KJU can have any woman he wants. Refusing him would get a woman shot in about five minutes. Any general or scientist that disappoints him gets shot. He has access to all the amenities that his people don’t have. He could live a quiet, conformable life just by not threatening other countries.

So it’s #3 that worries me.

Video: U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley: North Korea’s Actions Are ‘Begging For War’ | NBC News

This little dictator has a grudge against the United States. He had his way with past administrations, especially that of Barack Obama, and he wants to embarrass Trump. Here is the question of the century so far:

Is Kim Jong Un willing to see his country destroyed and he and his people wiped out, in order to get his revenge on the United States and Western Civilization?

If President Trump knew the answer to that question, his job would be far easier. During the Cold War, we generally assumed the Russians were like us in one key way: they did not want to die in a nuclear holocaust. We made decisions based on that belief – and our assumptions turned out to be true.

If Kim Jong Un is not concerned about the ultimate survival of his country, that changes the calculus. And not for the better.

If we find that to be true, we had best be preparing for war.

Kim is now said to have a nuke that is more powerful that either of the two we dropped on Japan in World War II. We now believe that he has an ICBM that can reach Hawaii and perhaps some cities in the mainland. If Kim’s scientists, working with a gun at their heads, can marry the two, then Kim can strike Japan, Guam, Honolulu, and perhaps the West Coast of the United States.

Kim Jong Un pictured inspecting what was reportedly a hydrogen bomb

The question is whether he will do it – and so far, there are no indications that he won’t.

Clinton, Bush, and Obama all kicked the can down the road, and Ambassador Haley says there’s no more road. President Trump now has to deal with Obama’s massive failure regarding NoKo. America, and its allies, had better come together. That’s a huge news story.

Or not.

If I had to guess, Trump’s ending of DACA, and good old Russian Collusion will be the big stories, only interrupted by hurricane strikes that can be tied to Global Warming by Seth Borenstein. World War III is staring us in the face and the featurepapers and the networks are giving the story short shrift, largely because of their hatred for Donald Trump.

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