The Lynn Woolley Show ready to make Central Texas radio great again After just 52 episodes, M&M Broadcasting owner Gary Moss took me aside and pulled the plug.

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After just 52 episodes, M&M Broadcasting owner Gary Moss took me aside and pulled the plug on Friday, July 19th. He quoted a figure in monthly advertising revenue that he expected which seemed impossible to me. I had five amazing clients sponsoring the show and I’m sure more would come. A large financial firm was set to start in August. I worked very hard to bring sponsors on board. I put together dozens of proposals and sent them to advertisers large and small. Being the 21st Century, most never even bothered to reply.
It is, however, a fact that not enough sponsors means no show. That’s where we are. I think it would have taken a year, and a move to the morning slot.
Here’s what I was facing: I was hosting a 3 hour political show on an otherwise full-time sports station. So I had no lead-in. (Note that sports listeners are very different from current events listeners). I didn’t even have a top-of-the hour network newscast, which I had asked for.
Promotion of the show amounted to my Facebook page. No TV ads. No outdoor billboards. No newspaper ads. And I had to deal with a terrible time slot. My first hour was up against Rush Limbaugh. My second two hours were up against Sean Hannity and Rick Roberts on WBAP, a Dallas station that has a huge audience in Waco. Listening to Rick’s show driving home, I would hear Waco callers that likely had no clue that there was a local show.
When we started negotiations, I was going to do 8am till 11am — my old slot. Then, it changed to 9am til noon — not as good, but perhaps doable. Then, due to contractual problems with FOX Sports, I got stuck with the 1pm-4pm slot. The show was dead in the water at that point.
I want to thank Gary Moss for the opportunity. I want to thank the people who tuned in. Facebook traffic regarding show topics was strong so I know that lots of you did.
A special thanks to Joel Amos and Brent Coates at Amos Electric. Please sign up with them now for your home electric service. You will not be disappointed. And to Ronald Warner at Troy Heating and Air. He’s a great guy who knows his stuff as well or better than anyone and at a great price. Use him. And to Ronald Ducharme at Rescue Magazine. Please attend his annual Pet Extravaganza at the Bell County Expo Center on September 14th. He does great work placing homeless pets. And to Rick Schroeder who sent me the Epoch Times and bought airtime to promote it. It’s a great newspaper and I thank Rick from the bottom of my heart. And to Mike and Tricia McDonald of Lubbock who manufacture a great product called TruProtect that even the White House uses. I hope you will give their space-age insulation a try at your home or business.
I also want to thank the great Mike Lucas — the show voice of the Lynn Woolley Show!
As for me, I will play my guitar and sing oldies when I can find a booking. I will work on columns for I will continue to appear with Jim Cardle on KJCE Talk 1370 in Austin on weekends. I will do some voice-over work. And if another talk opportunity comes my way — why not? I’m still a very young man. And quite handsome.


News Release:

WACO, TX: M&M Broadcasters is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with talk show host Lynn Woolley that will return “The Lynn Woolley Show” to the air. The first broadcast for the new show is set for May 6.

For the past 23 years, Woolley’s show has originated from studios in Temple, but he says moving “Fabled Studio L” to Waco is exciting. “Wherever I broadcast from is Studio L,” he says. The “L” stands for “logic,” and that’s what Lynn Woolley has based his opinions and monologues on since the very beginning back in 1995.

Lynn Woolley

“With all the lunacy that goes on in the world these days, I just thought America could use a Department of Logic, so I created one on the radio and appointed myself to be its secretary.” As the “Secretary of Logic,” Lynn Woolley has used common sense to analyze current events – and influence politicians.

The new show will also have a new timeslot: Monday-Friday from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. – giving the day’s news a bit more time to develop. Wrapped around Lynn’s show will be M&M’s traditional sports programming.

“I could not be happier to work with some of the biggest names in Central Texas radio,” Woolley said. “David Smoak is a nationally known sportscaster, and the voice of the Baylor Bears, John Morris, also broadcasts with M&M. I’m a Longhorn by nature, but I can guarantee that at least 10 times each season, I’ll be pulling for the Bears!”

The new Lynn Woolley Show will be similar – yet different – from the prior show. “It’ll be the ‘Studio L Network’ for sure,” says Woolley. “Our goal is always to Be Logical. But we’ll have a bit more local content than we did on the old show that was split between Central and West Texas. We’ll look for stories from Waco, Temple, Belton, Killeen, Georgetown, and Round Rock as well as covering Austin and Washington, D.C.”

What about guests? “We’ll absolutely have the best A-list guests we can book!” says Woolley. They may be from right here in the local area or from the depths of the Swamp, but we promise they will be interesting and entertaining.” And, of course, the “Logic Line” will always be open to take calls from our beloved radio audience.

The all-new Lynn Woolley Show will air in four places on the radio dial plus M&M’s live stream. In Waco, the show will broadcast over KLRK AM 1590 and FM 99.3. In Killeen-Temple-Belton, it will air on KTON AM 1330 and FM 93.9. KLRK’s powerful AM signal reaches from Waco to Hillsboro while KTON covers points south to Georgetown, Round Rock and Austin.

The live stream will be heard at

If Facebook posts to Lynn’s site are an indication, Central Texas listeners are ready to have the Secretary of Logic back on the air. “This show stands for what’s great about America,” says Lynn Woolley. “We’re ready to make Central Texas radio great again!”

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