Journalism in Tatters as 2018 rings in CNN reporter Randi Kaye was wearing marijuana-themed earrings and was on-camera holding lit joints.

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Jan 2, 2018 2 Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

The objective reporting of news has never been in worse shape than it is now. In fact, it’s a lost art. Journalism should be a higher calling – a career based on a relentless search for truth and reporting it as such to the people who consume it.

But as the new year gets underway, journalism seems to have devolved into two basic categories.

CNN Reporter Randi Kaye with her joint– from Denver on News year’s Eve

One is the bashing of the current administration by media organizations that hate President Trump. The other is the open advocacy of the liberal agenda. If you get your news via the mainstream media – or by smartphone, this is typically what you get. It is a form of indoctrination.

The few information outlets that do not fit this model can be counted on one hand – and they are vilified by the others. So be careful about what you see and you read. Do your own fact checks, and be very skeptical.

The truth IS out there.

You will not find it on PolitiFact or in Associated Press fact checks. What you have to do is go to multiple news sources, and start underlining actual facts. The endless panels on CNN are not providing facts. They are conclusions by left-wing commentators based on their own prejudices – usually hatred of Donald Trump.

For example, there are stories right now that seem different when you read about them in the Wall Street Journal, or watch stories on FOX News than if you read the New York Times or watch CNN. We can name a few:

• The Trump campaign and Russian collusion.
• The Steele Dossier and its aftermath.
• Bias (or not) within the FBI.
• The attacks in Benghazi.
• Calls for a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton.
• Climate change.

No matter what you read about these stories in the WSJ or at conservative websites like Breitbart, WorldNetDaily, Newsmax, the Daily Caller, Newsbusters or WBDaily, you will get an entirely different spin on Slate, HuffPo or CNN.

This belies the concept of truth. That is to say – there is bias inside the FBI that has caused the Bureau to be antagonistic to Trump and deferential to Hillary Clinton – or there is not. The Steele Dossier is debunked – or it contains at least some element of truth.

An honest media would report facts and not opinions. Even cable shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight, Hannity, and the Rachel Maddow Show would base their opinions on facts.

Most disturbing is the media’s outright embrace of left-wing causes.

Video: CNN’s New year’s Eve Bash — The Bong Show

You could call it the Bong Show. On its New Year’s Eve program, CNN reporter Randi Kaye was on screen wearing marijuana-themed earrings and was on-camera holding lit joints. She placed an unlit “gas mask” bong to her face while reporting from Denver and handed the bong to man who informed her that is was loaded with cannabis. Kaye then lighted the bong for the man.

Maybe this is CNN celebrating freedom, or trying to be hip.

But it’s downright odd to see drug use of any type glorified on national TV. Is this what journalism has become?

Of course, CNN has bigger problems if it really wants to be a news network that is trusted. As Ruben Navarrette writes in a column about CNN, left-wing panelists like Jeffrey Toobin attack FOX News all the time without any remorse about their own network. Navarrette writes:

“This is a noble objective, if we’re talking about the Democratic Party or liberal activists. But it’s not the role of journalists who are supposed to search for truth and not lead the resistance.”

Exactly. CNN, even more so than the Washington Post and the New York Times, seems to want to lead the coup against Trump that will lead to impeachment and removal. Bad CNN. That’s the job of Maxine Waters and other congressional fruits and nuts.

The Dallas Morning News “dream headlines.” 

The Dallas Morning News Editorial Board presents “Dream Headlines” for 2018

Each year, the News sets up some headlines they’d like to see. Here are a few from the January 1, 2018 edition:

• Cornyn leads effort in [sic] to bring Senate to Center. Texas’ senior senator works across the aisle to champion centrist, effective regulation, bucks right wing.
• “Fake News” fades as catch-all term for “news we don’t like.”
• Steve Bannon retires from public life.
• Lawmakers approve $236 million in emergency funds for pre-K.
• Big Energy bets heavily on renewables.
• Trump signs DACA bill preventing mass deportations.
• Voters approve 13-cent tax hike to bolster DISD schools.

There were other, benign dream headlines – but none that could reasonably be considered conservative in nature. As with CNN’s Zeff Zucker, we need to remember that the fish rots from the head down. At the Dallas Morning News, the Editorial Board wrote those dream headlines – and they set the tone for the paper.

Where you watch and where you read matters more than ever.

If you believe that FOX News leans right, then watch CNN as a balance. If you believe the WaPo, New York Times and the Dallas News are liberal and not balanced, then read the Wall Street Journal editorial page or National Review.

I’m simply telling to get your news from a variety of sources and make a logical decision about what you believe to be true. Journalism is pretty much dead as we enter 2018. But the truth IS out there, and you CAN find it.

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  1. don76550 says:

    Not for one minute would we put up with the level of deception, incompetence and outright fraudulent activity in any other profession, such as health care providers, contractors, and so on. Why then do we put up with it coming from our lying liberal disciples of Joseph Goebbels in our fake news media? While there is a 1st amendment right of free speech, there is NO constitutional right to be a journalist. The time is long overdue to require occupational licenses to be a journalist. Then, just as a health care provider can lose his license for habitual malpractice, so could a lying incompetent journalist lose his license over habitual lying and malpractice. This does not mean he could lose his license for criticism or editorials, rather what he calls news must be true. Those who oppose that concept are fighting for the right to lie in news stories.

  2. IMPACT1 says:

    If people would only take an objective view of the basics, like ‘Mass Media’ and think about why they are being ‘fed’ certain things daily…the first thing you need to ask (yourself) is ‘what do they want from me’? And, do I want to give them what they want…(usually it’s your soul)

    I agree, ‘Do your own research’….you actually come out much smarter in the end!

    As for CNN (video) – Isn’t CNN just so ‘Trendy’?
    If you want to smoke pot smoke pot… what ever makes your boat float…most people been there, done that. But, making it a big deal is really lame.

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