Gillman gets “Nationalism” twofer bashing Trump and Cruz CNN, and this article seek to paint Trump (and by association, Cruz) as essentially a Nazi.

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Oct 24, 2018 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

Todd Gillman is what passes for a writer at the Dallas Morning News. His stuff is usually left-wing, smarmy, anti-Trump, anti-Cruz and passed off to the reader as reporting.

He likes to jump on the CNN train and often pulls from the same Trump-bashing topics as they do.

So when Trump, appearing in Houston at a big rally, proclaimed himself a “nationalist,” the left-wing networks pounced. Gillman took shots at Trump and Senator Ted Cruz – Trump for saying it and Cruz for not being “troubled” by it.

Trump and Cruz at Houston rally

CNN, and this article seek to paint Trump (and by association, Cruz) as essentially a Nazi.

Gillman writes, the term conjures images of “fascists, warmongers, and white supremacists.” He might as well have said “Hitler.” He writes this even though Trump’s meaning is crystal clear. President Trump loves the United States of America – and puts it first.

That’s more than you could say about Barack Obama.

President Obama went on a tour apologizing for America. He proclaimed that we are not a Christian nation, and that we are not exceptional any more than any other place, and he bowed in the presence of Middle Eastern strongmen.

Donald Trump comes along, and actually cares about the forgotten men and women in flyover country. He works to bring jobs to Americans and manufacturing back to America. He tries – fighting Congress all the way – to secure our border.

He tries – fighting the federal courts all the way – to keep us safe from Middle Eastern terrorism. He has kept his word about his agenda and he has implemented great swaths of it. In short, Trump is a good president and he has done an amazing job in bringing us back from the Obama disaster.

Video: From CBS News – President Trump explains “Globalist” and “Nationalist”

The headline and subhead (which Gillman likely did not write) are anti-Cruz and anti-Trump, respectively.

With the election days away and early voting underway, the News had to get in an anti-Cruz headline:

“Speech doesn’t bother Cruz.”

It didn’t bother me either. In the sense that Trump is a nationalist, so am I.

But Gillman tried in his piece to make Trump sound like the guy that murdered 6 million Jews. And, then, by association, Cruz must be a Nazi too. This is bad reporting. Disgusting headlines. Not worthy of the term “journalism.”

Todd J. Gillman of the Washington Bureau of the Dallas Morning News

The subhead was:

“Trump’s embrace of nationalism proves worrisome to some.”

To whom, exactly? Todd Gillman for sure. To leftists and to a far left-wing professor at Southern Methodist University – hardly a neutral source.

This prof, Erin Hochman, is listed as an associate professor of modern German and European history. German? Really? I wonder why Gillman called her? Hitler was a German, but, never mind…

Here’s what this liberal professor had to say to Gillman and to his readers:

“It’s definitely a dog whistle, particularly because Trump immediately drew a contrast between ‘nationalist’ and ‘globalist,’ an idea historically applied by radical nationalists, like the Nazis, to people such as Jews and socialists, who allegedly hold no loyalty to the state.”

So Gillman did not use the Nazi-word, but he was happy to have this left-wing professor use it.

Nazis? Radical nationalists? Loyalty to the state? – she didn’t miss any of the usual left-wing smear terms.

So I looked up “nationalist” on There are several definitions.

1. Spirit of aspirations common to the whole of a nation
2. Devotion and loyalty to one’s own county – patriotism
3. Excessive patriotism – chauvinism

President Trump is certainly part and parcel of definitions 1 and 2. Is he part of #3? You can decide – but he loves this country and Obama did not. (Or at least I saw no signs of it.)

Erin R. Hochman
Associate Professor
Modern German and European History at SMU

Professor Erin Hochman wasn’t done. She went on to say that there are several forms of “innocuous” nationalism – like flying your flag, and celebrating patriotism and national unity in an inclusive way.

Excuse me, but that’s the language of the Left.

Her earlier use of “dog whistle” – something the radical Left says all the time (but is never used by conservatives or moderates) screams “liberal” just as much as the term “false flag” screams Alex Jones.

She also used the word “inclusive” which is a left-wing term that is generally anti-white when used by academics.

So what about my contention that SMU is Texas’ most left-wing college?

I stand by it. CampusWire did a report on SMU (led by good old R. Gerald whom we’ve written about many times) showing this interesting factoid:

100 percent of SMU administrators, and 98.8 percent of SMU faculty contributed financially to Democrats and left-wing causes. In the 2017-1018 political cycle, SMU employees accounted for $85,037.43 in donations – with Democrats getting the bulk of it.

What Dinesh D’Souza said.

To his credit, Gillman finished up his article with some blowback from Trump supporters. He quoted several residents at Sun City (Georgetown) who stand with Trump and proclaimed themselves nationalist too.

And writer and documentary-maker D’Souza who was jailed for a relatively minor campaign contribution violation pointed out a few other well-known nationalists: Gandhi, Mandela, Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro, Winston Churchill, and Abraham Lincoln.

So count me in. In the same manner that President Trump is nationalist, so am I. It’s high time our leaders put our country first – as virtually all other countries do. Is Todd Gillman a nationalist? Is Erin Hochman a liberal? Is President Trump doing a great job for America?

I’d say the answers are no, yes, and yes.

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  1. Stephen says:

    I think the optimum word in the calumny of nationalism being NAZI is that of the word SOCIALISM in the name of the party National Socialist German Worker’s Party, and in fact the abbreviation of NAZI being the German of NATIONAL SOCIALIST.

    That is the TRUE stinker and it is pleasantly shared by the other stinkers such as Communism and is the up and coming from some time back of the Democrat Party. The Nationalism is actually a mild word to set it apart from Globalism, and if not NATIONALIST what WOULD be the equivalent polar opposite?

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