Cohen lawyer Lanny Davis debunks story by CNN’s Jim Sciutto “Fake News” is what happens when an all-news network runs with a single story.

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By Lynn Woolley

President Trump likes to call CNN a purveyor of “fake news.”

Here’s a good example.

Lanny Davis, a former Clinton apologist who now represents Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen, came forward with a tale about how Cohen was going to share damaging information with Special Counsel Mueller. Specifically, Cohen was going to tell investigators that Trump knew in 2016 of Russian efforts to undermine Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Never mind that then-President Obama knew it.

Jim Sciutto on “CNN Tonight”

CNN jumped on the story as they do any news that might damage Trump.

Jim Sciutto, CNN’s chief national security correspondent, used the story to show collusion on the part of Trump and the Russians.

But Davis has now come forward to say he spoke too soon. Davis is no longer certain that Cohen has that information.

Will CNN retract the story?

According to Breitbart, Sciutto also “broke” another fake news story.

The website charges that Sciutto told CNN’s audience that President Trump did not consult with Director Of National Intelligence Dan Coats prior to yanking the security clearance of former CIA Director (and now MSNBC talking head) John Brennan. It turns out that Trump did confer with Coats on that issue.

As did Brennan, Sciutto served in the Obama administration.

Video: (8/22/18) Lanny Davis, the attorney representing Michael Cohen, suggests that his client may have knowledge implicating Trump in Russia’s alleged hacking of Democratic emails. (Later recanted to the WaPo)

“Fake News” is what happens when an all-news network runs with a single story.

CNN has pretty much eschewed most other stories – as they once did in the story of the missing Malaysian jetliner – to concentrate the network’s resources on the theory that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

When a TV network decides to crusade against a politician that it disagrees with, and pulls out all the stops, bad reporting will likely ensue. Note that I do not know anyone that works at CNN, and my only contacts with the network have been (A) a studio tour in Atlanta several years ago, and (B) an appearance on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” when Lou was still on CNN.

But I can only imagine that with a left-wing CEO like Jeff Zucker, rank-and-file reporters and anchors, ever the stars like Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, Wolf Blitzer, and Sciutto are anxious to make points by digging up dirt on Trump.

If this is what’s going on at CNN, it’s unconscionable from a journalistic point of view. When Lanny Davis made his claims, CNN should have had a healthy dose of skepticism – rather than accepting all news negative to Trump as gospel.

Video: Boilerplate Sciutto on CNN

A CNN test may be coming up.

Conventional wisdom says Democrats will win the House of Representatives in the midterms. If that happens, they have already pledged to carry out robust investigations into President Trump, his campaign, his business dealings and even his income taxes.

Video: Nadler on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd on investigating Trump

Jerrold Nadler, D-NY, said on Meet the Press on 8/26/18:

“The role of Congress is not to protect the president. It’s to hold the president and any president accountable to the American people.”

[I call B.S. They didn’t want to investigate a single thing Obama did. Not Fast & Furious, not Benghazi, not Solyndra, not Black Panther voter intimidation, not the weaponizing of the IRS, not Obama open-mic “Russian flexibility” gaffe, not weaponizing the EPA, not the Hillary server scandal and what Obama knew, not Bill’s meeting with Loretta Lynch in Phoenix – and so on.]

Remember this: when the Republicans held hearings on the terrorist attacks at Benghazi where four Americans were brutally murdered, CNN boss Jeff Zucker proclaimed that he would not carry those hearings. This was an in-kind campaign donation to Hillary Clinton, and it ought to be investigated.

By the same token, Zucker does not allow his network to carry Trump speeches other than the State-of-the-Union. These decisions by Zucker are political in the extreme.

The test will come if Democrats hold anti-Trump hearings. Consistency and fairness dictate that CNN not carry those hearings either. My guess is that Zucker already has those hearings plugged into the CNN schedule. Perhaps Jim Sciutto will anchor the coverage.

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