CNN’s Acosta, Statesman’s Herman blast Trump attacks on Media With near 100 percent left-wing ownership and on-air personnel, CNN can’t see the positive.

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By Lynn Woolley

Ken Herman of the Austin American-Statesman went down on the arena floor at the Trump-Cruz rally in Houston – to do a up-close report on what its like to be the object of the President’s ire.

CNN’s Number One anti-Trump reporter, Jim Acosta, called on the President to stop attacking the media with claims of fake news. The White House Correspondent’s Association issued a statement recently condemning Trump.

Ken Herman (AAS)

It seems as if the Mainstream Media is fighting back at Trump – for fighting back at them.

I don’t take the Statesman – but I do take the Dallas Morning News and regularly point out the anti-Trump bias, which is palpable. If the media would like a fair shake from Trump, they might consider a fair shake for him. There is a reason that Trump’s crowds chant “CNN sucks” at his rallies. Acosta might try fair and balanced reporting.

I have some clippings from today’s Dallas Morning News that are cases in point.

On page 1: the headline is “Brothers in arms.”

OK, that’s fine, but the subhead reads: “Trump, Cruz set aside past to battle against O’Rourke, Dems.”

That’s a fair headline about the rally, but they did manage to work in Beto O’Rourke’s name. Nice of them from his standpoint.

On the caravan coming from Honduras – the headline on page 8-A is: “White House races to create stricter policies.” That’s a hat-tip to the would-be illegal aliens.

A better headline would have been” “Trump moves to protect rule-of-law and U.S border.”

But virtually all mainstream coverage treats the “migrants” as sympathetic – and Trump as mean and hard-hearted.

Consider other headlines about the same story on the same page: “Caravan driven by ‘hunger and death,’” “Migrants include ‘Middle Easterners,’ Trump says,” and “Members bristle at suggestion that terrorists are among them.” Each of these headlines is written to make Trump look bad.

Chants of ‘fake news’ and ‘Go home Jim’ could be heard at the rally at Airport High School in West Columbia (You Tube)

But Trump’s points are right on. We absolutely need more policies that will protect our border– and we don’t know who might be coming over since there is no vetting and no background checks.

On Sunday (October 21, 2018), the News ran it’s customary Sunday letters column based on a single subject.

This time it was headlined: “Readers weigh in on O’Rourke and Cruz.” A total of ten letters were printed under this umbrella. Seven were pro-O’Rourke. Only two were pro-Cruz. One was neutral.

If that’s not bad enough, the editors placed two pro-Beto letters first, followed by the neutral letter and then two more pro-Beto letters so that you had to read down to letter #6 to find a positive word about Ted Cruz.

With this type of treatment going on throughout the MSM, it’s no wonder Trump uses the media as a personal Moriarty.

Herman and Acosta seem to think they can poke and prod at President Trump constantly – and he ought not to bite back.

But most presidents have problems with the media. Johnson blamed Walter Cronkite for his Vietnam problems. Nixon fought with the media – and Vice President Spiro Agnew called them “nattering nabobs of negativism.” Even the revered Barack Obama had a famously thin skin when it came to reports critical of him.

Trump is different.

Rather than fuming and steaming in private, he simply reflects the media’s hatred right back at them. It’s effective. The media is to Trump as Moriarty is to Holmes, as the Joker is to Batman, as the Mule is to the Foundation. Sometimes, a strong and visible enemy makes the hero look even better.

The fact is that the MSM refuses to write glowing stories on the Trump economy, the good side of pulling out of bad treaties, our stronger position internationally, the upside of enforcing border laws, how Trump is draining the Swamp, or anything else that goes against their narrative.

Using negative stories when Trump does something bad and using positive stories when he does something good is known as “balance.” With near 100 percent left-wing ownership and on-air personnel, a network like CNN can’t see the positive.

But we have FOX News for that.

CNN, for its part, features a primetime of left-wing, trump-hating hosts with large panels of Trump haters and, perhaps, a single Trump supporter to beat upon.

That’s why “CNN sucks” and why, if it wants to be regarded as a serious news operation, it should consider not sucking anymore.

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