CNN goes to Thailand to seek dirt on Trump from Prostitute It is getting harder find words to describe the depths to which this network has sunk.

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By Lynn Woolley

How badly does CNN want to damage President Trump? It’s well known that Jeff Zucker and his low-rated network are anti-Trump to the max.

But here’s a new low – even for CNN.

Anastasia Vashukevich a.k.a. Nasta Rybka (Instagram)

The network sent a reporter to Bangkok to interview Anastasia Vashukevich who is in jail, and seeking asylum in the United States in return for her Trump story. Nothing from Special Counsel Mueller that we know of — but CNN took the bait.

So reporter Ivan Watson met with her through prison bars.

There likely is no story here. But CNN is always on the prowl for stories negative to Trump. They – and other networks ran the story of former Trump aide Sam Nunberg, who is defying a Mueller subpoena and who says Mueller might have something on Trump. All this shows that it doesn’t take much to get on CNN. Simply claim you have dirt on Trump.

Video: Jailed model offers Russia meddling info for US asylum

Anastasia Vashukevich wants out of jail – but what does she have on Trump?

We don’t know – and that’s the problem. She claims to have evidence of Russian meddling in the U.S. presidential election of 2016 – saying she witnessed meetings between a Russian billionaire and 3 Americans, unnamed, discussing plans to affect the election.

That’s all CNN seems to have gotten out of her. She allegedly would not say more out of fear of being deported back to Russia. CNN noted that she was once photographed with a Russian billionaire (the same one?) that might have been associated with former Trump campaign manager (now indicted) Paul Manafort.

She claims to have tapes she made that document Russian Crimes. If that’s so, it’s no wonder she doesn’t want deportation. Putin has been known to eliminate people with a does of polonium 210.

Video: Russian model promises to spill Trump-Russia secrets

What this says about Anastasia Vashukevich is simple.

She wants out of jail. She wants asylum in the United States. Is she truthful? Doubtful. She is a prostitute and self-described seductress who is in jail for plying her trade without a license. Of course, Hillary Clinton isn’t in jail – and she lies, so who knows?

What does this say about CNN?

Seriously, it is getting harder find words to describe the depths to which this network has sunk under Jeff Zucker. Some media watchers now believe that CNN, which bills itself as “the most trusted name in news,” is farther left that MSNBC, which uses “lean forward” as a slogan. Both networks hate Trump. But MSNBC is far more honest about it.

In the broadcast industry, the word “prostitute “has another meaning.

In my profession, the word refers to a situation in which a broadcast outlet will run anything on the air so long as somebody pays for it. Common usage is “…they are prostituting the station to make money…”

I’m not accusing CNN of being motivated by ad sales or by money. They could make far more by being a serious news network, as FOX News has proven. But when a supposed news network dedicates its entire broadcast day for more than a year to destroying a president it doesn’t like — the word fits.

If there is anything to this woman’s story – or that of Sam Nunberg, CNN will let you know. If not, they’ll find their anti-Trump dirt elsewhere. But they will find it.

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