Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News, Doonesbury wallow in Trump hatred The bias is palpable and that’s why Trump is not so much attacking the free press as he is calling them out.

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By Lynn Woolley

The Mainstream Media hates the things that President Trump says about them. But a look at recent newspaper items, including a comic strip, proves that Mr. Trump has a point.

Start with the Boston Globe where the editors are calling for a coordinated day for newspapers to all run editorials against Trump.

They already do that 7 days a week, but never mind that.

The Dallas Morning News has a political writer who gave up all pretense of objectivity in calling for Democratic donors to provide the cash need to “flip” Texas away from conservative governance.

Then, there’s Garry Trudeau, the “Doonesbury” creator who used his strip this week to bash Republicans for not standing up to brutal regimes – as Obama did, one supposes. Rather than a special day to bash Trump, this country could use a special day of objective new reporting.

Gromer Jeffers, Jr. of the Dallas Morning News is now writing left-wing advocacy columns.

I think Jeffers has a case of Beto fever. With his schoolboy man-crush on the El Paso Irishman who’s legitimately challenging Sen. Ted Cruz, Jeffers offers outright support for tilting Texas to the left:

Because of these opportunities, Democrats should urge their donors to deposit the resources needed to flip the longtime Republican stronghold.

Jeffers sees anti-Trump sentiment and Beto O’Rourke’s strong showing with crowds and fundraising as an opportunity. He points out that, without Texas, Republicans have no path to the presidency. He’s right about that.

Gromer Jeffers Jr. is a columnist with the Dallas Morning News.

But if Trump were to read the Dallas News on a regular basis, he might ask this question:

If the Dallas Morning News has a “political writer” that openly supports Democrats, shouldn’t it have another one that openly supports Republicans?

That’s a fair question.

Jeffers concludes his not-so-down-the-middle column, which is NOT on the op-ed page by saying that Texas is, at long last, moving closer to being a battleground state. He claims that “should excite anyone who longs for true competition and a legitimate exchange of ideas.”

The Left, today is not about any kind of exchange of ideas – or they would not be throwing rocks through windows at Berkeley or removing statues in Dallas and Austin. If the Dallas Morning News wanted more “ideas” in their pages, they need another writer to pair with Jeffers – because Jeffers’ ideas are all from the left.

Doonesbury vs. the Independent Women’s Forum.

Garry Trudeau, who is married to TV host Jane Pauley, is a famous left-winger who uses his comic strip to demean Trump. This week (8/12/18) he attacked Republicans for being “spineless.” In captions, he went after a generic Republican congressman who, in the strip, kept bending over until he was virtually kissing his own behind. The captions say:

Didn’t Republicans once stand for things…You guys used to stand for free trade…You loathed tariffs…Weren’t you for strong alliances…and standing up top brutal regimes…

Yes, they did – and Trudeau bashed them for it daily.

Doonesbury 8/12/18

However, in an amazing show of karma, the News ran, on the same day, a long column by Claudia Rosett of the Independent Women’s Forum, who essentially blew Trudeau’s comic strip out of the water.

The column was a total indictment of Obama foreign policy – including how his “reset” with Russia was collusion that included reneging on promises of missile defense for eastern European nations.

She noted that Obama announced before the United Stations that America is no more exceptional than any other country, and that he placed the U.N. at the center of our foreign policy – even thought Russia and China have veto powers in the Security Council.

She also mentions a little factoid you’ve never heard on CNN (at least recently) and that is that Obama’s signature foreign policy achievement – the Iran nuclear deal – was reached with help from China and [gasp!] Russia.

She goes on to explain a lot about the foreign policies of Obama – compared to those of Trump – and makes Trudeau’s cartoon look quite ignorant.

The Rosett column is a rarity.

Was it good? Yes. Was it correct? So far as I can tell. But it is also a rare day for President Trump to get a break in a major newspaper. On a day-to-day basis, the bias is palpable and that’s why Trump is not so much attacking the free press as he is calling them out.

Perhaps to prove Trump wrong, the Boston Globe might have gone another direction – a day in which newspapers editorialize in a fair and balanced way the things that Trump has accomplished.

Obama’s lead-from-behind foreign policy, and his domestic socialism and social justice policies combined for a disastrous 8 years – and the newspapers didn’t want to tell us. They never seemed to feel the need to dump on Obama. But they are all too giddy about dumping on Trump.

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