AP Reporters demean Trump 10x in NoKo Summit story AP sends this biased reporting to virtually all of the nation’s daily papers – and they print it without question.

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By Lynn Woolley

This is nothing new for the anti-Trump media – but reporters Zeke Miller and Catherine Lucey outdid themselves in their piece on the summit with Kim Jong Un.

By now, we’re all used to the AP being left-leaning.

I’ve called it the L-A-P for years, meaning Liberal Associated Press. But in the era of Trump all pretense of actual reporting is gone – and the AP is now openly editorializing in key articles written for papers all over the country to print.

In this story about Trump’s deal-making abilities, Trump is characterized throughout as narcissistic, egotistical, unprepared, gullible, and eager for an agreement that will win him the Nobel Peace Prize.

There was a day when this summit would have been portrayed in the media as a way to avoid a possible nuclear war – that is, a mission of peace. In this article, all that matters is that Trump will ruin everything.

The Associated Press is no different from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and major newspapers.

The thing is, though, that the AP sends this biased reporting to virtually all of the nation’s daily papers – and they print it without question. That’s why we call them featurepapers; they mindlessly run the AP’s stories without removing the obvious editorial content, or without posting a notice that “This AP story may be biased.”

But look, network affiliates run liberal garbage from the Big Three without any warning labels whatsoever.

CBS and ABC provide late-night “comedy” shows hosted by Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel, respectively, that exit to talk trash about Trump. This plays to coastal elites, but mid-America isn’t amused. ABC even has a left-wing figure from the Clinton administration as the face of its news department.

It’s time to call them out. 

I started to say – “…or stop using their product.” I get my TV news from FOX News most of the time, and I never watch the late shows, but newspapers are another matter.

Newspapers give us the big national stories – and the local stories that we need to know. They also provide my daily dose of “Blondie” and “Pearls Before Swine” to get my day off to a good start.

But it’s time for them to become real newspapers again.l

AP’s ten demeaning comments against President Trump.

All these happened in one four-column piece amounting to about a quarter of a page. I went through and numbered them. The article was headlined:

Unorthodox Trump faces toughest test yet in NKorea summit

However, it is, in reality, Kim Jong Un that is facing a tough test. It is his country, not ours, that might face nuclear destruction if one of his missile tests goes awry and destroys a populated city in the free world. The AP does not see it that way.  

So let’s document the AP’s opinion, smarminess, and outright anti-Trump language used in this article – with some comments.

NUMBER 1: Embarking on a self-described “mission of peace…”

If not that, then how would the AP describe it? I can only imagine how they would have fawned if Obama had said the same thing.

NUMBER 2: President Donald Trump puts his seat-of-the-pants foreign policy to its toughest test yet as he attempts this week to personally broker an end to North Korea’s nuclear program in talks with Kim Jong Un.

Instead of “seat-of-the-pants,” the AP might have used the term “maximum pressure,” which is what got Kim wanting to talk. But that would step on Obama’s legacy.

NUMBER 3: The impulsive American president, who just this weekend sowed chaos within the Western alliance, is set to face his match on the global stage as he prepares to meet Kim in Singapore on Tuesday.

Oh so? Impulsive? Sowed chaos? The AP must have missed the election. Trump ran an America First campaign. His “chaos” at the G-7 meeting in Canada was anything but impulsive. It was about a level playing field in trade.

NUMBER 4: Trump is prioritizing instinct over planning.

Hmmm. I might agree with this one. Trump’s instructs are right most of the time. Good for him. The AP meant it as a smarmy remark, however.

NUMBER 5: Unlike traditional summits between heads of state, where most of the work is completed in advance, U.S. officials say the only thing certain ahead of these talks will be their unpredictability.

This may be news to the AP, but Trump is NOT a traditional president. If he were a traditional president, like Obama, we would not be having this chance to reach an agreement. Trump is very predictable with regard to the summit. If NoKo agrees to denuclearize and allow full inspections, the U.S. will help them build their country’s economy. If not, we have to blow them up. Therefore, the decision lies with Kim, and he is the one that is unpredictable.

NUMBER 6: Trump’s engagement with Kim fulfills the North Korean ruling family’s long-unrequited yearning for international legitimacy, itself a substantial concession after more than a generation of U.S. efforts to isolate the country on the global stage.

This is a left-wing meme. But without the meeting, there would be no meeting. Uh, isn’t that obvious?

NUMBER 7: Trump is the first U.S. president willing to sit-down with Kim with so few concessions, believing his self-professed negotiating prowess will guide him though uncharted diplomatic waters.

So few concessions? Kim has offered to end NoKo’s nuclear program, Trump is there to nail him down on that offer. Trump became a billionaire with his self-professed negotiating prowess.

NUMBER 8: White House aides described Trump in the days after receiving the initial Kim invitation as being obsessed by visions of winning the Nobel Peace Prize and of using the skills he laid out in his book “The Art of the Deal” to put his mark on the global order.

This may be my favorite of all the smarmy comments in the article. White House aides, huh? Those must be real Trump loyalists leaking from the White House (NOT!) – or fake news rom the AP. Either way, and even if Trump is fantasizing about a Nobel Peace Prize, he wouldn’t be the first. Obama got one for just existing. Trump might actually deserve one.

NUMBER 9: And there are worries from the White House to East Asian allies that Trump’s desire for an agreement will lead him to accept any deal — even if it’s a bad one.

This is ROTFL funny. Have you noticed that when the summit is on, the Left thinks he will lose his shirt. When it was off, Trump threw away a once-in-a-lifetime chance for peace. They can’t make up their minds.

NUMBER 10: Still, Trump’s team has not always been on the same page, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo — who has been leading the administration’s efforts — more supportive, while the hawkish National Security Adviser John Bolton has been more skeptical.

The Left doesn’t understand President Trump at all. Pompeo will probably be the chief negotiator (along with DJT) and he is totally rational. Bolton is there to scare the hell out of the North Koreans. They will understand that they can work with Pompeo, or Bolton will get them blown up.

And that was all in one single article.

So it is with almost all media in the era of Trump.

There is supposed to be an adversary press. The media is a major watchdog on government. It should be that way. There are just two problems. When Obama was in office, there was no adversary press at all in the MSM – it all fawned slobbered over everything he said and did. With Trump, it’s all hatred all the time as exemplified by this article, and the never-ending panels on CNN primetime.

As Americans, we pride ourselves in maintaining a free press. We also deserve a fair press – and that is something we do not have.


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