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Snowflakes suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome

By Lynn Woolley

The Left is becoming unhinged.

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All the marches against Trump, the safe rooms on college campuses, even the lecture from the cast of “Hamilton” show that liberal America is in total denial. Mainstream media that ran voter suppression stories against Trump for weeks – are still at it. President Obama is telling world leaders in Lima to calm down because Trump will have a hard time undoing the Obama agenda. Hillary Clinton is blaming her defeat on FBI Director James Comey. Her liberal base is urging members of the Electoral College to go rogue and vote Hillary into office anyway.

 President Obama greeted people on Saturday after a town hall event with a group of students and young leaders in Lima, Peru. (Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais- Associated Press)

President Obama greeted people on Saturday after a town hall event with a group of students and young leaders in Lima, Peru. (Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais- Associated Press)

This is nuts.

I was not prepared to accept Hillary Clinton [2] as president. I thought she was far too corrupt. But, assuming she was duly elected under the Constitution, virtually no one who agreed with me on that point would have marched in the streets against her.

Liberals as snowflakes.

“Snowflakes” is the word associated with those on the Left – usually college students, but others as will – that cannot deal with not getting their way. The youngest of this group played in sports leagues where they received “participation trophies” and there were no declared winners or losers. They were told that trump had no chance, and when he won, they were offended. Snowflakes must NOT be offended or they raise hell.

Snowflakes also exist in the Mainstream Media, an industry that has not yet come to terms and may need psychiatric help. There are plenty of snowflakes on TV, in movies, and on Broadway. So far, they are fully engaged in Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The media is loaded with TDS.

Some headlines over just a day in in the world of mainstream news:

“Obama Tries to Reassure Latin America About a Future With Donald Trump.” [3] A new York Tome story about Obama, on what was to be his legacy tour, telling world leaders that Trump will have trouble making big changes in Obama’s policies – left-wing stuff like Obamacare and Climate Change.
“World leaders take aim at Trump,” [4]an AP story out of Lima decrying Trump’s trade policies.
“New citizens told: Like it or not Trump’s president.” [5] A Dallas Morning News story about San Antonio Judge John Primomo who came under fire for telling new citizens that Trump is going to be their president and “…if you do not like that you need to go to another country.”
“Debate over ‘Hamilton’ speech exposes post-election cracks.”  [6] An AP story about the cast of the Broadway play “Hamilton” lecturing Vice President-elect Mike pence about diversity though Brandon Victor Dixon who plays Aaron Burr.
“Democrats, it’s time to fight like hell,” [7] an op-ed by Dallas Morning News Editorial Board member Michael Lindenberger, explaining how people such as he who voted for Hillary Clinton should attempt to stop Trump on issues such as immigration and monitoring of possible terrorists.

The Right did not March against Obama – either time.

I was personally devastated – twice – by the two elections that sent Obama to the Oval Office. Those elections meant that my personal point of view had been rejected, and all I could do was hope for the best.

Even though I knew that the liberal changes he wanted to institute in America would be disastrous, I felt that there would be no point in trying to block his presidency. Congress is the buffer against the President, and it failed to stop him, and Obama succeeded in much of what he wanted to do. The country paid a price because it did not work. Now, the Democrats are paying a price for his failed policies.

Trump has a different point of view that snowflakes do not understand or support. They should oppose those policies if they want to – but they have to depend on their allies in Congress to stop what Trump intends to do. But if – like Obama – he gets them through and they work – the little snowflakes will continue to stick out their lower lips and pout.

One thing about snowflakes: They have been sufficiently adjusted and their fixed minds are not likely to change – even in the face of evidence that they were wrong.


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1 Comment To "Snowflakes suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome"

#1 Comment By don76550 On November 23, 2016 @ 12:26 pm

These little college snowflakes are should be adult with the ability of critical thinking. Unfortunately our colleges do not educate, instead they indoctrinate with extreme left wing viewpoints and teach students they are expected to reach decisions based on their feelings and a left wing agenda. Employers, I would urge you to note what schools these mindless little snowflakes come from and make it a point to not hire anyone graduating from that school. As an employer you have a right to expect your employee will approach problems and stresses in your business with logic and critical thinking. Not some helpless and useless little snowflake that will whine for his safe space and assume the fetal position.