Hillary’s America would make us equally miserable Trump’s America is far more hopeful than Hillary’s.

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Oct 24, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

Trump is rude. Hillary is dangerous.

Trump has promised to do several conservative things including appointing conservative justices and securing the border. But does anyone really LISTEN to Hillary Clinton? How many people know what she would do? She outlined it pretty well in the final debate.



  • Her Supreme Court justices would not be constitutionalists, but rather social justice activists.
  • She’s not committed to the Second Amendment and she WILL put new restrictions on guns.
  • She will raise taxes.
  • She will bring in many more immigrants as she seeks to create a permanent Democrat majority.
  • She supports killing an unborn child even in the late-term.
  • She will double down on Obamacare.
  • She will grant political favors to her left-wing constituents.
  • She will redistribute wealth.

In Hillary’s America, the country will grow fat and lazy.

Trump’s America would be more about rule of law and freedom.

Trump is bombastic and crude. He is famous for having been a Democrat. But look at what Trump’s main points are:

  • He would appoint conservative justices.
  • He would negotiate better trade deals.
  • He would secure the border – maybe build a wall – but the wall isn’t important.

What’s important is that the “wall” is a euphemism for border security.

Trump’s America is far more hopeful than Hillary’s.

Trump would be far less into regulation and central government control of everything from the internet to business. Hillary believes that government always knows best. She would expand Obamacare to single payer. She would redistribute wealth under the guise of climate change. This would add to the deficit – along with the giveaway items she always mentions like childcare and free college education.

Video: Published on Jul 13, 2015 — Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton outlined her economic policy plans. These are her condensed remarks.

We are at $20 trillion in debt now and Hillary is promising more spending. (She promises that she will not add a penny to the deficit, but that is ludicrous.)

In Hillary’s America, there would be two classes. There’d be the elites of which she, Obama and the Bushes are members. The rest of us would need to be equalized. Left-wing billionaires like Michael Bloomberg and Warren Buffett would be part of the elite but the Koch Brothers would need to be punished.

Once Hillary has us all equal (except for her friends) we’d all be miserable.

So can we PLEASE look at the candidates’ platforms?

Here’s the situation. As nasty as Trump can be, his policies are far better than Clinton’s she will tax-and-spend us into the poorhouse. Her numbers do not add up. And this is before you consider her pathological lying, the myriad Clinton scandals, the server, Benghazi, and the revelations in the Wikileaks speech transcripts that show she has a public position for the little people and the private position to please Wall Street.

Hillary is not disguising what she wants to do. It’s just that the MSM does not report on it. Go to her website. It’s there. Listen to what she said in the debates. See if you think your America is the same as Hillary’s America.


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