Hating Texas is the new National Pastime I guess it’s because we’re bigger, we’re better and we know it.

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May 19, 2016 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

The other 49 states have always had this – thing — about Texas.

I guess it’s because we’re bigger, we’re better and we know it. We were once a republic, and we have a history unlike any other state. But I don’t think that’s why there’s so much Texas hatred going on out there.

I think it’s because Texas is still conservative.

Progressives have wanted to “turn Texas blue” for a long time. They ran liberal state senator Wendy Davis whose claim to fame is her support for abortion – and she didn’t come close. Since then, liberals have fumed about Texas and resented the fact that traditional values still matter here.

It’s true that demographics have turned Dallas and Houston into liberal cities and that Austin and San Antonio have been left-wing for years. But the suburbs and rural areas are still quite red – and people still leave liberal states in droves to move here.

The magazine “Business Insider” conducted a poll – and Texas (kind of) won.

texas-hate Business Inisder

The BI poll was done with Survey Monkey and it asked all kinds of questions about the states. Respondents were not allowed to name their home state. On the question, “which state you like the least,” Texas got 167 votes out of 1581 – enough to win! If you call that winning.

New York won “most arrogant,” but Texas placed third behind California.

A letter in the Dallas Morning News sums it up pretty well! Texans are stupid and racist.

The letter was published on May 19, 2016 and comes from Larry Pryor of Dallas. Larry had just read a piece by the DMN’s liberal columnist (they ALL pretty much are) Jacquielynn Floyd entitled: “We’re Texas, y’all: So deal with it.” I skipped that one. I saw it in the Sunday metro column—but a sane person can only take so much of Floyd.

Anyway, Pryor was all worked up into frenzy. I imagine spittle coming from his snarled lips as he wrote his letter:

“I have never seen so many people so full of themselves as Texans, especially the males.”

Now wait just a doggoned minute. I’m a Texan of the male persuasion, and you can’t accuse me of bragging about Texas – wait! I suppose you can. I have often told my radio audience that I won the lottery twice. First by being born in America, and second by being born in Texas. I would not want to live anywhere else. OK. I’ll give him that one. He continued:

“What this braggadocio attitude is based on, I and many of my WINNER friends have never figured out, especially when you start asking some in-depth questions. I actually know a guy that honestly believes that the moon landing was shot in a garage in Houston.”

That’s bull. Everybody knows the moon landing was shot in the Arizona desert. But that’s beside the point. He and his WINNER friends — he’s referring to the North winning the War Between the States – see us Texans as being a bunch of hayseeds. Why he’s forced himself to live here for 35 years is inexplicable.

He concludes with a pithy insinuation that Texas is a racist state. (It might not be so bad if he’d move out!)

Who the heck is Mimi Swartz and why doesn’t she share the cost of a U-Haul Trailer with Larry Pryor? 

Mimi Swartz

Mimi Swartz

Mimi is an executive editor for Texas Monthly, which explains why I never heard of her. I don’t read TM for the same reason I don’t watch MSNBC. I like to feed my mind brain-food of the highest quality. I usually take in church on Sunday, and stick to a literary diet of National Review, the Wall Street Journal, and Texas Insider Dot Com. I read the Dallas Morning News because I like to see what a big city paper is up to –and because they have published my work off and on for a lot of years.

Mimi does not like Texas very much. (That would be the same Texas as in “Texas” Monthly, which is the magazine she is an executive editor of. Excuse the preposition. I wrote her and suggested that she start a new magazine called “Oregon Monthly,” but nobody wants to move to Portland because it’s full of Grimms and other fairy tale creatures.

Mimi wrote a column for the New York Times about how bad Texas is. She called Texas “the punch line to a not-so-funny joke.” She explained that we used to have Lyndon Johnson and Ann Richards and now we have Ted Cruz. She called our current slate of conservative office-holders “pridefully ignorant pygmies.”

The pygmy community should boycott Texas Monthly and Oregon Monthly too if she ever starts it up.

She quotes Mary Beth Rogers, authoress of “Turning Texas Blue,” which sold for $26.99 but not very often. Mary Beth apparently said:

“The conventional wisdom is we are just a bunch a crazies down here.”

Oh so?

Maybe that’s what Obama meant by “bitter clingers.” I’ve always wanted to start a rock and roll band called the Bitter Clingers. Maybe she means we still revere the Founding Fathers’ concept of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Or that we believe in the sanctity of life and work to protect the unborn. Maybe it’s because we aren’t offended by much of anything and especially not by a statue of Jefferson Davis at UT/Austin. Maybe it’s because we still pee in the bathroom that corresponds to whether we have a penis or a vagina.

At any rate, it’s kind of strange that a magazine called Texas Monthly has a Texas hater as an editor. Maybe she will see the light after President Trump is inaugurated.

Yes; everybody hates Texas. But everybody wants to live here.

Check the travel routes of U-Haul trailers and see how many are leaving California and heading to Texas with one-way tickets. Look at how many states are in deep doo-doo after years of liberal governance. Look at where the growth is. The top two fastest-growing towns in the United States are Georgetown and New Braunfels — both in Texas. Detroit used to be a thriving industrial town much bigger than Houston. Now, Houston has left it in the dust. Some estimates say that both the Houston and Dallas metro areas will overtake that of Chicago within years.

San Antonio’s big rival isn’t some out-of-state city. The Alamo City, which grew at a rate of 10.7% from 2010 to 2015 is keeping an eye on nearby Austin which grew at a rate of 17.9%. In that same time period, look at how many actual people moved to Texas top 5 cities:

Houston: + 196,773
San Antonio: + 142,438
Austin: + 141,440
Dallas: + 102,276
Fort Worth: + 92,113

Houston, San Antonio and Dallas are all Top Ten cities and Austin is just outside that group. Why do so many people move to Texas?

The answer is jobs.

We have them. Why do we have them? Because we have no income tax, we’re a business friendly state, and we are not nearly as regulated as, say, New York. Both New York and Michigan have been running TV and radio spots about how they’ve cut taxes and regulations. Meanwhile, Californians are taxed to death and Illinois, another liberal state, may need a bailout one of these days.

Mr. Pryor can hate Texas all he wants, but he is free to move. Apparently, there is something he likes here since he admits to being here for 35 years. Mimi is a good writer, according to her bio. She’s written for a lot of left-wing publications like Vanity Fair, Slate, and the New York Times. She’s perfect for those venues. But TEXAS MONTHLY? Not so much.

Remember when CNN ruled the cable news world? Remember what happened when FOX News came on the air and treated conservatives as real, live human beings? Even though magazines are rapidly dying, I’ll bet one called TEXAS CONSERVATIVE MONTHLY would send Mimi’s employer to an early grave.

In the meantime, the Einsteins that run California, Illinois, and New York are driving those states into the ground. The “crazies” that are running Texas have caused people – and companies like Toyota — to move here in droves.

It’s OK. Go ahead and hate on Texas all you want. Texas is a conservative state and it’s booming. Liberal ideology is a big fat failure. That’s why you libs hate on Texas. Come on, now! You know I’m right.


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