Donald Trump gives voice to those ignored by Elites Political elites care about the wellbeing of political elites. The rest of us are on our own.

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By Lynn Woolley

A lot of people tell me that term limits is the political reform they’d most like to see. Why is that? In a recent column, congressional Republican consultant David Winston opined that millions of people in America feel left out – as though their government doesn’t listen to them – or even know they exist.

He says that’s because elites don’t understand about President Trump.

I think he’s right.

Before Donald Trump, did you think politicians cared about those of us in the middle of the country? President George W. Bush supported “comprehensive immigration reform” when most conservative voters were leery.

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His brother Jeb told us that illegals “come here out of love.” Think about this. On the touchy subject of immigration, Donald Trump provides a voice to Americans that don’t want open borders.

Without him, that voice is gone.

In fact, illegal immigration is probably why Trump won.

Note that Hillary was for a “path to citizenship” because new voters from south of the border almost always vote Democrat – and that’s what she cares about.

Political elites care about the wellbeing of political elites. The rest of us are on our own.

Video: 2008 – Elitist Obama says rural voters are bitter and cling to guns

There are two major liberal “nests” in America.

There are two big “media centers” in our country – not counting Chicago. The east coast elite start in Boston, work their way down trough New York to Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC. On the west coast, the area from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and up to Sacramento is the left-wing stronghold.

Most of our film/TV industry, recording venues (except Nashville), and news organizations are in three cities – New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. – all firmly within the elite areas. The technology giants are in Silicon Valley. Someone once said Chicago is where the elites change planes. The rest of the country serves a single purpose: to provide someplace for political elites to go and get elected year after year.

Once political elites get to Washington, they, with rare exceptions, are gradually acclimated and assimilated to the elite political life. The things they tell us back home are to get them reelected – which is always the top priority.

Note that Hillary Clinton, who is among the snobbiest of the elites, did not think she needed to campaign much as the POTUS job was considered hers for the taking.

Video: Elitist Hillary in 2016 – Trump supporters in a basket of deplorables

Trump changed all that.

So here comes this guy worth 9 billion dollars or so, and he actually has built things and created businesses – and jobs! Imagine – Trump, a New York developer, understood the working folks between the east and west coast elite groups.

On immigration, he gave voice to people who, while not opposing a reasonable amount of legal immigration, were sick about our borders being so leaky. They wondered why the Clintons got away with crimes that everybody saw right out in the open – and never paid a price. Trump seemed to get the plight of the out-of-work coal miner, and he believed that the way to make business thrive was to kill the stifling regulations of the Obama era.

Like just a few other pols, (Ted Cruz comes to mind), Donald Trump remembers the promises he made, and, once elected, began to act upon them. To this day, he goes to places Hillary Clinton would scoff at – and holds rallies. He tells people that America was once a great place for working men and women – a thriving middle class – and he aims to make it that way again for all. That’s what “Make America Great Again” means. MAGA is about all people doing well in America.

The Left tells us that Trump wants to make American the land of slavery and Jim Crow – but that’s what the Left does. Whether you’re white, black, Hispanic or Asian, Trump’s America has made you better off – assuming you’re here legally.

Video: Elitist Joe Biden calls Trump supporters “dregs of society” (Sept. 17, 2018)

Texas in the balance.

That’s where we Texans come in. We are the thin red line. If we go “blue” and our electoral votes go to the Democrat, there will not be another Republican president in our lifetime. If Texas adds its electoral votes to those of New York, Illinois, and California – it’s all over.

We mentioned two left-wing nests located on our coasts.

Now imagine a third liberal enclave stretching from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex along I-45 to Houston, then across I-10 to San Antonio, up I-35 to Austin and back to D/FW. Guess what? Every one of those cities except Fort Worth is already there. Our big cities are already voting left-wing and have elected far left city governments. This is why the Dems are salivating over Texas.

If the Democrats take the House and the Senate and later on, the White House, elites will once again prosper, but the middle class in between New York and Los Angeles will have no voice. If Obama-type regulations are slapped back on business, more of them will fail.

Trump is the voice of the ignored middle class – and Texas is the “trump card” that can prevent the political elites from both coasts from returning us to the political and economic malaise of the Obama years. That is why the elites hate Trump so much and it’s why they are working so hard to turn Texas blue.

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