Dallas City Council names Union Station after corrupt Eddie Bernice Johnson The more crooked you are in Democrat Party politics, the more you are honored.

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By Lynn Woolley

I read this in the Dallas Morning News and had to pinch myself.

Did they really name a famous Dallas landmark after a triple-dipping congresswoman who has ethics problems and who is in office due to gerrymandering tricks?

Apparently so. 

U. S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson

U. S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson

If I were to name the five most corrupt members of Congress, Harry Reid would be at the top. Johnson would be near the top of the list. And yet, the vote was unanimous and the council members couldn’t heap enough praise on her. Mayor Mike Rawlings was particularly effusive in his praise:

“She was a pioneer. She is a heroine of Dallas like few have ever been.”

There is no excuse for this. Dallas’ “D Magazine” has written about her ethics lapses and we’ve run stories on WBDaily. Johnson is an Obama-style social justice warrior who knows how to use race to her own benefit.

Eddie Bernice Johnson should have a jail cell in her name.

In June of 2014, we ran a column in WBDaily exposing her ethics problems. You can read the entire article here.

One thing we covered was her diversion of scholarship funds for her own purposes:

Like her colleagues in the Black Congressional Caucus, Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel, Rep. Johnson has landed in some ethics trouble. Specifically, Ms. Johnson awarded thousands of dollars in college scholarships to four of her own relatives and to a top aide’s two children since 2005.

It’s not taxpayer money; the funds come from the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, which is supported by private and corporate donations. Each year, each member of the Caucus gets $10,000 to dole out for the scholarships. The Foundation has strict anti-nepotism rules – which Ms. Johnson violated.

When caught, she claimed ignorance as Hillary Clinton often does. She parsed words, but ended up repaying over $30,000.

But that’s not all.

We also reported on airport concessions – an area where Rep. Johnson has used her race to make a tidy profit.

She also reports income from a blind trust that owns newsstand concessions at Dallas Love Field, the in-town airport and at DFW. This is where the racial politics comes in.

Wick Allison who owns the Dallas city magazine, “D,” posted a message on the magazine’s blog explaining how the airport concession scheme works in Dallas. First, you have to be black or Hispanic. Second, you have to have big-time political connections – big enough to get on a list of recommended “partners” for concessionaires that goes to the people who run Dallas-Fort Worth Airport – the nation’s second busiest.

Allison calls the airport concession situation a sham and a shakedown. But even that is not all.

Eddie Bernice Johnson Union Station

Eddie Bernice Johnson Union Station

Johnson also rakes in cash from her “service” to government.

Even though she is in the bottom quarter of House members based on wealth, she draws a pretty sum. She reports annual income of $22,000 per year from Social Security, a $35,000 pension from Texas taxpayers for her years in the State Legislature, and her annual salary of $174,000 for being in the Congress.

So why is she in office? Racial politics and gerrymandering of course:

When Eddie Bernice Johnson was in the Texas Senate, she played a key role in shaping the 30th Congressional district that she now represents — designing it specifically for an African-American liberal. That it is extremely “safe” — no matter how unethical she becomes — says as much about her constituents as it does about her prowess at gerrymandering.

And yet, to hear the Dallas City Council praise her – she is a saint. Council member Rickey Callahan said that Johnson is Dallas mainstay:

“It was almost impossible to remember when we didn’t know the name Eddie Bernice Johnson.”

Councilman Callahan is right about that. And with this misplaced honor, it will be even harder to forget her even if many of us would like to.


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