Trump pardon of Arpaio draws more fire than all Obama’s pardons Obama’s pardons related to Social Justice and his belief that minorities were “overrepresented” in prison.

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By Lynn Woolley

There was some criticism of what President Obama did just days before his presidency ended. Maybe you don’t remember. Mr. Obama decided to commute the sentence of former Army intelligence officer Bradley Manning, now known as Chelsea.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announces newly launched program aimed at providing security around schools in Anthem, Arizona, January 9, 2013. REUTERS/Laura Segall

Manning was under a 35-year sentence for releasing classified documents.

He left prison 28 years early. That’s not all Obama did. He also granted clemency to 1,925 convicted criminals during his term in office. 212 of those were outright pardons. In a single day, Obama granted clemency to 330 drug offenders.

Trump, so far, has issued a single pardon.

Whether you were a Sheriff Joe fan or not, Arpaio was sworn to uphold the law —and, in his mind, that included immigration laws. So when a politically correct judge tried to stop him, he kept enforcing. Now, he is being smeared as a racist.

Arpaio was no stranger to controversy.

The AP writes that he was involved in all types of chicanery including the jailing of journalists, and building criminal cases against political opponents. But most of the liberal media gave a pass to Obama for weaponizing the Internal Revenue Service. So let’s stick to the current case against Sheriff Joe.

Judge G. Murray Snow

Arpaio was found by U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow (appointed by George W. Bush) to have violated the civil rights of Latinos in a racial profiling case.

Think about it. 100 percent of illegal immigrants are non-U.S. citizens. The largest percentage of them comes across our southern border with Mexico. That means, logically, that the great bulk of those breaking our immigration laws will be brown skinned, or Hispanic.

So if you’re trying to solve a crime or catch a criminal – in this case someone who has violated our immigration laws – and you DON’T take this factor into consideration, you’ll never catch anybody.

Getty Images

Of course, that’s the outcome the left wants.

Let’s say a Maricopa County deputy stops a car for running a red light, and asks to see a driver’s license and insurance. If the driver has neither of these things and speaks little English, there is reason to believe that this person may be in the United States illegally. Profiling is law enforcement’s #1 tool as we have all learned from Criminal Minds. The Left just wants illegal aliens to have free run of this country.

Sheriff Joe, on the other hand, was committed to enforcing the law, regardless of what Judge Snow’s ideology happened to be. Remember, GWB and his brother Jeb are Republicans, yet are still on record as supporting open borders to one extent or the other.

Obama let Manning go – and even murderers. 

The Los Angeles Times chronicles the execution of the Rosenbergs

Bradley Manning exposed government secrets that he was sworn by oath and duty to preserve. Obama seemed to feel that this man-by-birth who was hell-bent on becoming a lady should get a break that few of the rest of us will ever get.

The Rosenbergs did not get that break. They got the electric chair for similar subversive activities.

Obama commuted the sentence of Oscar Lopez Rivera, a FALN leftist who was involved in more than 100 bombings across the U.S. in the 70’s and 80’s. This was at the urging of Sen. Bernie Sanders. But Obama has a soft spot for left-wing bombers anyway, as Bill Ayers is a close friend.

Obama did not let Dwight Loving out of jail, but cancelled his death sentence in favor of life in prison without parole. Loving was convicted of murdering two taxicab drivers at Fort Hood 1988.

Then, there the hundreds of drug dealers that Obama granted clemency to – 330 in a single day.

So remember this.

Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio was related to the “crime” of law enforcement. Obama’s pardons were related to Social Justice and Obama’s belief that some ethnicities were “overrepresented” in prison.

And yet, to the left, Trump and Arpaio are the racists.

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