The Left says it’s time for Gun Control. Whose guns should we control? It may be time to consider that a segment of the population has no business owning a gun.

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Oct 8, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

by Sid Frasier

After listening to the predictable calls for Gun Control following any major gun tragedy, it may be time consider that a segment of the population has no business owning a gun of any kind. Now before you start thinking this is exactly what these gun control advocates want… let’s consider best way to approach this.

This proposal actually addresses a number of issues directly and indirectly related to gun violence. 

The first question is who is most like to commit a gun crime. That would be convicted criminals, drug offenders, people diagnosed with brain disorders, those that have contemplated suicide, those that have entered this country illegally and/or anyone that has used a gun to carry out a crime in the past. Any problems with that?

Hillary Clinton attacked the NRA soon after the Las Vegas shootings.

Second question, who are those people that want to see gun ownership eliminated and use this as a political maneuver after each gun crime. This also includes members of the media outlets that champion elimination of gun ownership. They obviously hate guns as well as the people that own them and therefore they should never be allowed to own them. Hypocrisy is completely eliminated!

Third question, who are the people that glamorize gun violence through their creation and participation in movies depicting murders, armed robberies and hostage situations. Those producing violent video games also influence the vulnerable minds of individuals that often do not see the difference between what they are watching and the real world.

Fourth question, who are the people that choose to indefinitely exist on welfare programs, participate in violent riots, looting and the destruction of other peoples property. Their violent actions point to a mental instability inconsistent with responsible gun ownership.

Photo Illustration by Kelly Caminero/ The Daily Beast

Fifth question, who are the people subdividing the country into factions while supporting a massive government, more regulation and uncontrolled spending as opposed to personal responsibility, personal accountability, rule of law and limited government. The very things personal gun ownership was intended to ensure.

You must realize gun ownership is a right provided within our Constitution (the Second Amendment) to protect the country from those that seek to oppress it’s citizens. Personal protection is a subset of that primary intent. It provides no protection for those who choose to commit violent acts.

The individuals that fall into the five areas above have no business owning guns. They do not represent the people that take gun ownership seriously nor responsibly. Statistically it has been proven that the people carrying out acts of gun violence have a liberal mindset, are not God centered, and have low self esteem. It should come as no surprise, when you take someone with a mental disorder and couple it with the self serving attitude of hate, and a picture of retaliation… you produce lunatics that often use guns as the tool of choice to inflect mayhem on innocent people.

In conclusion, wouldn’t it be great to call for anyone that fits the description related to the questions above to be denied the right of gun ownership. It would be interesting to know how many of these people are far left Democrats and currently own guns… that’s a scary thought that should concern you!!

Sid Frasier is a political writer.

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