Justice proves to be elusive in the Kate Steinle case This brings back memories of Jenny Garcia and Amber Rice.

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By Lynn Woolley

Here we go again.

The illegal alien who was deported 5 times and fired the gun that killed Kate Steinle on July 1, 2015 has avoided justice yet again. Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate keeps inching closer to complete exoneration as seemingly irrational justices in California keep ruling his favor. On Friday, August 30, the 1st District Court of Appeal in San Francisco overturned the one conviction against Garcia-Zarate – that of being a felon in possession of a gun.

In November of 2017, he was acquitted of first-and-second-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter, and assault with a semi-automatic weapon. The possession charge was the only thing left. But Justice Sandra Margulies wrote in the 3 to zero decision that the judge in the case failed to instruct the jury on the theory that he possessed the firearm for only a moment.

Kate Steinle, Jose Inez Garcia-Zapate (FOX 5 News)

Never mind that the moment in question here is the same one that killed Ms. Steinle.

Keep this in mind when you travel to California. When in doubt about a crime allegedly perpetrated by an illegal alien, the illegal alien will get the benefit of the doubt. Do not expect a “jury of your peers” in California to consider facts over political correctness.

In California, there is no solace for the Steinle family and no closure. Earlier this year, the 9th U.S. Circuit Curt of Appeals upheld a decision to toss out a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of San Francisco over its sanctuary policies.

And remember this: just three months before he shot Kate Steinle, Garcia-Zarate had been released from custody after a pending drug case was thrown out. You’re thinking that Garcia-Zarate lives a charmed life. No, he just happens to be the beneficiary of a system prevalent in California, but spreading to all parts of the country, that holds illegal aliens in high esteem. It is bizarre, but the facts show it to be true.

This brings back memories of Jenny Garcia and Amber Rice.

These are the two cases that I am most familiar with. Pretty young Jenny Garcia was a legal immigrant who worked at an IHOP in Austin with an illegal alien named David Diaz Morales. When she spurned his advances, he came to her house when she was alone, tied her up, raped her, and stabbed her to death.

Jenny Garcia

Sitting in my radio studio, fighting back emotion, her father, Humberto Garcia related the story to my audience years ago. Then-Travis County DA Ronnie Earle knew all about Morales. He had been deported and had illegally returned, but Earle did nothing. There was no justice for Jenny.

Amber Rice was a young student, and the daughter of the late Victor Rice, a classmate of mine in high school. While traveling on a country road, she was rammed from behind by a truck containing thee drunk Mexican nationals. They fled into a cornfield, but were captured. They were arrested, but only the driver could be prosecuted because the others were not behind the wheel.

He was convicted and served a short time before being deported. There was some justice for Amber, but not much considering that she was dead at the scene and her killer lives on.

As a talk show host, I’ve seen this type of thing over and over – especially on trips to Washington D.C. to broadcast from the Federation for American Immigration Reform’s annual “Hold Their Feet to the Fire” radio row. One of the people I interviewed, Don Rosenberg, gave me his card that listed his status as “victim.” His son was killed by an unlicensed driver in 2010, and that led to his organization and website www.unlicensedtokill.com. Here is a short quote from that website:

Over 90% of those who have never been issued a license are in this country illegally. Only a few states will license illegal immigrants but many drive regardless.

That was the case in the Amber Rice death – and with so many more.

Why is it so hard for judges and juries to convict illegal aliens?

That’s the question that is asked in a long front-page article in the August 22 edition of the Epoch Times. Written by Charlotte Cuthbertson, the article details the stories of several families – including the Steinles – that have lost family members to crimes committed by illegals without justice being served.

Victor Rice

The stories in this piece are sad, but there is a bright spot. After Kiyan and Bobby Michael lost their 21-year-old son Brandon in a 2007 car wreck, they decided to fight Florida’s sanctuary policies. The illegal alien involved in the wreck, Mario Tellez, was a twice-deported, unlicensed driver who refused to admit that he was driving even though no one else was in the car with him – and justice has been hard to come by. The good news is that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a law banning the sanctuary policies. That’s a positive step.

Not all illegal aliens are bad people, but all of them are breaking the law.

This is what left-wing politicians and illegal alien apologists don’t seem to understand. They tell us that illegal aliens are wonderful people who are trying to escape from a bad situation and some here for all the right reasons. Sometimes, that is true.

However, best-case scenarios cannot hide the pain when illegals commit deadly crimes or get drunk and drive. America has enough traffic accidents and homicides. We do not need to import criminals from Mexico or any other country. When President Trump stated that Mexico sends us some bad people, although some of them are all right – he was correct. But he was not politically correct. He was pointing out a problem in perception. We are told by immigrant-rights groups that virtually all illegal aliens are saints. They’re not. Some are good people and some cause great harm. Even some of the DREAMERS are not good people, as is the case with any large group of people.

Video: President Trump on Mexico not sending their best (CNN)

This is precisely why Donald Trump was elected.

From the Clintons to the Bushes to the Obamas, people who break into our country against our laws have been getting every benefit of every doubt when it comes to the legal system. That’s wrong and it’s why we must control our borders, stop the insanity of birthright citizenship, and restore some measure of order to the system. We need immigrants in this country, and we need low-end workers. There is no doubt of that, but our current system is a joke that often turns tragic.

What of justice for Kate Steinle?

The jury – no pun intended – is still out. Garcia-Zarate is still in custody and he could be re-tried in San Francisco. He also faces federal charges of gun possession and illegal entry into the United States. His trial on those charges is scheduled to begin January 13th.


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