Heavy hand of Robert Mueller comes down on American citizens There was a day when Americans did not have to fear their government (except, maybe the IRS).

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May 3, 2018 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

The United States is now officially a banana republic.

Who thought, that in the freest country in the world – the shining city on a hill – that constitutional rights would be discarded by a revenge-seeking Democrat Party and a rogue special counsel with an unlimited staff, budget, and time-frame?

It’s well documented how Mueller’s team has gone after anyone close to Trump – people like Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn. Manafort is rich, but Flynn has been ruined.

Robert Mueller (Washington Examiner)

Appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight on FOX News and Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, a former communications adviser to the Trump campaign – Michael Caputo – says his family has been impacted.

“G-D you to Hell,” Caputo said to the Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee panel that grilled him. Caputo says he’s been ruined.

And you used to think this never happened in America.

This started with President Barack Obama.

We all know the story of Lois Lerner who escaped prosecution when the IRS was weaponized against Tea Parties and Conservative Organizations. Obama’s first Attorney General, Eric Holder, failed to prosecute Black Panthers in Philadelphia when they engaged in voter intimidation. The Obama EPA came down hard on companies it opposed.

This is the weaponization of government power and agencies – using them against your political enemies. A national security attorney, Sean M. Bigley, has written about this type of thing in the Wall Street Journal, detailed in what happened to a Defense Department official named Adam Lovinger when he ran afoul of Chelsea Clinton.

Video: Michael Caputo on Tucker Carlson Tonight 5/2/18

Michael Caputo correctly attacked the weasel Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) who tried to look moderate.

“G** D*** you to Hell,” said Caputo after a long diatribe explaining how he’s been forced to spend $125,000 on legal fees – when he’s committed no apparent crime. He says he will have to sell his house in upstate New York, and move somewhere to get a higher paying job to rebuild his family’s finances.

“What America needs is an investigation of the investigators,” He said.

Warner is the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee. His spokeswoman told CNN that warner would not comment on witness interviews –

“…regardless of how outlandish or attention-seeking they may be.”

Warner is a spineless, worthless member of the Swamp.

How would he feel if he was under the thumb of an oppressive government, you know, like they have in Red China, Russia, and North Korea.

Video: Caputo on Anderson Cooper 360 5/2/18

For his part, Caputo has already had to go before the Mueller team to testify about Russian collusion, about which, he says there was no such thing. The lesson here is that if you think you can change Washington for the better, Drain the Swamp, lower government regulations, change the status quo in any way – the Swamp will eat you.

Thank you, Mr. Caputo, for exposing the weasels inside the Democrat Party and those inside the Mueller investigation. And God help anyone that they target. There was a day when Americans did not have to fear their government (except, maybe the IRS). Those days are over.


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