Judge Rosemarie Aquilina shows judicial bias in Nassar case This judge preened for TV cameras and let her TV-show trial go to her head.

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By Lynn Woolley

Judges are supposed to preside over trials, keep the attorneys for both sides from abusing the law, and instruct the jury. The judge in the trial of the infamous gymnastics doctor went way over the line.

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina — ready for her close-up

Judge Aquilina seemed to preen for the TV cameras and delivered lines that should have been confined to the prosecution.

Specifically, she told Nassar:

“I just signed your death warrant.”

This judge let her TV-show trial go to her head. The infamous sports doctor, on trial for molesting gymnasts under the guise of medical treatment, was, by all accounts, a sex criminal. The job of the prosecution was to advocate for the state and prove it. Nassar had defense attorneys to advocate for him.

This judge, like many others, seems to have entered this case with a bias – political or otherwise. Nassar might use that when he files for appeal.

Video: I know the world is watching — says Judge Aquilina as she lectures from the bench.

This is by no means a defense of Nassar.

The court threw the book at him – and that’s proper. And I’ve heard judges lecture criminals in their courts – but never to this extent. This woman showed up for court, and the TV camera, caked with makeup, and with outrageous statements to make sure SHE was the headline instead of the verdict.

Frankly, she is a textbook case of how people act differently when TV cameras are pointed at them.

She deserves a reprimand.

It’s not because what she said is necessarily wrong. It’s because the court must dispense justice fairly. Yes, I know that her speech came after the conviction – but it conveys the impression that the judge’s mind was made up and she wanted to make a statement for the media. When a judge’s mind is made up before a trial starts – or it becomes apparent that her mind was made up – that shows a lack of judicial temperament that may be cause for appeal.

Among the things she said to Nassar:

“I just signed your death warrant… It is my honor and privilege to sentence you. You do not deserve to walk outside a prison ever again. You have nothing to control those urges and anywhere you walk, destruction will occur to those most vulnerable.”

That’s not all she said — by a long shot. Please read the statement in its entirety.

Nassar got 40 to 175 years from Aquilina – most likely deserved. But if this judge has feminist tendencies – or if the female prosecutor (Angela Povilaitis) does, they can’t allow those feelings to permeate the trial.

The defendant is guilty or not. The prosecutor’s job is to use testimony and evidence to prove it. They cannot, under our system, make an example of Nassar due to political convictions they may or may not hold.

Video: Larry Nassar speaks — gets sentenced

A court is a sacred place in America.

And yet we have federal judges challenging President Trump and attempting to set foreign policy. This is not their job. It is not the job of Hispanic judges to advocate for illegal immigrants. It is not the job of Asian judges to advocate for Asian defendants. It is not the job of male judges to advocate for male defendants.

Likewise, it is not the job of feminist judges to show anti-male bias, even in a case that seems as obvious as the one against Nassar. If there is a judicial standards commission in Michigan, I hope they will take a look at this judge. She needs a hand-slap at the very least.


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