IG Report Names SPY 183 Times But Doesn’t ID Her as a SPY In Case Involving Espionage, FBI IGNORED Spy RIGHT UNDER ITS NOSE

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By Ben Barrack

The Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General (IG) named Muslim Brotherhood spy Huma Abedin 183 times in his recent report on the Hillary email investigation. However, he did not conclude that a spy mishandled classified information.


Naseef: Put al-Qaeda founder in charge of his organization; also served with Huma at IMMA.

The case that Abedin had no business getting a security clearance in the first place is ironclad. Her mother is a leader within the Muslim Sisterhood. Huma sat on the editorial board of an organization (for years with her mother) that had al-Qaeda financier Abdullah Omar Naseef on its Advisory Board. That fact is especially relevant.

Check out this excerpt from page 87 of the report (NSD = DOJ National Security Division):

Some FBI witnesses told us, consistent with text message exchanges between Strzok and Page, that the FBI was concerned that the line NSD prosecutors were intimidated by the high-powered attorneys representing Clinton and her senior aides and, as a result, did not negotiate aggressively with them.

This next excerpt is perhaps just as telling as it relates to lead FBI investigator Peter Strzok:

Strzok told us that Prosecutor 1, who handled most of the negotiations with counsel, is “extraordinarily competent,” but he believed more senior government officials should have been involved with deciding ‘how hard [to] push counsel.’

Did you get that? Hillary’s attorneys intimidated National Security prosecutors. Those same prosecutors looked for assistance that never came. Abedin’s Muslim Brotherhood ties are an open secret. Yet, she received a security clearance when Clinton made her a State Department employee in 2009. Did Hillary’s “high-powered attorneys” intimidate the State Department into granting that clearance?

Based on the IG report, it seems likely.

To this day, Huma’s Form 86, which would have been cleared by State Department officials in 2009, remains secret.

Abedin served on Editorial Board of IMMA from 1993-2008

Naseef founded the Rabita Trust and put al-Qaeda founder at the head of it. He also served on Advisory Board of IMMA

IG Mentions Spy Abedin 183 Times in Report

FBI Agent Strzok: Harbored Muslim Brotherhood Spy

Abedin is a spy who received a top security clearance in 2009, right after serving on the Editorial Board of the Institute on Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA) for more than 15 years. That’s more than bad enough. However, the IG saw fit to name her 183 times in a report on one of the biggest political scandals in U.S. history. Furthermore, it’s a scandal that involves – of all things – espionage and the mishandling of classified information.

Ironically, neither Comey nor the IG denied that Abedin was part of a cadre of Clintonites that mishandled this information. They merely fell back on a lack of motive or intent to justify exonerating Abedin.

That she is a spy on top of that is even more explosive; that provides both motive and intent.

In the context of Abedin being a literal spy, read some select excerpts from the IG Report below and ask yourself how different things would be if Abedin had been identified for who and what she is.

IG Excerpts, Examined in Context of Huma being a Muslim / Saudi Spy

For starters, Abedin was a prolific emailer with Hillary Clinton. Check out this statistic:

“…three senior aides that had the most email communication with Clinton – Jake Sullivan, Cheryl Mills, and Huma Abedin…Sullivan, Abedin, and Mills ‘accounted for 68 percent of the emails sent directly to Clinton.’

There you have it. In a case involving the mishandling of classified information, a Muslim Brotherhood spy just so happened to be at the center of it.

The Midyear team refers to the FBI investigators responsible for investigating Hillary’s email Server scandal. In light of the fact that Abedin is a spy, this decision is completely irresponsible:

“.. the Midyear team did not obtain search warrants to examine the content of emails in Mills’s or Abedin’s private email accounts and did not seek to obtain any of the senior aides’ personal devices.”

Do you think they would have done so had the premise that Huma is a spy been acknowledged?

The most explosive aspect of the Midyear team’s investigation occurred just weeks before the 2016 Presidential election. Again, Abedin was at the center of it. While investigators were reviewing the laptop of ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner (Huma’s husband), they discovered hundreds of thousands of emails belonging to Abedin.

Comey sent a letter to Congress notifying them that he was re-opening the investigation. Democrats point to this decision as evidence Comey was not biased. In fact, that he helped Trump. The reality is the find was so explosive, there was no way Comey could ignore it.

According to the IG Report…

On October 28, 2016, 11 days before the presidential election, Comey sent a letter to Congress announcing the discovery of emails that ‘appear[ed] to be pertinent’ to the Midyear investigation. Comey’s letter was referring to the FBI’s discovery of a large quantity of emails during the search of a laptop computer obtained in an unrelated investigation of Anthony Weiner, the husband of Clinton’s former Deputy Chief of Staff and personal assistant, Huma Abedin.

Clinton’s server was home to the @clintonemail.com domain. Especially relevant is that there were only two people who had accounts on that domain. One of them was a spy:

Clinton and Abedin were the only State Department employees with accounts on the @clintonemail.com domain on the Pagliano Server.

Again, Abedin’s status as a spy is most noteworthy here but completely ignored by the Inspector General when it should have been front an center:

…investigators did not seek access to the private devices used by Sullivan, Mills, or Abedin during Clinton’s tenure at State.

Why not, especially in light of who Abedin is?

Disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok was the lead investigator in the Hillary investigation. We now know, thanks to his texts, that his mission was simple. It was to clear Hillary Clinton. As a result, it was critical that Abedin’s role as a mole be completely ignored.

The IG Report – if you read carefully – proves this very fact:

Strzok… stated that the FBI’s ‘purpose and mission’ was not to pursue ‘spilled [classified] information the ends of the earth’ and that the task of cleaning up classified spills by State Department employees was referred back to the State Department.’

Would things have been different if the premise that Abedin was a spy had been established?

Go figure. When it came to attempts to gather evidence, there were errors in the “culling process”. This does seem rather convenient:

Witnesses told us that they believed there was a flaw in the culling process, which resulted in the exclusion of most of Abedin’s clintonemail.com emails from the State Department production.

It’s almost as if the Midyear team was protecting a Muslim Brotherhood / Saudi spy.

Strzok again ran interference:

Strzok stated that Abedin’s attorneys told the Midyear team that they erred on the side of overproducing Abedin’s emails to the State Department and that, like the sort process for Clinton’s emails by Mills and Samuelson, there was no reason to believe Abedin’s attorneys’ sort process was flawed.

If investigators established the premise that Abedin’s attorneys were defending a spy, it would most surely change things.

Yet, the IG Report ignored that reality, even while stating this:

According to a report prepared by one analyst, the team had found through various sources 1716 work-related emails between Clinton’s and Abedin’s clintonemail.com accounts that had not been produced to the State Department by Clinton’s lawyers, and that 90 of these emails contained classified information.

Weiner Laptop the Motherlode

While investigating the laptop belonging to Weiner in an unrelated case involving Weiner’s sexting with a minor, investigators discovered a treasure trove of emails belonging to Abedin. This occurred on September 27, 2016. The emails were so voluminous that investigators could not ignore them.

The Midyear team had to apply for a warrant but shockingly waited over a month to do so. It decided to only request emails between Abedin and Clinton. However, it refused to ask for a warrant to obtain emails between Abedin and anyone else:

Emails from the night of October 29 show that [FBI General Counsel Jim] Baker expressed concerns that the draft search warrant request was too narrow. Specifically, in an email at 9:13p.m… Baker stated,’ The main question I have right now is why we are only seeking access to emails between Huma and Clinton. Based on the facts set forth about Huma mishandling classified information on all of her accounts, it seems to me that there is probable cause to look at all of her emails no matter who is the other party.

Any argument not to do so would be flawed, even without Abedin being a spy. However, Strzok dismissed it anyway:

Strzok responded: ‘I think the primary deficiency in trying to go after Huma’s own communications is that Huma’s role and expertise was far more administrative in nature than that of other close aides to Clinton.’

As a spy, that is precisely the role someone like Huma would play. Spies gather information. They don’t necessarily engage in creating or acting on it.

Nonetheless, the FBI found that Abedin engaged in illegal behavior. Had it included her role as a spy, its findings would be even more significant:

…during a review of the Weiner laptop in October and November 2016, the FBI discovered unmarked classified emails that Abedin had forwarded to Weiner. During an FBI interview… Abedin acknowledged that she ‘occasionally’ forwarded work-related emails to her husband for printing.

That is an admission of a crime… by a spy. Yet, there were no consequences for that spy.

Comey’s Dereliction in Espionage Case

Perhaps the most glaring piece of evidence that FBI leadership had no interest in the spy angle came from Comey himself.

We asked Comey to explain why this initial information about the Weiner laptop did not ‘index’ with him given that Abedin was closely connected to Clinton. Comey stated, ‘I don’t know that I knew that [Weiner] was married to Huma Abedin at the time.’

That is admission by Comey that he was unqualified to be FBI Director. It was none other than Bill Clinton who presided over the wedding of Weiner and Abedin in 2010. In 2011 – when Weinergate was broken by Breitbart – the world learned of Weiner’s sexting exploits. Huma was pregnant at the time.

Hound Marries Spy

In June of 2012, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) outed Abedin’s Muslim Brotherhood ties in a letter to the State Department’s IG. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) took to the Senate floor in July and denounced Bachmann while praising Abedin. This set off a political firestorm and controversy.

Even President Barack Obama defended Abedin at the White House.

In 2013, Weiner ran for Mayor of Yew York. During the campaign, he was busted again. Weinergate 2.0 was blown wide open. In fact, Weiner and Abedin made public appearances in which Abedin expressed her loyalty to Weiner in an effort to keep the campaign alive.

It was to no avail.

Yet, Comey didn’t know the two were married?!

Bachmann letter to State Department IG in 2012

This alone proves that Comey was derelict in his duty as an FBI Director. He did not know that a Muslim Brotherhood spy in the employ of the State Department married a U.S. Congressman.

The truth is that his unawareness that Abedin was married to Weiner is not credible, especially when she is a spy and millions of Americans know it.

Comey either knew or should have known.

Such an admission justified his dismissal on its own.

Again, that Abedin is a spy should supersede all of this. In this exchange during Congressional testimony in 2017, Comey admitted to not charging Abedin for mishandling classified information because she lacked intent.

Here is the audio:

Missed by Comey is that spies do not lack intent. Especially relevant is Comey’s admission that Weiner had  “criminal problems of other sorts”. This indicated that Abedin forwarded classified emails to someone who was under criminal investigation.

Add to that Abedin’s role as a spy and this is much bigger than the IG Report indicates.

In fact, Bachmann didn’t just send a letter to the State Department in 2012. She sent five total, on the same subject – Muslim Brotherhood infiltration. She sent one of those letters to none other than DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, the same IG who compiled the report on the Hillary investigation. This makes his avoidance of Abedin’s bonafides as a spy even more irresponsible.

Abedin’s work Emails on a Pedophile’s Laptop no Big Deal

Huma Abedin: Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Spy

Assume for a second that Abedin was clean as a whistle and rightfully obtained her security clearance. As the FBI was searching for evidence on Weiner’s laptop in a pedophile case, they found classified emails.  Abedin didn’t just mishandle this information. She allowed it to fall into the hands of a man under criminal investigation; Weiner was ultimately convicted.

Again, on top of all that, Abedin is an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Saudis.

Now read this excerpt from the IG Report:

Abedin’s emails had been found on Weiner’s laptop. [Associate Deputy Attorney General Matt] Axelrod stated that this information ‘didn’t trigger any alarm bells’.

No alarm bells?

She’s a spy!

Again, from the IG Report:

…(the) explanation for the absence of action, which was given by several witnesses, is illogical… lack of authority to review emails between Abedin and former Secretary Clinton was known to the FBI Midyear team by September 29. If anything, this explanation should have served as a rationale for the FBI Midyear team to take affirmative steps to obtain a new search warrant that provided them with authority to review the emails between Abedin and Clinton on the Weiner laptop.

Furthermore, the premise that Abedin is a spy should have spurred urgent action, not apathetic inaction.

Another excerpt from the IG Report:

…the FBI Midyear team had decided to obtain or exploit only those personal devices directly associated with Clinton or the servers hosting clintonemail.com. The FBI sought no personal devices used by any other individual to conduct State Department work, including Mills, Abedin, and Sullivan.

Especially relevant is this excerpt:

…witnesses told us that the Midyear team deemed Abedin’s emails to be less likely to contain classified information given her role and the nature of her communications with Clinton.

That sentence is nonsensical in light of what is known about Abedin.

Moreover, the sheer volume of emails belonging to Abedin that resided on the laptop was staggering. Even Comey didn’t have a good answer for the IG when asked why no action was taken after Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe found out about Abedin’s emails being on the laptop in late September:

We asked Comey, ‘If [McCabe] had been told on September 28th that there were… at one point 141,000 and at another 347,000 emails related to the Clinton investigation and didn’t tell you, would you be concerned by that?’ Comey responded, ‘Sure, I’d want to know why, what the thinking was.’ Since Comey told us he did not recall being told this information, we asked for his reaction. Comey stated: ‘I’m mystified. First of all doubting, worried that I’m crazy is my first instinct, but I don’t think I’m crazy… Why didn’t the, given the Director is closely associated with this, why, what’s the reasoning? Maybe there is one I can’t see, but I certainly would want to ask.’

Mary McCord, who was the Deputy Associate Attorney General (DAAG) in the NSD, indicated McCabe expressed little interest and no urgency relative to this huge find:

…McCabe called NSD Principal DAAG McCord on October 3 and flagged the issue of emails in an iCloud account shared by Abedin and Weiner. However, McCord told us, and her contemporaneous notes indicated, that McCabe provided minimal information about this issue, and did not mention the potential presence of emails between Abedin and Clinton on Weiner’s laptop.

McCabe had no business being involved in this investigation. In 2015, his wife’s political campaign accepted more than $700k, mostly from the Political Action Committee (PAC) of Terry MacAuliffe, the closest of close Clinton allies.

This compromised him. His behavior surrounding the Weiner laptop proves it.

The FBI discovered the Clinton and Abedin emails on Weiner’s laptop nearly one year after Jill McCabe’s election loss. This was a blatant conflict of interest. McCabe was protecting Clinton in the days after the laptop was discovered.

The left-leaning Business Insider excused the behavior and actually said McCabe had recused himself, despite not being told to do so:

The FBI released a series of internal emails and documents last week showing that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was not warned against becoming involved in the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server but recused himself anyway following a report in The Wall Street Journal about political donations made to his wife in 2015.

Yet, McCabe was the person who sat on the information. If he recused himself from the investigation, why was he involved in it? He should have handed everything over to Comey.

Even the IG dismissed the FBI’s reasons for not acting on this treasure trove of information:

We found the belief that the Weiner laptop was unlikely to contain significant evidence to be an insufficient justification for neglecting to take action on the Weiner laptop immediately after September 29…the Weiner laptop should have been viewed as a more significant discovery.

As a spy, Abedin should have faced severe consequences for this finding alone:

The FBI’s investigation established that 27 email chains containing classified information, as determined by the relevant original classification authorities, have been transmitted through Abedin’s @clintonemail and/or Yahoo! accounts. Out of the 27 email chains, six email chains contained information that was classified at the Secret level at the time the emails were sent, and information in four of those email chains remains classified at that level now.

For whatever, since Bachmann, no one has wanted to admit what Abedin is.

‘Golden Emails’

As the Daily Caller reported, the ‘golden emails’ referred to by Comey were all on Weiner’s laptop. The notion that they had already seen everything that was on the laptop, that they were duplicates, is absurd. The reality is that the Weiner laptop was the motherlode.

Everything was on it.

Now we know by October 4, the New York office had found 700,000 emails. The New York agents had seen and reported to FBI leadership they had seen email headers, all domain names, Mrs. Clinton’s initials on one sensitive but not classified document, and the missing BlackBerry backups.

The New York agents described it as the ‘entire file’ of all Hillary Clinton emails from 2006 until 2016, including the BlackBerry messages that Comey himself had referred to as “the golden emails.”

The BlackBerry messages were key because they covered the period in time when Clinton’s Server was being set up.

Again, would things have been different if Abedin had been identified for what she is – a spy?

Granting Huma Security Clearance Dirtied Too Many

In the wake of Bachmann’s 2012 letters to various IG’s – including Horowitz – Republicans came to Abedin’s defense and castigated Bachmann. Here is a list of the ten most despicable Republicans that did so.

Among them were McCain, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI).

Most noteworthy relative to this post was the reaction of Sensenbrenner. At a town hall, an attendee asked Sensenbrenner about Abedin’s Brotherhood ties. The congressman defended Abedin by saying there is no way she could have passed a security clearance if she had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

First of all, she does have those ties to the Brotherhood – as well as al-Qaeda. Most of all, thanks to the IG report, we may be closer to knowing why she got one. It seems like the Clintons may have used intimidation to guarantee Abedin’s security clearance. Yet, Sensenbrenner didn’t seem willing to consider that possibility.

Listen to him in 2012:

Rep. Sensenbrenner (L) and Kiko (R). Kiko was Executive Director of Benghazi Committee and served as Sensenbrenner Chief of Staff

Those who granted Abedin a security clearance were dirtied up. So was Sensenbrenner when he defended it. The House Select Committee on Benghazi represented the next bunch of Republicans who were compromised, including its chairman, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC).

Benghazi Committee Covered up Abedin’s Muslim Brotherhood Ties

In response to relentless public pressure, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) – who also defended Abedin in the wake of Bachmann’s 2012 letters – commissioned a House Committee in 2014 to investigate the Benghazi attacks. Conservatives were thrilled when Boehner named Gowdy as the Chairman.

Here is audio of Boehner defending Abedin in 2012:

Unbeknownst to those conservatives who demanded the investigation, the committee was rigged when a man named Philip Kiko was named Executive Director. Kiko is an attorney and lobbyist who represented a consortium of left-wing groups that included a Muslim Brotherhood group known as Muslim Advocates.

Moreover, Kiko was Sensenbrenner’s former Chief of Staff.

As an eerie and macabre aside, Bachmann’s letters came with a 90 day deadline for all the IG’s to respond. The Benghazi attacks occurred on the 90th day; no IG responded.

Rep. Westmoreland: TOOK A DIVE

After the conclusion of the Committee’s investigation, Gowdy bemoaned partisanship and insisted people read his committee’s report. It wasn’t necessary to do so. The committee did not even address Abedin’s Muslim Brotherhood ties.

Worse, the attackers in Benghazi were largely comprised of Muslim Brotherhood terrorists. Yet, the committee completely avoided it.

In fact, one of the very congressmen who co-signed Bachmann’s letters – Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) – SAT in on the committee and was present during the interview with Abedin.

He ignored this incredibly salient fact.

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland knows full well about Huma’s Muslim Brotherhood ties. His signature is at the bottom of Bachmann’s 2012 letter.

Huma Lied to Federal Agents

The IG Report stated the following:

Abedin told the FBI that she ‘did not know that Clinton had a private server until… it became public knowledge.’

Yet, in congressional testimony in 2016, Cooper stated that it was Abedin who instructed him to build the Server. Here is explosive audio, first between Cooper and Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) and then between Cooper and Rep. Steven Russell (R-OK):

There you have it. A spy’s claims that she knew nothing about a private Server is contradicted by the very person who built it. Cooper said Abedin told him to build it.

Here, Russell points out this contradiction and Cooper doesn’t refute it:

Abedin is the Spy who Lies and gets away with it.

Everyone is Covering Up

Gowdy knows who Abedin is and is hiding it.

Abedin first joined Hillary in 1996 as a personal assistant in the White House for the first lady. There is no way officials should have permitted it.

However, they did.

In 2000, Hillary ran for the U.S. Senate in New York. Abedin was at her side. The media and the Capitol officials should have vetted her. Either they didn’t or they were intimidated by the Clintons into not doing so.

Then, 9/11 happened. At this point, Abedin should have been thoroughly investigated. She was not.

In fact, Sensenbrenner was the member of Congress credited with authoring the Patriot Act; Kiko was his Chief of Staff at the time. Abedin skated while sitting on the board of the Institute on Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA) with al-Qaeda financier Naseef.

In 2009, this Muslim spy was granted a Security Clearance. Whomever was responsible for doing so is now compromised, corrupt and dirty. In fact, it could help explain why Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was able to clear Pakistani Muslim IT specialists for employment in 2004; Hillary set the standard with Huma in 2000.

In 2012, Bachmann sounded an additional alarm. IG’s who ignored it – including Horowitz – are compromised as well.

In 2014, the Benghazi Committee ignored all previous evidence; this compromised all of its members.

Now, in 2018, as the Deep State seeks to protect itself, individuals who could levy the knockout punch are too dirty to do so.

THAT is the untold truth of the IG Report on the Hillary investigation.

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