Facebook OPENLY Supporting Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Organization Comparing Ambassador to SocksBall Warrants Censorship; Comparing Head of State to Pimp is A-OK

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By Ben Barrack

On August 3rd, the man who launched what’s become a very effective Facebook campaign intended to expel the British Ambassador to Egypt, had his page suspended for 30 days. The reason? He compared Ambassador John Casson to a homemade soccer ball, made of socks.

Contrast that with the posts of the Muslim Brotherhood operative known as Ayat Oraby. She repeatedly uses the #El-ARS to refer to Egyptian leader General Abdel Fatah el-Sisi. Translated, “El-Ars” is extremely vulgar. It not only means “pimp” but it also refers to a man who pimps out his own wife.

Yet, Oraby is safe. So is SocksBall Casson – thanks to Facebook.

Let’s face it. The Muslim Brotherhood’s stock is riding high in the west among the elites. The ranks of this group have been infiltrating western governments and institutions for years; we are bearing the fruit. As such, Facebook knows who butters its bread. There is perhaps no better explanation for a Muslim Brotherhood adversary getting suspended for using the term “SocksBall” while a Muslim Brotherhood operative continually gets away with calling a head of state a wife-pimping pimp.

The pro-Muslim Brotherhood forces have been portraying el-Sisi as a pimp for years now. Yet, Facebook doesn’t care about that. Likening the Ambassador to a SocksBall? Another story completely.

Since overthrowing the Muslim Brotherhood from his country in 2013, there has been no better leader in the fight against the Muslim Brotherhood than el-Sisi, not even in the United States. No one in the U.S. of consequence has been willing to call out the Muslim Brotherhood, not even the most conservative politicians.

In fact, the United States has long ago been compromised by the Muslim Brotherhood and been all but neutered by the group.

FaceBook’s Allegiances

Ayat Oraby

The fact is that Facebook suspended Sadek Ebeid from running his page this year twice. The first time was in response to his success. The second time was in response to his likening the British Ambassador to Egypt to a soccer ball made of socks.

Somehow, SocksBall Satire violates Facebook’s community standards. Yet, a pro-Muslim Brotherhood apparatchik is allowed to sling real vulgarities with impunity.

Conclusion: FaceBook supports the Muslim Brotherhood. At a minimum, it’s tipping the scales and that should tell you all you need to know about Facebook.

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