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Aug 28, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

Let me say from the start – I’m a conservative – not a Libertarian. I don’t agree with the Johnson-Weld ticket on marijuana legalization or their immigration policy. But Johnson went on FOX News Sunday to support the idea of the Fair Tax which is a naturally progressive consumption tax that encourages saving instead of spending.

I was sympathetic to Mike Huckabee’s campaign because he pushed hard for the Fair Tax.

Trump is far too used to using the Tax Code to avoid taxes, as most wealthy people are. Hillary is a classic left-wing tax-and-spend Democrat who likes the Code as a way to control behavior. Johnson wants to end the IRS. Folks — that has been a part of my political platform for as long as I’ve done this show. With Gary Johnson in the debates – at least the idea of abolishing the IRS will get some mention.

Video: Gary Johnson on FOX News Sunday 8/28/16

But is the FAIR TAX enough to get voters past some of the Libertarian loopiness?

I think that depends on Trump. Remember, both Johnson and Weld were Republican governors – of New Mexico and Massachusetts respectively. So they are far from Hillary on most issues. If Trump goes off the rails, or commits some unforgivable gaffe that causes his poll numbers to sink like a rock – some of us might look at Johnson.

Johnson believes the illegals are needed to do menial jobs. He wants to make it easier to get into the United States. So he’s a country club Republican in that respect – such as those who run the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Texas Association of Business. As such, he’s also in lockstep with the Democrats who want the votes. Johnson might be a tad better if he stopped at “legalization” – but he told Chris Wallace that he supports the “pathway to citizenship.” So, on this issue – he’s Hillary.

But a ticket that would abolish the IRS – THAT is tempting.

Understand that if Johnson & Weld were to win, they would have no members of their party in the House or the Senate. It would be hard to get anything done. On the other hand, we can’t even get Obamacare abolished and we’ve had both houses of Congress. Johnson wants to get rid of several full agencies of the government – like the Education Department. It’s doubtful he could get it done. The Status Quo protects its turf.

If Trump rises and looks like a winner – that’s awesome. He’ll get my vote. But if he runs off the rails, please remember that Hillary would use the IRS to punish her political enemies. Gary Johnson wants to abolish it and replace it with the Fair Tax. Even with all his loopy ideas, that makes him far better than Hillary.

I hope he makes it into the debates.

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