Trump Administration to limit genders to Male or Female Thank God somebody is putting the “bi” back into biology.

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Oct 22, 2018 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

It’s amazing that anyone could ever write that headline – but we live in the “inclusive” 21st Century where the Left now accepts stuff once considered insane. So prepare for the diversity crowd to march if Trump narrows gender choices to just two.

That would downsize LGBTQIA to just M or F – and we are already being warned that it will “roll back protections for the transgender community.”

President Obama, of course, opened up the scope of gender to recognize it not by birth sex, but by how people “identify.” This is science denial – but never mind that. The Left uses science for political purposes all the time.

Opus the Penguin checks his gender (c) Berkeley Breathed

What would happen under new rules is that people claiming some odd sexual identity would no longer enjoy protections under Title IX. This is all about biology. It’s about time we returned to a science-based definition of gender.

The left-wing whining is already underway.

The New York Times headline is :

“’Transgender’ could be defined out of existence Under Trump”

That would be difficult, since, as we’ve written about here, there is no such thing as transgenderism. When a doctor amputates a man’s penis and tries to convert his scrotum into a vagina, that is surgical mutilation.

But Catherine E. Lhamon, who led Obama’s Office for Civil Right inside the Education Department, seems to believe that 1.4 million people who “identify” as something other than their birth sex should be accommodated:

“This takes a position that what the medical community understands about their patient – what people understand about themselves – is irrelevant because the government disagrees.”

Actually, biology disagrees.

We posted an Opus the Penguin cartoon in our office about how to determine one’s sex. It shows Opus and Bill the Cat using their thumbs to open up their pants so they can gaze inside.

Penis = male. Vagina = female.

That should be ‘nuff said, but the Left likes to have lot of genders so they can be more inclusive.

Sarah Wellington of the let-wing Human Rights Campaign is trying to turn the issue against President Trump.

“Transgender people are frightened. At every step where the administration has the choice, they’ve opted to turn their back on transgender people.”

Well, no. They’re just inserting a dose of reality. Real science that says God and Mother Nature determine gender using a system of chromosome alignment. It’s totally immutable.

A male can do some things chemically and surgically to become more ladylike – but the DNA cannot be changed. It is time to admit that science trumps diversity – and move back to what worked for 10,0000 years. It might help us restore some sanity to our society and re-establish traditional families.

And what of Mack Beggs?

Beggs is a “transgender boy” that wrestled girls at Euless Trinity High School and now is a freshman walk-on with the men’s wrestling team at Life University in Georgia. Beggs made big news – but so far, she has not caused the UIL rules to change.

Mack Beggs – Leslie Plaza Johnson: con Sportswire: Getty Images

The organization’s policy committee has declined to pass new language that would have allowed females to participate on male sports teams. While at Trinity, Beggs wanted to wrestle against boys – and that led to the new language.

The new policy would have allowed girls to try out for, and if selected, participate on boys’ teams regardless of whether there’s a girls’ team in the same sport.

But the vote was not forwarded to the full legislative council for a vote.

The Trump administration’s proposed new policy and the UIL’s refusal to kowtow to the LGBTQIA community stand as two examples of sanity in a country obsessed with “inclusiveness” even when it violates the immutable laws of science. Thank God somebody is putting the “bi” back into biology.

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