Texas should do the right thing about Transgender Bathrooms Why does the Left always get to determine what’s PC?

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Dec 7, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

It’s been my experience that if you “do the right thing,” touchy situations work out in the end. So what is the right thing regarding the current bathroom dispute?

UNT Unisex bathroom (Photo: CBSDFW.COM)

UNT Unisex bathroom (Photo: CBSDFW.COM)

If you believe that people – and not God or nature – should have the right to assign their own gender – then bathroom designation by sex makes no sense. So pass a total nondiscrimination bill.

If you believe – as I do – that your gender is determined at birth – for all time – then it makes sense that males and females use the bathroom of their gender – both for reasons of privacy and safety.

It’s something of a no-brainer if you are a traditional thinker. Right now, with Republicans in charge in Texas, the right thing will probably be to go by gender-at-birth. That will upset the N-C-A-A and the Texas Association of Business, both of which are worried about political correctness and profits.

Doing the right thing means not having to worry.

If Texas passes bathroom bill – and the NCAA pulls basketball and football championships out of Texas, you just move on. If companies balk, you ignore them. If the big South by Southwest festival in Austin is upset – who cares? Does it move to a liberal town like Sacramento or Portland? Let it. SXSW is Austin and it will not work anywhere else.

Doing the right thing is not always profitable or good for the pocketbook. But it always works out in the end.

Texas is a bellwether state. 

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick supports a bathroom bill.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick supports a bathroom bill.

That means, as goes Texas, so goes much of the nation. If Texas passes a tranny bathroom bill, other conservative states will follow suit. It may also happen that some man, dressed as a woman, assaults an actual woman in the ladies’ room. It’s bound to happen, and people will begin to wonder if this one-bathroom idea is such a good one.

The NCAA will eventually be holding all its events in liberal states – and might find itself facing smaller crowds because of not being in Texas or North Carolina. The NCAA college monopoly could be endangered if sports fans get frustrated and decide to hold sporting events outside the auspices of the NCAA. Yes, folks, we could see a restructuring of the sports elite. The NCAA may someday wish it had stuck to sports and not politics.

What’s PC and what’s not.

Somehow, the pseudopod of political correctness has reached out and enveloped transgender bathrooms. Suppose, though, that traditional thinkers can start deciding what’s PC and what isn’t. Why shouldn’t fake women going into the ladies’ room be politically incorrect? What kind of feminist supports men, dressed as women, going into their room?

Why does the Left always get to determine what’s PC? It’s time for conservatives to have a say.

Consequences of doing the right thing.

According to studies conducted by Texas-based St. Edwards University, Texas could lose $8.5 billion over some unspecified amount of time if lawmakers pass the bathroom bill. This is probably a huge exaggeration, but, even if it’s true, it may be necessary. If we want to retain genders – males and females – we have to fight for traditional values. The Left wants to change the rules that God set up—and soulless organizations like the Texas Association of Business are greedy enough to go along.

So do the right thing. Let the chips fall where they may.


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