When a Man Becomes a Woman — Why the Texas Bathroom Bill is a Bad Idea There is no such thing as “transgender” – but cross-dressing and reassignment surgery are facts.

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Mar 8, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

If Percy Sledge were still alive – he could re-do his famous soul song about men loving women. In the age of the transgender, it’s kind of dated. After all, the mainstream media works hard to blur the sexes.

I just read a story about Pamela Curry and Monica Roberts, who were in Austin to protest Senate Bill 6 – the Texas Bathroom Bill.

Pamela arrived early to testify and got a chance to do so. Monica talked about the high number of trannies that are targets of violence. Pamela and Moncia are both men. The media consistently refers to them with female gender pronouns.

So what are we to do? There is no such thing as “transgender” – but cross-dressing and even reassignment surgery are facts. So here’s what I suggest. Drop the bill. If a man looks so much like a woman that no one can tell – then use the ladies’ room. And vice versa.

Dan Patrick & Lois Kolkhorst are right – but it doesn’t matter.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

It seems to me that the Bathroom Bill is a solution in search of a problem. By that, I mean to say that I (a confirmed male – I checked this morning) have mostly likely gone to the bathroom with a woman inside – at some time in my life. But who knows? Maybe I have and maybe I haven’t.

Since I don’t know – and would not expect to see a womanly woman in the men’s room, I’m having trouble seeing the problem.

Yes, men dress up as ladies and go to the women’s room. Some of these guys are better at makeup than real women are. They are shaped more like girls than boys and they really think they are girls – even if their chromosome alignment still identifies them as males. But if they look and act like girls – they likely have little interest in the real women that are using the potties or powdering their noses.

So why are we going through the exercise of Senate Bill 6? 

Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, R-Brenham

It’s not going to pass anyway, and we have bigger fish to fry – like roads, and drinking water, and rebuilding the Texas Longhorns.

But I understand why Patrick and Senator Kolkhorst are doing it. A so-called movement based on such a small group of people, claiming to be something they never can be is annoying. Patrick and Kolkhorst are likely just trying to preserve the concept of gender for future generations.

Meanwhile, the media writes about “non-binary” sexes – buying into the loopy idea that there are more than two genders. The fact is that (except in cases of birth defects), nature gave us two sexes for procreation and pleasure – and the assignment is made at birth. That should end the argument – but it doesn’t.

I loved this exchange between Kolkhorst and Sen. Jose Rodriguez, an El Paso Democrat, who asked her if she believes a transgender woman is a woman.

“If a transgender person identifies as a woman, it’s not a man going into the bathroom. Am I not reading that properly?”

Well Senator, you’re not – but who cares?

Video: Percy sings “When a Man Loves a Woman”

A man is always a man.

But the problem is not large enough to take up time in the Texas Senate. And let me make it clear that I could not care less about sporting events from the NCAA, the NBA, or the NFL pulling out of the state. They can go away – which I what I want the entire bathroom discussion to do.


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