LGBT agenda normalizing in towns like Rocklin, CA & Temple, TX In both these cases, note the casual manner in which the LGBT indoctrination took place.

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By Lynn Woolley

This is what disturbs me about the LGBT agenda.

It is being promoted in academia and in media to the extent that young people now consider it a completely normal lifestyle.

In Temple, Texas the city’s librarian decided to feature an LGBT exhibit to make sure patrons knew that the library featured books and materials aimed at the gay lifestyle. She saw absolutely nothing wrong with that.

In Rocklin, California, a kindergarten teacher read to her class from two books on transgenderism – and then allowed a transgender child to change clothes to reveal her true gender.

Video: CBS-Sac: Rocklin Parents Grill School Board Over Transgender Discussions In Kindergarten

Neither the librarian nor the teacher saw anything wrong – or even controversial – in promoting this lifestyle. 

Pride exhibit – Athens County Public Library

Prior to the Obama administration, there were LGBT people – and they conducted life as they pleased. But after Obama, there’s a whole new normalcy to being gay.

If the Temple, Texas Public Library is going to offer materials for gays – what about materials for straights?

That’s a question asked by a local political activist and founder of Open Carry Texas, C.J. Grisham. He wrote a letter that was carried by the local newspaper, and he copied us at WBDaily:

I would like to know when the Temple Public Library will be hosting its Heterosexual-themed book celebration. Library director Leigh Gardner said that the purpose of the LGBT display “was to make those who are LGBT or have family who identify as LGBT aware that we do have materials for them.” So, as a heterosexual member of a binary sexual orientation that is biologically sound and hasn’t been altered through unnatural means, I’d like to know what materials the library has for me and my family. We could call it “Be Realistic, Celebrate Binary Pride Month.”

CJ Grisham
1SG(Ret), US Army
Temple, Texas

It’s a fair question to ask of Ms. Gardner – and city officials as well. 

C. J. Grisham official Army photo

No one is asking the Library to toss out books that appeal to gays and transgenders. No one is trying to burn books directed at the LGBT community.

But, since this lifestyle is often destructive (note suicide rates in the transgendered community) and since the gay books were openly promoted, surely there must be some books that explain the wonders of the traditional male-female relationship.

The sad thing is that local officials played it down as if it were perfectly normal to promote to our children a lifestyle that is not biblical, and that goes against logic and science.

The kindergarten class the Rocklin Academy school district was openly taught that there is, essentially, no set gender.

Remember, these are little kids. Some of them have parents that actually want to raise their children in a godly and traditional manner. The teacher, whose name we do not know, saw nothing wrong with LGBT indoctrination.

She read from two children’s books about transgenderism, including one called “I Am Jazz.” The books were provided by a transgender student, obviously the child of left-wing activist parents. Some of the children became confused, and one parent said:

“My daughter came home crying and shaking so afraid she could turn into a boy.”

You can see why. One transgender student was allowed to change clothes so as to reveal her true sex. 

Rocklin Superintendent Robin Stout

This is what is going on our schools today. Rocklin Superintendent Robin Stout says her staff will be engaging parents and teachers in discussions about how materials outside the curriculum will be addressed.

That’s nice. Imagine involving parents in the process of indoctrinating their own kids.

Note in both these cases, the casual manner in which the LGBT indoctrination took place.

This what bothers me. Probably due to Obama’s “evolving” on this issue and the sad and decrepit state of today’s college education, young teachers have totally bought into the gay and transgender agenda.

That is why they are now promoting it.

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