IKEA attempting to influence culture with gay-themed ads IKEA has gone beyond homosexuality and has an obligatory transgender ad.

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By Lynn Woolley

This is nothing new for IKEA.

It first ran a commercial in the United States featuring a same-sex couple back in March, 1994. The spot, created by American ad agency Deutsch, Inc., showed two homosexual men shopping for a dining table.

The commercial aired for several weeks before IKEA pulled it, facing a boycott and a bomb threat.

But the Dutch chain is still at it running an ad in Family Circle and other publications showing a man with his head in another man’s lap.

IKEA says the idea is to show that anyone is welcome in their stores.

One shudders to think what will be next – if anyone is welcome. Does that include terrorists? Pedophiles? Everyone? IKEA’s ads are certainly appealing to gay people, but is it a good idea for an advertiser to go political? To try and change the culture? I’d prefer they simply try to sell their furniture.

Target saw its stock value plunge after its bathroom fiasco.  (SNOPES)

Video: IKEA’s first gay TV ad from 1994

Target made news when it opened up its bathroom to anyone based on “gender identity” instead of a person’s actual gender. Under the rules of “positioning,” Target went from being “the nicer alternative to Walmart” to the “tranny bathroom store.” From an advertising or PR standpoint, Target might as well have invited people to shop somewhere else.

I didn’t boycott Target, but I participated in a street protest and I made comments to my checkout people — most of whom seemed embarrassed. It still hasn’t blown over for Target.

So how’s it going for IKEA? 

Understand that IKEA has been invested in appealing to homosexual interests for over two decades now.

It hasn’t caused the chain to fold – partially due to the fact that stores in the U.S. are a destination due to their uniqueness. But, still there is a segment of the population that doesn’t like it.

IKEA has gone beyond homosexuality and has an obligatory transgender ad. (You’d expect them to stay up with the times!) So a TV spot, made for Thailand, shows a man and a woman walking into an IKEA store. The “woman” [not!] is so shocked by what she sees that she forgets to hide the fact that she’s transgender.

Video: Published on Mar 17, 2013 – IKEA’s transgender ad from Thailand showing a Thai couple visiting an IKEA store, when suddenly the “girlfriend” was so excited about the pillows on sale, her (or his) voice suddenly drops

She or he or it – begins speaking in a deep, male voice. And that’s how you find out that this person that looks female is indeed not female. Lovely.

Is that how to sell furniture?

IKEA has decided that it is.

Rather than simply promote their amazing stores and the variety of stuff they have to sell, they’ve decided to use their advertising to force acceptance of a lifestyle that a vast majority of people worldwide still believe is a perversion.

Here in the United States, most people accept gays, even they don’t personally approve of the lifestyle. Even so, American courts have forced us to accept gay marriage against the will of the people (when they have a change to vote on it).

Most young people are being fed a diet of gay rights in schools, colleges, universities, in movies and on TV, in DC and Marvel Comics, and everywhere else. Attitudes are being forced to change.

It doesn’t matter; it’s still a perversion. I choose to accept the people as human beings, but reject the activity. They can do it if they want to but I should not be forced to say it’s the right thing to do. IKEA’s ads seem designed to make me feel like a bigot if I disagree.

I will not make it a point to shop there. I’m not into boycotts such as the Left is – but IKEA is far more in my face with this than Target ever was. People can be gay if they want and IKEA can promote it if they want – and I will not try to stop them. But the ads seem to go out of their way to degrade the culture and that makes me sad. I’d rather they would just advertise their wares.


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