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May 30, 2014 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

If you believe in freedom, you have to believe that homosexuals – gays, in today’s politically correct lingo – have a right to live their lives as they wish. No one believes that more than I do. Two men living together and having sex (such as men are able to do) does not affect me personally, and I have no right to demand that they cease and desist.

Rudy Oeftering of the Metroplex Republicans (Photo: Michael Ainsworth, Dallas Morning News)

Rudy Oeftering of the Metroplex Republicans (Photo: Michael Ainsworth, Dallas Morning News)

However, there is a price to be paid for activity that used to be called “perversion” in most circles, and “an abomination” in the Bible. The questions are this: what does open acceptance of homosexuality and its cousins (bisexuality and transgenderism) mean for the American family and for health issues?

This is what the Republican Party is struggling with. In Fort Worth, the struggle is literal. A group of gay Republicans is pushing Party leaders to change the platform to make it gay-friendly. There is a graph in it that states this:

“…homosexuality tears at the fabric of society and continues to the breakdown of the family unit.”

I believe that is true. There are, to me, three things going on that destroy the family. One is the gay rights movement; one is the current popular culture of free and easy sex; and one is our welfare state. All three of these things have left the African-American community in a shambles. Trust me; you do not want to be on the south side of Chicago on Friday night where gangs of black teens with no fathers are shooting the neighborhoods up. That can’t be laid at the feet of gays – but the whole idea of redefining the family is not helping teens of any color retain their fathers.

The arguments against homosexuality are obvious: destruction of the traditional family, simple biology, religious considerations, and health. Yes, health. It is quite politically incorrect to note the health problems associated with the activity, but there are many, especially for males, and it’s more than just AIDS.

But the gay agenda is winning right now, and that leaves Republicans in a precarious position. Accept their help and their votes when they want to be part of the Party – or tell them to go vote Democratic. The conundrum as I see it is this: The Republican Party would love to have the activism and the votes. But the gay community ties everything to sexuality. They want a booth at the Texas GOP Convention in Fort Worth to openly promote homosexuality and to get the language in the platform changed.

Rudy Oeftering is a Dallas businessman and is also vice president of the Metroplex Republicans, a gay organization. He is quoted in the Dallas Morning News:

“We want to expose language that will shrink the party, not grow it.”

There are things in the platform that a lot of people might change if they had the power to do so. I, for example, would like the Republican Party to take a stronger stand against bilingual education – the scourge of Texas schools. But I don’t always get my way.

I also do not promote my sexual orientation in everything that I do – but gays seem to. Yes, I am a straight male and a pretty girl always turns my head. That used to be considered normal, but who knows anymore? The bottom line is that the Republican Party is better at governing – as the current administration has proven. As for the platform — the language is perfectly reasonable for a socially conservative party. Gays will have to accept that and hold their noses – or make a decision to support Democrats in spite of their failed policies.

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