It’s the Bruce restroom for guys & the Caitlyn for girls in Allen, Texas The idea of someone changing gender is so scientifically absurd that you cannot take it serious.

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By Lynn Woolley

I’ve never been to Allen, Texas. But if I ever visit the booming Dallas suburb, I want to dine at Dodie’s Place Cajun Restaurant Grill & Bar! The owner, Kyle McPherson has an amazing sense of humor – and it’s at the expense of sanctimonious leftists.

It seems that the restroom signs designating MEN and WOMEN have been replaced by life-sized posters of Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner for men’s room and his transgender self, Caitlyn Jenner for the ladies’ room. Any way you look at it, this is gut-busting funny.

The restroom doors at Dodie’s Place Cajun Restaurant Grill & Bar

First of all, the idea of someone changing gender is so scientifically absurd that you cannot take it serious. Second, left-wingers who DO take this kind of thing seriously can’t stand it.

I’m talking about liberals – straight and gay – that go around with frowns on their faces, using words like “cisgender,” and proving to the world at large that the political Left is a sourpuss, humorless bunch.

Thank God (and glory to Him) for giving me the sense not to be part of that crowd.

In these politically correct days in which we live, it seems that only the non-PC among us can still laugh. Many of us see the transgender movement as a futile attempt to be something you’re not. The very idea of a former manly Olympian wearing bras and putting on lipstick is – well, so ridiculous that it’s funny.

The other thing is the notion of political correctness and the “snowflake” movement on college campuses, which seems to have precipitated the anti-free-speech movement at places like the University of Missouri and Cal Berkeley. Today’s liberals are not only humorless – they want all of us to go through life with the same misery that do.

Cisgender man Dom DiFurio (Linked In)

So look who’s offended by the restroom signs.

Dom DiFurio, a self-described cisgender man, and (who’d have guessed) a member of the Dallas Morning News Editorial Board is taken aback by the whole thing.

First of all, I don’t trust anyone who uses the fake word “cisgender.” Which I believe I’ve used three time now. Bad on me.

Second, I’m beginning to see why I almost never agree with the Dallas Morning News Editorial Board. Too dang many cisgender people on that board. That makes four times.

Mr. DiFurio blames it all on President Trump.

Our poor President who can’t seem to get anything right (except the booming economy, the record-setting Stock Market, low unemployment numbers, fewer people entering the county illegally, more companies manufacturing on-shore and a general attitude I the country that I call “trumptimism”), sure takes a lot of cr*p from the Left.

Mr. DiFurio takes it all so seriously.

“Should we be making jokes about a vulnerable population within this political environment?”

Indeed, there is a serious element to the transgender movement and that is the high rate of suicide. I have not personally conducted a scientific study, but here’s what I imagine. A male who decides he wants to become a female must, of necessity, have his penis removed. If I understand correctly, the male scrotum is reworked to make a simulated vagina – which, of course, doesn’t function.

Allen is the Texas town that built this awesome high school football stadium

Surely the “transition” doctor has explained that the new female part would not work as it does on a real woman. But, whatever. He (she?) will soon find that out – but it may be too late to go back.

Once whacked, always whacked. I think that’s why the suicide rate is high. It’s also why I suspect (but cant prove) that Bruce Jenner still possesses his male member, and it’s not in a jar of alcohol on the mantle.

It may be an entirely different experience for women transitioning to men, but as a cisgender man, how would I know. (That’s 5 times.)

At any rate, Dodie’s proprietor, Mr. McPherson, issued a statement.

The cisgender Editorial Board Member did not approve, calling it “less of an apology than a justification.” Here it is so you can decide for yourself:

“First and foremost, our intention was not to make fun of or offend anyone when we installed the pictures of Bruce and Caitlyn on our bathroom doors. It was merely a lighthearted gesture to push back against the political correctness that seems to have a stranglehold on this country right now. We believe that political correctness has done more to silence rather than encourage important discussions that our society probably needs to have.”

Amen, brother.

On the other hand, Mr. DiFurio is awesomely politically correct! He says that everyone ought to feel comfortable – LGBTQ included. (Note that HE and not I left out the letters “IA” that stand for “intersexual” and “asexual.” Cisgender men should not leave out any kind of sexuals.

Form one cisgender to another, if guys are going to wear makeup and demand they be referred to with female pronouns, what’s wrong with recognizing the humor in that? Something tells me the Editorial Board meetings at the Dallas Morning News are something akin to being in Hell.

Something also tells me that when Caitlyn Jenner has run “her” course, Bruce may be back as a man and counting the money in the bank. He probably laughed all the way there.

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