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May 23, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

The current president of the United States is an odd human being.

He is presiding over a stagnant economy. Good jobs are hard to come by. ISIS and other terrorist organizations are on a continual killing spree.

None of this interests Obama in the least.

But transgenders using the bathrooms that correspond to their gender identities—THAT interests Obama. Gay marriage interests him. And global warming keeps him awake at night. The bathroom issue seemingly came up out of nowhere – but the New York Times says it did not.

Strange guy

Strange guy

On April 1, Obama’s top aide, Valerie Jarrett, met with leaders of the gay lobby who were apparently going berserk over the defeat of the bathroom law in Houston. So the administration started work on a bathroom directive – and that’s how the latest culture war got rolling.

The Obama bathroom directive was actually years in the making.

When the homosexual lobby speaks, Oddball Obama listens. This strangest of all presidents seems to care about far left issues – the weirder, the better. The idea of men “transitioning” to women and using the Ladies Room would absolutely appeal to him. This is a made-to-order issue for the Great Divider and the bringer of “change” that will “transform America.”

With Obama, there is no “Morning in America,” There is only unfair, prejudiced America that is on the wrong side of history. So after the Houston anti-discrimination law was overturned – essentially using a five-word slogan:


…national leaders of the homosexual movement were in panic mode. Lucky for them, the oddest president in American history was sitting in the Oval Office. Obama to the rescue.

Here’s how Oddball Obama appears to see it:  Obama-Transgender-Restroom-Mandate-900

During the era of civil rights battles, restrooms often said “Whites Only.” That, of course, was wrong and it was correctly overturned. The gay lobby sees the terms “MEN” and “WOMEN” on restroom doors as equally prejudiced. The problem is that being black is not deviant, but homosexuality goes against science and nature.

Our oddball president denies science when it serves his agenda.

So Jarrett listed to the gay rights leaders and soon, the Obama camp was in their camp. It appears that the Obama team had already been working on a directive for gender-neutral restrooms. Just what this country needs in a time of a weak economy and world terrorism. It seems odds to most Americans, but not to Obama.

Latest developments.

Of course, North Carolina became the first state pass a law essentially designed to protect women by keeping men out of their restrooms. The Obama administration’s hand was forced at that point and the Democrats’ War Against Women was on.

VIDEO: Published on May 13, 2016. Amid the national furor over North Carolina’s bathroom bill, the Departments of Justice and Education on Friday issued a joint directive to all public schools to allow transgender students the use of restrooms that match their gender identity. Although noncompliance could cost states billions in federal aid, some conservative lawmakers have already vowed to defy the order. Judy Woodruff reports.

It’s not going to happen without a fight.

Last Friday, members of the Oklahoma Legislature proposed a measure to overturn Obama’s order. A second measure called for Obama to be impeached. A day earlier in Washington, House Republicans prevailed by a single vote in a fight over an amendment to protect gays and lesbians from discrimination in government contracting. After a procedural fight, the measure lost 213-212 with Democrats shouting “Shame!” at the Republicans.

Video: Odd Democrats. Democrats shouted “shame” as seven House Republicans switched their votes and defeated a measure to protect gay rights. (May 19)

Does this seem odd to you? It does to me.

It hasn’t been so long that biblical values were revered in the United States of America. But make no mistake, the current LGBT fights pitting the left against the right is a direct assault against Christians and their values.

It’s just downright odd that even far left Democrats would want men going into women’s restrooms. But under Oddball Obama, this is the type of issue that resonates. I believe that the blame goes in equal shares to the oddness of our current administration and the indoctrination that comes from radical left-wing college professors.

I’m tired of “odd.”

Obama seems to live in a world where ALL his imagined problems revolve around “equality” and where real problems will go away if you ignore them long enough.

Perhaps if Donald Trump becomes the next president of the United States, we can get back to some semblance of normalcy. Compared to Oddball Obama, Trump seems completely normal.

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