The failed Government Takeover of Healthcare is a Joke Affordable Healthcare provided by the government bureaucracy is a ponzi scheme crafted to manipulate power and money.

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Mar 12, 2017 No Comments ›› admin

by Sid Fraiser

Like so many cradle to grave programs, Affordable Healthcare provided by the government bureaucracy is a ponzi scheme crafted to manipulate power and money.

The government rarely provides efficient, quality, well managed or optimum solutions for anything.

We have seen so many examples of government waste, fraud and abuse of the public trust and funds; you would think the people would wake up. “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you” isn’t only a untrue, it is a practical joke being played on the people and the businesses struggling to fight government intrusion into their life.

Obviously no one in the government subscribes to the K.I.S.S. Theory…

…(Keep It Simple Stupid) because the unwritten law within establishment circles is to over complicate everything. Perhaps this is because government is dominated by lawyers, career politicians, entrenched paper shufflers, lobbyists, special interest groups and other parasites that have always had a safety net.

This isn’t the privilege afforded most people, so it is a challenge between the entitlement class (upper and lower) and the working class.

The issue related to health care isn’t simple but having government edicts, mandates, regulations and redistribution requirements overly complicates everything.

John Roberts arrives in Malta after his egregious Obamacare ruling in 2012.

Insurance companies are part of the bureaucracy because they have been sucked into the bailout concept. Conglomerate Hospitals now grow and build in leaps and bounds due to out of controlled charges of even the most basic procedures.

Also on the back of consumers are the pharmaceutical companies that buy influence throughout the medical and government communities.

It is a system that feeds on the chaos and lack of control that ultimately hurts the people it was intended to help.

So whether you call it OBAMACARE, RINOCARE or something else…

…it is clear you must break the chain that causes health care to be unaffordable, an entitlement nightmare, and a safe haven for greed and power. We have all heard “repeal and replace” the current system.

It goes far beyond that to reassigning the duties and obligations that are focused around a Free Enterprise system that can truly be a win win structure without the incompetence of a massive government or industry bureaucracy.

Photo: U.S. News .com

Any system that attempts to shift the burden and disproportionately incentivizes people, organizations and/or healthcare providers will fail.

Everyone must participate in the personal responsibility to maintain and prevent issues where possible or the system will be overwhelmed.

Healthcare is not a right, it is a privilege. The healthcare community has an obligation to provide quality care at an affordable cost. The government role is strictly to ensure all elements of a healthcare program meet fundamental industry guidelines and provide for competition that is fair and equitable.

As we watch the proceedings trying to dig out of a failed government takeover of healthcare, we can only ask if a real commitment from all the players will be there.

We certainly do not need another unsustainable government attempt to control a crucial part of the lives of the American people. Rushing to fix one failed program with a patched version isn’t a solution that will truly achieve a campaign promise.

Perhaps the solution is a combination of options ranging from group participation to private nationwide competitive insurance to health risk assessment and management strategies or other innovative methods to provide incentives to become a healthier society.

It is clear we can no longer allow healthcare to be the political and governmental mess that certainly is no joke for the people that are paying the consequences in various ways.

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