Dan Patrick blames Video games for El Paso shooting as Beto O’Rourke blames Trump Dan Patrick: "I see a video game industry that teaches young people to kill."

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By Lynn Woolley

Left-wing media sites are on fire about how Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has singled out video games as a probable root cause of mass shootings. At the same time, Beto O’Rourke, a fading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, used the occasion of the El Paso massacre to once again call President Trump a racist.

El Paso

During the August 4th episode of Fox & Friends, the Lieutenant Governor picked up on a theme that he has discussed before: the ultra-violent video games that now permeate our society and how they affect those who are seemingly addicted to them, saying:

I see a video game industry that teaches young people to kill.

This was not the first time that Gov. Patrick has made this connection. In May of 2018, he went on ABC’s This Week and had the same message for host George Stephanopoulos.

Video: Lt. Governor of Texas, Dan Patrick, blames school shooting on Facebook and violent video games on “This Week” (May 2018)

On Fox & Friends, he accused the video game industry of essentially inciting violence.

I look at this evil act — and let’s condemn it for what it is, evil, evil — and I say, how long are we going to let, for example, and ignore at the federal level particularly, where they can do something about the video game industry? You know, in this manifesto that we believe is from the shooter, this manifesto, he talks about living out his super-soldier fantasy on Call of Duty. We know that the video game industry is bigger than the movie industry and the music industry combined, and there have been studies that say it impacts people and studies that says it does not, but I look at the common denominators, as a 60-some-year-old father and grandfather myself, what’s changed in this country? We’ve always had guns, we’ve always had evil. But what’s changed where we see this rash of shooting? And I see a video game industry that teaches young people to kill. You know, in his manifesto, he said — this is not a Republican or Democrat thing, because he was concerned about robots and environment and immigrants. Obviously a hate crime, I think, in my view, against immigrants from this young man, just my view. We haven’t had an official report on that, and I don’t mean to talk on, but I just — my heart is so heavy this morning. Because I think, where are we as a country?

The Left is crazy mad at this line of reasoning. Left wing websites see shootings as a way to effect gun control that they clamor for, and in the age of Trump, a way to brand the President as a racist. Media Matters for America, ran a clip of the Patrick interview on FOX News, criticizing him for turning down a CNN interview request:

CNN host Jake Tapper publicly called out Patrick and other Republicans for avoiding interview requests after the shootings, but it makes perfect sense that Patrick would spin his nonsense on the “news” network that also falsely claims video games make people kill. It’s always anything except the gun.

You can read the article and see the clip here.

The argument about popular culture causing people to do bad things is not new.

When I was a kid, my mother made me a Superman cape. I did not don it, and then jump off the roof thinking I could fly, but there was a national concern that just such a thing might happen.

Our culture has coarsened sine then. We’ve now got slasher movies, sadistic movies like “Jeepers Creepers,” novels that are exceedingly graphic with how-to-kill scenes, and TV shows such as “Person of Interest” and “Gotham” with episodes that are that are virtual instructional videos on how to torture. Comic books used to show us fights that were more pushing than fisticuffs but now, when a villain or a hero is socked in the mouth, teeth and blood fly out in a disturbing fashion.

Video: Jeepers Creepers (2001) – A Hole in a Cop Scene (8/11) | Movieclips

I’m one of those people that likes to be entertained by popular culture rather than grossed out, so I actually enjoy some of the old movies better when the murders were committed offstage. Still, though I cringe when I put the Blu-Ray in the player, I can’t stop watching “The Americans,” even though I know the violence will gross me out.

Yet I’ve never killed or maimed nor have I had the urge to.

We live in modern times (don’t we always?) and modern sensibilities allow us to watch gross crap in the movies and on TV. The good old “F” word doesn’t even shock us anymore. I see this stuff; everyone does.

But, of 340,000,000 people in the United States, only a few of us grab our guns and head to the mall with mal intent.

Still, it is undeniable that Patrick has a point.

Video Games are violent in the extreme and you wonder if the industry could not create interesting scenarios for games sans the violence. They have no financial interest in doing that. Back in the 70’s, when record companies starting allowing artists to use curse words in songs, they knew it would enhance sales among the young. Remember, the young think that type of thing is cool because it is a rebellion against authority.

But money talks and that’s why record companies headed up by white men who go home to their wives and children at night, pay millions to rap stars that use unmentionable lyrics. It’s all about the money. Video games are violent because violence sells. Corporate responsibility is gone in this case.

And what about Beto and Trump?

There are lots of contributing factors to violence in America. Video games are certainly part of the mix. A constant diet of playing games where you earn points by killing as many people as you can is bound to have some effect.

So is the constant drone of the left-wing media calling Trump a racist. The recent Baltimore dust-up is a case in point. Trump, in the middle of a feud with a black member of Congress, said some nasty things about Baltimore that had also been said by local officials and by Bernie Sanders. But when Trump said it, he was branded a racist. Again.

Intrigued, I looked up Baltimore on Wikipedia. I seemed to remember that Baltimore was a much larger city many years ago. That is true. The city had nearly a million people in the 80’s. People have left in droves and now it has about 600,000 and city officials have tried to find answers. As liberals, they have no answers except to brand Trump as a racist. What he said is beyond dispute, but that does not matter.

Video: Beto O’Rourke links El Paso shooting to Trump’s ‘racist’ rhetoric

So Beto, with no answers, calls Trump a racist again, and blames the shooting on his rhetoric. Americans and Texans can take pride in the fact that the short, pitiful political career of this charlatan is almost over.

The El Paso shooting is the fault of the shooter.

There can be no scapegoat. Not guns. Not the NRA. Not Trump. While video games are disgusting, and may teach people how to kill, they cannot force anyone to do so. Evil exists in this world whether it’s Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot, Vladimir Putin, Nidal Malik Hassan, or these shooters.

The idea that these mass murders are new is a myth.

We’ve had murders since the days of Cain and Abel. In America, we’ve had mass murders for a very long time. I wrote a column about it for WBDaily and asked the question:

Which of these murderers would have been stopped by “commonsense gun laws?”

The answer is none of them. In a country as big as ours, we are going to have a certain number of nutcases go off the deep end. There will always be people who want to make a statement by killing other people. If we could get companies to voluntarily clean up video games, rap music, and violence on-screen, it might help. We can make more gun laws that likely will have no effect at all.

Or we can abolish gun-free zones and learn how to protect our families and ourselves. If I’m ever in a Walmart and someone starts shooting, I should be able to shoot back and so should you. That makes the most sense to me.


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