Dallas Mayor Pro-Tem Dwaine Caraway is a violent NRA Hater Getting into a fight complete with cursing & shouting at a station called “Heaven” is a bit ridiculous.

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By Lynn Woolley

I couldn’t help but smile when I heard that Mayor Pro-Tem Caraway, in his left-wing fervor, wants to stop the National Rifle Association from holding its convention in Dallas. But it fits right in with current liberal thinking – that if you disagree with the Left, you should shut up or go away.

But Caraway has a colorful past that belies his peacenik comments.

Back on February 22, 2016, Caraway was running for Dallas County Commissioner against long-time incumbent John Wiley Price.

The two liberals got into a major fight in the studios of KHVN, also known as “Heaven 970.” Price, who went on trial for political corruption – and won that case – also beat Caraway.

Video: Feb. 19 — During a news conference Monday at Dallas City Hall, Mayor Pro-Tem Dwaine Caraway called for the NRA not to come to Dallas for its meeting.

Caraway, for his part, gave the disgraced football player Michael Vick a key to the city. Now, this paragon of peace wants to ban the NRA from Dallas. The NRA should simply ignore him.

Dallas Mayor Pro-Tem Dwaine Caraway on Monday urged the National Rifle Association to move its upcoming annual convention elsewhere in light of last week’s mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida. (WFAA)

The NRA is set to have its convention May 3-6 at the Dallas Convention Center.

And why not? Texas is a state in which most households have at least one gun, hunting is a major activity, shooting ranges abound, and a lot of people carry concealed weapons.

But our major convention centers are in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin – all left-wing cities with nutcase mayors.

Caraway has stated that he believes that the convention would attract anti-gun protests that would cost the city money.

Remember when the Left opposed the bathroom bill because it might lead to cities like Dallas NOT getting major conventions? It turns out that the Left just wants conventions put on by people it agrees with. The tolerant Left is not tolerant at all.

Caraway is willing to toss a major convention because he doesn’t like the product being promoted. But Caraway’s past always dogs him. Getting into a fight complete with cursing and shouting at a station called “Heaven” is a bit ridiculous – but yet the voters saw fit to put him back on the City Council.

Video: Politician Dwaine Caraway Fights Commisioner John Wiley Price for choking his Staff Member

I don’t live in Dallas – but I used to.

I still love so much about Dallas – it’s museums, its skyline, and its place in history, that it’s hard to see nutcases like Mayor Mike Rawlings and Caraway making decisions based on loony political views. If I had to choose between the NRA convention and the Mayor Pro-Tem, I would choose based on which one stands for freedom and the American way.


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