Earth vs. the Reptilians Lizard-like warriors from a dying planet battle the nations of Earth.

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By Lynn Woolley

Editor’s note: This is a nifty little documentary-style story, sans dialogue, with a lot of “Star Trek” influence and an ending reminiscent of “War of the Worlds.” The villains of this piece use a “cloaking device” and my description of them makes me think that I probably modeled them after the “Gorn” that Captain Kirk fought in the ST episode “Arena.” As far as a parallel to the H.G. Wells story (and a 70’s reference to “climate change”), it seems that when the Earth is threatened, it fights back.

The Gobi. The Sahara. Even the Great Sandy. Usually, these places were the stomping grounds of lizards and home to untold varieties of cacti. But now, the great deserts of the world were hosting something else – something akin to the lizard, but infinitely more intelligent – creatures with brainpower enough to leap the seemingly endless light years of space and arrive on Earth undetected through use of an advanced cloaking device.

These were the residents of the dying planet Reptilia, their numbers upon earth now into the millions – all skilled, all trained, all poised for war.

Had it happened another way, it could have fulfilled the dream of the ages – a united Earth. But once Reptilian numbers were sufficient for attack, the dream became a nightmare. The nations of Earth were not being brought together by treaties among presidents, prime ministers and kings; but rather by a force of alien invaders. And the force was indeed an efficient one.

Already, the advancing alien war machine had taken many countries. The valiant Canadians had fallen. Egypt, Israel, Nigeria, Algeria, Ethiopia – indeed, most of the African continent – Saudi Arabia, Iran. The list was long. Only a few major powers were still holding their own. The United States, Russia, Red China, Australia (but only because the island continent hadn’t been invaded yet), and the Scandinavian countries were still alive and fighting; but the war was taking its toll even on the Superpowers.

So little was known about the lizard-like residents of the planet Reptilia that it was difficult to find effective weapons to halt their savage advances. They stood nearly eight feet tall. They breathed earthly air, then hissed it back out again through snake-like nostrils while their tongues darted in an out of pinhole mouths. Their eyes were round and extended from their elongated crania allowing them to see in several directions at once. Their skin – green and scaly – was so thick that only heavy artillery or powerful lasers could penetrate it. Their long, ridged tails were weapons in themselves; swung fiercely, they could kill a human easily. In hand-to-hand combat between Earthling and Reptilian, there was no doubt who would emerge the victor. Their arsenal included hand-held energy beams, and sky tanks equipped with similar weapons; and of course the cloaking device was invaluable when it came to camouflage. No wonder that Reptilian forces were overwhelming Earth’s armies at every turn.

The war had been raging less than a year. The United States, Russia, and China – enemies from time to time throughout the course of history – were now solidly joined with the rest of the world’s nations as they tried to ward off the attack. Laser cannons developed by the U.S. had so far managed to keep the States from suffering a complete takeover (though Hawaii was lost), but if the Reptilians were able to annex Mexico, it was feared that a simultaneous attack from north and south might be the tactic that would overcome America. If so, it was only a matter of time: word was filtering into Washington that Mexico City had fallen.

Earth’s casualties by this time were into the hundreds of thousands – possibly the millions. Worldwide communications were cut off, making it impossible to ascertain losses. The major American television networks – once given to the junk food of the mind – were now serving as government communications systems. There was no six o’clock news anymore.

While casualties were high, the war wasn’t producing any POW’s. The Reptilians never took prisoners, and they made certain none of their number was ever captured. Each Reptilian soldier carried a device implanted within the body that caused total disintegration in the event of death or capture. No Reptilian, then, ever came before Earth scientists for study. It was a cruel but effective tactic. The Earthlings had no chance to study Reptilian physiology to probe for weaknesses.

Perhaps such a study would have proved futile. With skin so thick and reptilian bodies so powerful, the denizens of Reptilia seemed almost impervious to physical harm. The Russians had tried germ warfare to no avail; small arms were of no use; and hand grenades exploded harmlessly. Only the advanced laser cannons of the United States — mounted on armored vehicles and manned by one or two soldiers – seemed able to slow the alien troops or the swooping sky tanks with their beams of raining death.

So the mood in the Reptilian camp was already a good one when the news came of the fall of Mexico. The Commander hissed his approval. He was well aware that the United States was a major stumbling block to complete possession of Earth, and with both Canada and Mexico in Reptilian hands, the U.S. would be the next major campaign. His long forked tongue swished in and out of his mouth approvingly as he contemplated the next move. Swiftly, he thought, we must make plans to invade. Within hours, the alien armies were assembling, preparing to advance on Earth’s greatest treasure.

The Reptilian leaders had set up a command post in the Azores – right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. That put them an equal distance from two crucial remaining obstacles: the United States and Russia. How glorious it will be, thought the Commander, when the Earthlings have finally fought their last. His Reptilian mind drifted back to home. On Reptilia, twin suns were beaming down ever hotter on the planet’s surface as its orbit continued to decay. He knew his home world had only a matter of decades left before it became a cinder in space. That, of course, was why millions of troops had made the journey through hyperspace to the Milky Way, to Sol, and finally, to the temperate planet Earth – good for a few million more years. (Earth had seemed to be the only planet in the Solar System capable of sustaining the Reptilians. Venus’ atmosphere was unacceptable, and the temperature on Mars rarely reached 50 degrees Fahrenheit.)

Earth would be perfect for the Reptilians – a green, growing planet, not too hot, not too cold, but already Earth was overcrowded, and advance parties had reported that Earthlings would not live in harmony with a race of lizard-like beings. Conquest and extermination was the only answer – survival of the fittest.

October had arrived – the eighth month of the fierce battle between human and alien – and the Commander was notified that rations were running low. No matter, he thought. Reptilians can survive for several Earth-months without food, and with America almost captured, only China and Russia stand in the way of ending the war.

So the plans were finalized by the Commander and his aides – the tactical moves that would be necessary to engage a final takeover of the planet.

It was decided that the United States would be attacked by armies from the north and south simultaneously. Major cities like New York, and Los Angeles; government centers like Washington; and huge military bases like Fort Hood would be primary points of attack. The Americans would not be given a chance to surrender; if defeated, they would be destroyed.

Another army would assemble at one of the Reptilian landing points in the Great Sandy Desert, and prepare to take Australia. The Commander saw no problems there; he was a bit concerned about China. As soon as the U.S. had fallen, the Eastern army would advance on the island continent; then, the war would move to giant Red China.

China was a ticklish situation because Russia was still independent and fighting. Although Russia had none of the laser cannons that had made America so strong (ironically, the U.S. had been able to keep the plans a secret, especially from Russia), the sheer numbers in that country made it a problem. But if China became a possession of Reptilia, the Russian invasion could be effected much more easily.

Another problem that had the Commander worried was the Bomb! Advance parties had reported the existence of nuclear weapons in a few countries, but so far, no nation had brought them into play.

The Commander speculated that the nations of Earth were afraid to deploy the bomb for fear of wiping out the entire planet. Too, he realized that to be effective, nuclear weapons must be used on great numbers of soldiers and not used randomly. He felt it fortunate that Earth technology could not locate Reptilian camps in the deserts with the cloaking devices still being employed. Still, he had his top experts working on a method to disarm the nuclear weapons of Earth.

Leaders of the alien forces were going about the business of assembling more sky tanks and transporting them to strategic locations near the United States and China. Foot soldiers were also preparing to advance on both countries. The Reptilians were expecting heavy losses, and their expectations came true.

Advancing from both north and south, the aliens succeeded in rapid violations of U.S. borders. American forces were prepared, but unequal to the task. One solider blew a hole though a Reptilian general with a howitzer, only to become a victim of an energy blast from a buzzing sky tank. There were many such acts of bravery on the part of the United States, but it began to seem that no one would be left to hand out medals.

The Reptilians were losing soldiers too. More than half a million aliens were wiped out by battle’s end, leaving the invaders with barely enough manpower to take control of the country. The potent laser cannons were mostly destroyed by the time of the surrender, and those that were still operable were turned over to Reptilian mechanics for conversion for use by a larger, reptilian body.

Captured with the country was the dreaded nuclear stockpile of the U.S. The mass execution of the nation’s survivors was put on hold while the Reptilian brain trust studied the Bomb. Word had filtered down that U.S. strategists were about to deploy this final resort when the county fell. The Reptilians were not so sure that the Chinese or the Russians would hesitate to use nuclear power when the time came.

The war slowed down somewhat. The Reptilians were getting ready to attack China, but they were still smarting from their heavy losses in the U.S. They were afraid that the Eastern nations might choose total destruction over surrender. They wanted a solution to that problem before the attack was mounted.

The end of November signaled a breakthrough. The Commander hissed violently when informed that his scientists had discovered what made the bomb “tick,” and more important, what would prevent it from being used as a weapon.

In order to create a large-scale release of atomic energy, i.e. an explosion, he was told, a chain reaction must be started and maintained for a sufficient amount of time. In order to do that, those atoms that absorb neutrons without producing fission must either be removed, or the reaction must be modified so that the atoms no longer absorb neutrons. The alien scientists had perfected a way to “broadcast” certain atoms into the core of a bomb that would not produce the needed fission, and thus, there would be no chain reaction.

Armed with this new weapon, the Reptilian Commander ordered the invasion of China with a newfound confidence. From Iran, India, Borneo, the African continent, and Australia, the troops lumbered forward. The sky tanks spat energy from the China sky while ground forces mobilized at strategic points using the Reptilian cloaking device along with captured and modified U.S. laser cannons.

Troops were advancing on Beijing. The Chairman was notified of shocking news: his country’s nuclear stockpile had been sabotaged. It was a matter of time. And then, China and the remaining nations around her fell.

Only Russia stood between the Reptilians and victory – a total domination of Earth. Again, because of a great shortage of troops, a mass execution was postponed until the final battles could be fought and won.

The Commander hissed softly, his tongue darting in and out. He thought of the remaining hordes on Reptilia, a planet slipping still closer to its suns – a few million more miles since the war against Earth had begun. He could remember when the planet was securely fixed in is rightful orbit some 71,000,000 miles from the suns. Now, the planet was less than 58,000,000 miles away, and even the heat-loving surface dwellers were beginning to burn; they were cutting out large chunks of ground and building cities beneath the surface. Even so, time was running out. Earth must be taken and made home for his people as the new home planet — Reptilia II.
And so, with the first days of December already come and gone, the Commander issued the final orders: invade Russia.

There must be no mistakes in the conquest of this, a country as powerful in some ways as the United States, but with more teeming millions. The troops massed along the nations to the south, which had already fallen. Except for those troops necessary to maintain order in the rest of the world, the entire Reptilian army was mobilized. Numbers were no longer vast, but thousands gathered in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China, and Mongolia. Sky tanks were revved; laser cannons mounted; ground troops armed with energy bolts were in readiness.
Attack, came the order from the Azores command post. The final assault was on.

The Reptilians marched like the conquerors they were. They held sway over the once-feared United States laser cannons; they were no longer frightened of nuclear weapons; they had the physical edge; they would simply overcome the Russians and win themselves a world.

If the Reptilians were overconfident, the Russians certainly were not. They had helped dozens of other nations during the course of the war – sent in thousands of troops already, all to no avail. They knew well the type of enemy they were facing. It had been an uphill battle all during the war, and now, it was time to run. All else had failed. And so, the Russian people ran. But determined not to let the Reptilians profit from their goods and resources, they burned everything they left behind. Moscow went up in flames, and with it, billions of dollars worth of structures, conveyances, and supplies. Saint Petersburg, once called Leningrad, burned. So did Kiev, Minsk, and moving eastward, Novosibirsk on around to Vladivostok. By the time the invaders arrived, the country was barren – in total ruin – its vast population desperately heading northward, crossing the Arctic Circle, and seeking a place of refuge in the land of the tundra.

It was a time of rejoicing in the Azores. The Commander’s tongue (which he could not control when he was excited) was swishing in and out as he savored the victory. Soon, he would send a communication through subspace that Earth was conquered; the home planet could begin its mass evacuation.

But then, a troubling communication from his generals in the field. There had been some casualties – certainly not due to anything the Earthlings had done. But the very air seemed different in the north of Russia. Reptilian soldiers pursuing the defeated Russians northward into Siberia had taken ill, and many had died, their body temperatures severely altered.

More communications. Forces along the battlefront were asking permission to evacuate Russia themselves, to head back to the more confortable regions of the Gobi and the Sahara. Permission was granted, but could they make it? More and more troops were dying. The earthly air was howling, and the soft, white flakes that covered the ground were not pleasant to touch.

Could Earth be undergoing a change of climate?

The Reptilian Commander pondered what was happening. His tongue was still as he continued to receive word of sick and dying troops. He had a thought – suppose Earth was moving away from its sun, just as Reptilia was moving closer. After all, the climate on this planet had been much different when the troops had arrived.

The subspace message was aborted. This planet could not sustain his people. The search must continue for a planet of continuous summer — a planet such a Reptilia had once been.

About a tenth of the original invasion force remained when it assembled at various campsites to disembark. The Commander mused as the “jump” into hyperspace was effected. Lives had been taken and a world lay in ruin. But even so, Earth had been spared. It was now a planet without major weapons, without nuclear stockpiles, and without meaningful boundaries between nations. Perhaps the Reptilian invasion would somehow allow the Earthlings to survive for ages to come. Perhaps some higher force had deemed it this way. Then his thoughts turned to the future: a new home still must be found.

He never let his mind drift back to the fatal mistake. His planet enjoyed eternal summer, and the concept of winter was alien to him, a creature of cold blood. A creature that couldn’t possibly survive the blizzards and sleet and snowfall of a severe Russian December. He never understood the lesson he might have learned from a study of Earth’s past.

Both Napoleon and Hitler, having made the same blunder, would no doubt agree. It’s not wise to invade Russia in the winter.


© 2018 by Lynn Woolley. All rights reserved.

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