There is ALWAYS a Better Way The problem with this world is that Evil so often prevents the Better Way from taking place.

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Aug 27, 2017 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

The world – as it usually is – is in a mess. From Syria to Pyongyang to Charlottesville, human beings make the worst choices available.

Because of that, the earth is prevented from being a paradise where all people work together and most of us are reasonably well off.

There is plenty of wealth in the world. Imagine if we spent it on things that matter to life – like food, housing, transportation, and creating jobs — instead of spending it on massive armies and weapons of war.

But for human nature, it could be done.

Even liberals and conservatives could find a Better Way. It’s just that they don’t want to. But if evil people ever came to their senses, then the worst we’d have to deal with is natural disasters like hurricanes and floods – and diseases like cancer.

But we’d have more money to spend on solutions — money that we now spend on fighting evil.

Here are some examples – where a Better Way is obvious.

Radical Islamic terrorism. Islamo-Nazis want to bring a Caliphate and conquer the world for Islam. But what if they decided to advance their religion peacefully? By NOT killing infidels and subjugating women, they could win a lot of friends and converts. “Peaceful” Islam is a far Better Way than what we are getting from al Qaeda and ISIS, not only for the Western World, but also for Islam itself. 

Republicans versus Democrats. The two political parties in the United States should, after 241 years of being a nation, have far more in common than they disagree on. Why doesn’t it seem that way? The reason is that all differences have been magnified by politicians and in the media so that political opponents must be destroyed. A Better Way would be to debate what’s best for America, and then implement an agenda where the party in charge gets much of what it wants, but the other party is not thrown under the bus. The people will always make corrections at the ballot box.

Removal of statues and monuments. The United States is heading towards another Civil War because two sides – both of which have their points – are at odds over an event that took place 150 years ago. One side sees it as racism; the other sees it as history. A Better Way would be to add to our history by creating new monuments across the South to abolitionists and those who freed the slaves.

Kim Jon Un & his weapons of war

Kim Jong Un and North Korea. Kim is perhaps the stupidest individual on the planet. He has total power to do what he wishes – and he picks a fight with a nation that could reduce his country to rubble in a matter of hours. A Better Way would be to negotiate an end to his nukes in return for a pledge not to change the regime. The millions he wastes on a standing army and nuclear arsenal could turn his poor nation into a far richer country with a population that adores him instead of fearing him.

Illegal immigration in the United States. Conservatives believe that the law should be enforced and the border secured. That seems to make sense. Liberals believe that once someone enters the country illegally, he/she should be treated with respect and that families once established here should not be separated by deportation. Both sides have defensible positions. A Better Way would be to find a way to preserve our language and our culture while allowing immigrants that want jobs to come here on work visas after having applied legally for citizenship. 

LGBT issues. Nature, science, logic, the Bible, and thousands of years of history tell us that homosexuality is unnatural. Those on the Right also see it as immoral. Those on the Left cannot find a point to draw the line on what they will accept. A Better Way would be to offer help to people who are confused about their sexuality, — except for the fact that political correctness has eliminated that compromise.

Mexico. Here’s a nation with tremendous potential in natural resources like oil and copper and in tourism. But Mexico has three big problems: poverty, political corruption, and drug cartels. Getting rid of the latter two would certainly help in eliminating the first. Mexico’s Better Way is obvious, if the Mexican people and their leadership have the fortitude to accomplish it.

War in the 21st Century (Encyclopaedia Britannica)

War. No one wants to go to war – except for third-world dictators that would rather die in a coup than give up power. But why would we ever want to go to war with a major power like Russia or China in which millions would die? Vladimir Putin, the dictator of Russia, longs for the old days of the Soviet Union. A Better Way would be to work with the free nations of the world, and eventually install free elections in Russia. Like most militaristic nations, Russia could create a far better life for its entire populace by working with the rest of the world instead of spending billions on its military.

I am struggling with a personal challenge right now.

I know someone who has hurt his family deeply through lies, unfaithfulness, and treachery. It is hard to know what’s best to do. I could expose him in a column or provide a trove of evidence to local news media. A Better Way would be for him to work towards becoming a person of character and a loyal husband and father.

The problem with this world is that Evil so often prevents the Better Way from taking place.

There is ALWAYS a better way. But will al Qaeda take it? Will ISIS? Will Kim Jong Un? Will you? The answer is almost always “no.”

And yet, as individuals, and as people of the world, we prevent ourselves from living in a near utopia by being the problem instead of being the solution. The problems that exist in our county, in the world, and in our own lives are fairly easy to pinpoint. Solutions are not always as easy – but often that’s because we can only see one side – our own.

We haven’t cured cancer yet. We can’t stop major hurricanes from slamming into the coast. But our political differences could be mitigated with serious discussion and compromise. Major world events are controlled by the existence of evil. Imagine if the evil in the world could be removed or destroyed. We could all sing with Louis Armstrong:

“I think to myself, what a wonderful world.”

We live in a world of strife, torment, and war because so many people will not seek out a Better Way!

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  1. VerbosePhil says:

    Excellent article Lynn. I often ask myself the same questions — just why are things allowed to go in the direction they go. Wouldn’t things be so much better if everyone had similar goals and outlook, and could work together towards those more positive ends, and yes a Better Way!

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