Obama Choice to Paint Presidential Portrait Points to Obama being Muslim 44th President Has Fought Against Claims he's a Muslim but his Choice for Artist of His Portrait Makes Him Look MORE Muslim

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By Ben Barrack

Barack Obama has maintained for years that he is not a Muslim. Born to a Muslim father, Obama is a Muslim according to Islamic law. Obama is a Muslim. The only debate is whether he is a Sunni or a Shiite.

If Obama didn’t want people to think he’s a Muslim, he certainly shouldn’t do things that would say otherwise.

That’s why Obama’s decision to choose Kehinde Wiley as the artist to paint the 44th President’s official portrait is so bizarre. Wiley is a black racist whose paintings include black women holding the severed heads of white women.

Over the last 20 years, westerners have become all too familiar with the Muslim practice of beheading non-Muslims. In Islam, the practice of beheading is done to show superiority, to persecute non-Muslims and to instill terror in others.

As a racist, Wiley clearly communicates similar sentiment by portraying blacks as superior to whites. He also has an affinity for Islam according to his biography.

When Obama Had to Deny he is Muslim

During his campaign for president – and even during his presidency – Obama always had to fend off claims that he was a Muslim. He would twist himself into pretzels when it came to his Muslim heritage.

The mainstream media was his biggest defender. In fact, liberal media hacks would boast about Obama’s connection to Islam and then fiercely protect him against charges that it was his religion.

Consider when New York Times writer gushed that Obama recited the Islamic call to prayer with a ‘first-rate accent’.

Obama was friends with former PLO man Rashid Khalidi. Days before being elected president, the Los Angeles Times refused to release damning video of Obama with Khalidi.

While being interviewed by ABC’s George Stephanopolous, Obama let slip that his faith was of the Islamic brand. Instead of letting him continue, Stephanopolous came to Obama’s rescue.

In one of his more well known gaffes, Obama referred to there being 57 states of America. Though there are only 50, there are 57 states in the Islamic world:

In 2014, Obama insisted that the Islamic State (ISIS / ISIL) is “not Islamic”. Yet, perhaps no other group is more closely associated with beheadings. In fact, ISIS’s propensity for barbaric beheadings caused the civilized world to condemn them.

Obama decried ISIS as non-Islamic, in part, because of their savagery.

Yet, in 2018, Obama elevated the profile of a man who reveres ISIS-like behavior.

If Obama wants people to believe he’s not a Muslim, he has a funny way of showing it.

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