Trump could have Risen above the Swamp in Helsinki Riddle me this: would the Russian interference narrative have come up if Hillary had won? Of course not.

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By Lynn Woolley

The President looked weak during the joint news conference with Putin. I say that as a confirmed Trump supporter who believes Mr. Trump is God-sent to save this country from the Obama agenda.

I knew that the Mainstream Media was going to savage him no matter what – but he lived up to their wildest hopes – by seemingly kowtowing to Putin on the “interference” issue.

Image: Valery Sharifulin\TASS via Getty Images

Imagine if Trump had faced Putin on that stage and warned him about the interference, and Crimea, and Ukraine, and called him out on murdering his political enemies.

Trump seemed strong against Theresa May and Angela Merkel – but not Putin. We don’t know what the two men discussed behind closed doors and that’s the wild card. But a stronger Trump would have shut up at least some of the media and set the stage for a Republican romp in the midterms.

Separating “interference” from “collusion.”

The theory goes that Trump is fixated on the legitimacy of his win – and that if he admits to interference, he will also be admitting to collusion. I think Trump is smarter than that. The Russians have meddled in the affairs of the United States for decades — without much complaining from the Swamp or the media. 

It was only when Hillary Clinton lost that an excuse was required to explain it. She and her team came up with the best idea they could: that the Russians meddled and were in favor of Trump.

Riddle me this: would the Russian interference narrative have come up if Hillary had won? Of course not.

The thing is, that the idea has become sacrosanct. The Left preaches it, the MSM disseminates it, and Hillary Clinton uses it as her primary excuse. But remember this: No Trump victory would have meant no Russian narrative.

Three little items involving barracks Obama.

FIRST: Obama is on record and captured on video saying that he knew about the efforts of Russia to meddle – and they were not going to make a difference. Obama, to my knowledge, did little to nothing about it. It just wasn’t a big deal. Until Hillary lost.

Video: December 16, 2016 — Obama hold news conference about Russian hacking. Suggests that no public shaming would be in order.

SECOND: If you want to talk collusion, go back to the open-mic gaffe that Obama made during a meeting with then-placeholder Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. Obama promised to be “flexible” once he had no more elections on this plate – and he wanted that message delivered to Putin. That is collusion. And no Democrats complained that I can recall.


Video: Obama’s open-mic gaffe on March 26, 2012, telling Dmitry Medvedev that he would have more flexibility after November’s election deal with contentious issues such as missile defense.

THIRD: Obama made the worst deal in American history — with Iran – making them flush with cash, without any assurances that their nuclear program was dismantled. Most observers believe the Iranians kept right on with the program, but made it more secretive and harder to monitor. The Left swooned over this while others cringed. Remember, all Trump did wrong was to appear weak at a news conference. Obama gave away the store – and probably did it illegally by not classifying it as a treaty.

Video: July 14, 2015 – Obama: Iran deal not built on trust, but verification (Seriously?)

The Trump/Putin summit was…a summit.

What is a summit for? Essentially it is a meeting designed to deescalate tension between two parties – and to look for areas of mutual agreement. From that standpoint, Trump was right to be conciliatory.

Imagine if it had been Obama – or Hillary on that stage following her expected presidential victory. If Hillary had won, there would have been no interference narrative – but Crimea, Ukraine, Putin’s murders, state control of Russian media, Syria, and so on would have still been issues. We know that Obama caved to Putin because of the open-mic. My guess is that Hillary would have kissed his butt and the media would have swooned.

What might Trump and Putin have discussed?

I can imagine that Putin wants sanctions to be lifted, Bashar Assad kept in power in Syria, and official U.S. recognition of Crimea as part of Russia. He probably wants assurances that if Russia makes more advances on Ukraine, we will look away – like Obama did. He’s probably not happy with our increased military spending, or Trump’s proposed Space Force. He probably wanted assurances that we will not place more missile defense systems in Eastern Europe. He mostly likely is not happy with Trump’s comments about Germany’s purchase of natural gas from Russia.

Video: April 12, 2017. Tucker to strategist: When did Dems become party of war?

Trump has stated that his concern is Russia’ nuclear stockpile and that he wants to make sure we don’t start a nuclear war. (This used to be a goal of the Left, but now, they seem to clamor for war with Russia.) Trump probably wanted Russia not to interfere with his efforts to denuclearize North Korea. He may have brought up Syria and Iran. He may have talked about ISIS, and U.S—Russian cooperation in destroying radical Islam.

All this well and good. All these things probably were discussed. At this point, we don’t know what, if any, agreements were made.

Trump missed a chance to seal the midterms – in my opinion.

It is a moral victory for Putin – a head-of-state presiding over a weak economy – that Trump was willing to back him up on the interference issue. That made Putin look strong at home, but it make Trump look weak back here in the States. I thought for a while that Republicans might engineer an electoral massacre in November. That hope dwindled yesterday.

I was hoping for “TEAR DOWN THIS WALL” and I got “PUTIN JUST SAID IT’S NOT RUSSIA.” That’s weak, no matter how you spin it. There has been no indication from the Mueller investigation that Russia had any effect on the 2016 election whatsoever, so there’s that. But Russia messes with the United States every day and has for generations. President Trump had a chance to call Putin out.

He read the riot act to Merkel and May, and showed weakness to Putin. Maybe it’s all part of a long-range plan, but it wasn’t the Trump I know.

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